Work, play and more work

Man I am so glad that next week is going to be a “normal” work week. I’ve had my hands full with some courses, both learning and holding my own. And right now I’m so tired of it, but I have a two day course left to hold in the beginning of December then that’s over for this year. Then we’ll get ready for some new stuff next year, I might be tried of it right now but it is fun. I wouldn’t have done it if I though it was crap or I didn’t get any satisfaction from it. That would just be wasting everyones time.
I’m going to work some extra in December, I really need the extra cash to be able to survive in January. Some big bills are on the way then. Wouldn’t be much of a problem if I had the chance to actually save some money. Well at least when my debts are payed that will be a problem of the past and oh boy, I am looking forward too that! I am not looking forward too how tired I’ll be from all the extra work, but what can you do? You do what you have to in order to survive, you can rest when you are dead… =/

Would be nice if there was some money over later to actually get something nice, maybe some new clothes or just something. Maybe some new games, maybe could get a better couch I really need a new one… Sadly there isn’t any money, but there is always expenses. I really wish it was the other way around, if just for one month. Just to feel how it feels to not have to worry about money and your economy. *dreams*
I’ve spent almost the entire day changing my blog, I got a new theme I’m very pleased with. Even if it does look a bit like the other one I had, there are some changes here and there. I’m not going to go into detail about it though, I doubt anyone really cares about it either. I am however looking forward to the day when the newly drawn picture of me is ready to use on the site. Not sure when it will be ready, but hopefully soon. =)

Since it’s been a rough past two weeks, I haven’t been playing like I wanted to. And I’m not really feeling it today, so I might just watch a movie or something.
But I am about 11hours into Tales of Hearts R and I love that game! No surprise there! Tomorrow is game day, so I’ll be spending the whole Sunday just playing. Nothing else matters! I love playing the game on the PlayStation TV, it works great! I just hope they add more support to the thing. Like some of the old PSP Final Fantasy games from PSN and stuff like that. Come on Sony and add more games to your whitelist!

It’s November again!

So here we are, November and almost at the end of 2014. Man this year has really flown by, I hardly noticed where the time went. Oh, well talking about how this year has gone will have to wait until next month. So I have a whole lot of work in front of me in November, I’m going to travel and hold a two day course about my job in Malmö. I’ve never done it away from home, so it’s both incredible freighting and somewhat exciting. The day after that I have a meeting in Malmö and then the week after that I’m going go on a two day course myself. And then there are a couple of smaller things. So yeah, I’m booked for almost two weeks. But like I said its nice and I like doing this, I’m just a bit terrified about the traveling. I’m not to fond of that since I’ll be going alone, even if Malmö is pretty close.

In 9 days I’ll finally be playing Tales of Hearts R on PlayStation TV! I’m really looking forward to that! TOHR will most likely be my last JRPG for this year, then I will have to try and get started with The Last of Us Remastered. Sure I played the original on PS3, but I want to play it again and see how much “better” the PS4-version is. I also want to play the new Tomb Raider again, finally got a hold of the Definite Edition so gotta get through that too.
Next year will be a crazy year for gaming, Final Fantasy Type-0, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tales of Zestiria, Batman Arkham Knight and many more! My gawd!

I finished the second season of The Walking Dead game, pretty good. The first season was a bit better, but this was good too. I also beat The Legend of Korra game, I’m not so sure what I think of that… I liked parts of it, others not so much. I wish it was more polished, had a bit more variety to it. If you like Korra and Platinum Games, sure give it a try. But perhaps buy it when it’s discounted. I know there was something else I really wanted to write about, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. Hm… So I guess I’ll leave it at that today. Thinking a bit about doing a third YazTalks, just have to find a subject to talk about and I would like to make it better. Just wish I had the time for all the stuff I want to do.

Last week was busy…

I’m so glad last week is behind us, man that was one though and busy week. I worked over some days and I had people to meet after work, so it was full of stuff. Sure some of it was fun, but damn… I hardly got any rest or gaming done and then I worked on the weekend too. Well not Sunday and today I am free! So that’s nice!
Hopefully this week will be a bit better, firstly I only work four days and I will not do any overtime this week. So yeah, I am thinking this will be a pretty good week. After work on Friday I’ll make my way to Elden and we’ll watch the second half of The Walking Dead season 4. Looking forward to see what happens.

And soon its time for easter, not that I care about it that much. But we’ll get a couple of days of from work, so I can do whatever I please! Looking forward to some time of to do other stuff I love. No, I haven’t gotten tried of my work, I just want some more free time that’s all. And very long after easter it time for vacation time! We’ll see what I’ll be doing, if I can get away from home or I’ll just stay home. All depends on if I can be out with other people or if I’ll start feeling unwell and nervous, I really don’t like to be out where there are lots of people right now. I don’t know why, I just can’t handle them. I had hoped my phobia of people would get a bit better, but this year it seems to have reverted back a bit to what it was like before. Like I don’t go out if I really don’t need to, I try to avoid shops and stuff where lots of people gather. Its hard to find a balance. =/

As I said, last week was full of stuff so I had hardly anytime trying inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PlayStation 4. But that will change this week, I’ve already played a few hours and I like it! Not that I had much doubt that I would to be honest. Though one thing pissed me of, not about the game but my controller. My DualShock 4‘s touchpad stopped working when I was about to start I:SS, fucking great! So I’ve returned it and I am waiting for it to get fixed and sent back to me. Hopefully this doesn’t take a month. But then again you never know. Thankfully ZX-Omega was kind to lend me his DS4 so I can play. Thank you! So now I can play though all of inFAMOUS and then go to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

This are the games I got in March. Loving inFAMOUS so far, looking forward to try MGSV: GZ even if its short. And Watch_Dogs pack is just a preorder pack! Some costumes and multiplayer stuff, but it came in case when I made the preorder. So that’s nice! Hopefully the game is good too!

The games I got in March

I managed to finish of some anime shows like Kill La Kill, which was really good. Not as good as Gurren Lagann but still very enjoyable. So I can recommend that if you haven’t seen it. Hmm, what more did I watch? I finished watching No-rin, Mahou Sensou and a few others. Just check out my MAL and see what I’ve gone through if you are interested. =)
Right now I’m watching Beet The Vandal Buster, so far a pretty decent fantasy anime. More in the sort that I am looking for. Well, gotta back back to inFAMOUS and other stuff. Bye all!

I’ve really been down…

This past month I haven’t been feeling well at all, I’ve had one depression after another. Its been on full alert so to say, so many bad thoughts so many bad memories resurfaced. All the bullying I went through in school, it all came rushing back in an instant and really brought me to my knees. I’ve hid this for the most of time for my friends, since I didn’t want to be a bother… But last week I let some of it out, it’s hard to suffer from deep depression it takes all the energy you have left and leaves you like an empty shell.
Sadly none of the medications I’ve taken has helped much, might have worked a bit but I have not felt better in the slightest. I’ve hardly set foot outside of my apartment, aside from going to work. I really can’t handle people right now. Which is a bit ironic since work has been the only thing that has been holding me together and I’m with people all the time there, but I guess they’ve noticed I haven’t been myself.

So keeping myself preoccupied with work has worked the best far, sure it hasn’t been a walk in the park there either. But at least I can get away from all the stuff in my head, all the over flowing thoughts and feeling of emptiness and pain. But I’m slowly making my way back now, actually got a phone call today that really managed to lift my spirit. Not going to go into it to much since its work related, but I got told I’ve been doing a good job and was asked to help another person. Because I sure of what I was doing in my work as an instructor and this person said more good things. But she really lifted my spirit and that helped me a great bit. Sure I’m still in the passing phase of being swallowed in my depression and feeling somewhat good, but I’ll take it.
Hopefully I can start feeling much better again and hopefully I won’t have a depression as big or tiresome as this one has been, but I always get like this around Christmas time and it takes a while to shake off.

Thanks to all this, my phobia for large groups of people had really grown. I need to start from scratch again and slowly work my way up to a comfortable level of people I don’t know… This is my I’m considering skipping out on Sci-Fi Mässan this year, because I’m not sure I can handle the people and I might get a panic attack or worse. I don’t want to go though those things, but I’d like to go too… But what can you do when phobias and stuff get in your way? I wish it was as easy as just saying, fuck you phobia I’m going. But sadly it is not, if this isn’t getting better I’m canceling any plans I had to travel this summer. I really can’t handle the stress I feel with traveling, especially to new places and new people, even if we’ve know each other for a long time on the internet but never met before.
But nothing it certain, but so far just thinking of it makes me dizzy and feel unwell. I know I hoped to meet a bunch of people this year, but unless I can get over this I really am sorry. There is no way for me, and no way I want to go though all those hurdles and feel like shit. If you want to block me or not talk to me anymore because of that, I understand. But hopefully you all can understand how hard this is for me and its my biggest problem and will always be something I have to wrestle with.

December is here!

Haha, I’ve been working and playing to much I had hardly noticed that we had entered December! I really haven’t been keeping up with the days and after the PlayStation 4 was released I didn’t have anything more to look forward to for a while. So I guess I just forgot about the days, shit happens right? =)

I’ve added a new section to the sidebar too the right, you now have direct links to all of the reviews I’ve written so far for And I’ll keep updating it with all the new ones I write, so now you can access those reviews fairly quick from my site. Don’t forget they are all written in Swedish, but please do comment on them if you can.
I have an upcoming review of Knack and that will be my first PS4 game review and currently I’m playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for the PS4. So that’ll end up as a review soon too. So I hope you’ll check those out too when they are up on the site.

I’ve also been playing a bit more on RESOGUN, it pretty easy to get hooked on that game. I just wish the game had more music to fill my taste, its good but not really my cup of tea I’m afraid. I prefer something more… Metal or rock, I think that could fit this game just as well.

Going to study a bit more next week, I’m soon going to have more more lectures at work and I need to make sure I’m not rusty. So this will keep me busy for a while, but its fun so I really enjoy doing this. But I like to be well prepared, so that’s why I have to brush up on my own knowledge a bit. I don’t want to teach people old stuff, it’s the new stuff they need and that’s why I need to be up to date. =)
I’m also going to the cinemas later today, finally going to watch Thor: The Dark World. Bet this is my last chance before they remove it from out cinema. Hopefully there won’t be a bunch of people there either, so I think we can relax and enjoy the movie without any bothersome people there.

I’m Mighty No.57216!

Today I finally got my Mighty number! For those who have no idea what I am talking about, it’s from the Mighty Nr.9 Kickstarter a while back. You know, that game that looks like a Mega Man game and will hopefully be really great!
Either way, everyone who donated would get their own mighty number and those I am Mighty Nr.57216! =)
I am a bit sad I didn’t have the cash to pledge on a level that would get me a digital code of the game, so I’ll have to buy it later. But I sure as hell will! Since Capcom can’t seem to be bothered with Mega Man, I’m not letting Mighty Nr.9 out of my sight!

There was a reason I couldn’t donate on the “get the game” level, since I also pledge support for Shantae: ½ Genie Hero. And that game needed the pledge more than MN9, sadly I didn’t have cash at the time to do both at the “get the game” level. But I really am looking forward to both games, mostly because the little money I could offer helped make those games. I know I’m far from having made any huge contribution, but still just knowing you helped even a little feels good. I hope both games will perform well when they are released.

We are nearing the final week now, just five more days and a few hours. I’m counting from my stores midnight launch, otherwise you could just say six days. So yeah, I’m starting to feel the excitement more and more! So glad that we have a Christmas party with my work on the 29th, so I don’t have to cook anything that day. AS soon as it’s ended, it’s straight home and continue to play with my PlayStation 4! The only real downer with this is, that I have to work on Saturday the 30th. But then I have two vacation days after that, so its worth it. And since I like my job it not a bother, it could be healthy too… I don’t know if I would have left my apartment otherwise. XD

One weird week…

This damn week, I don’t know if I should like it or hate it. It’s been so goddamn weird, hard to describe but nothing has felt right. I’ve felt and been sleepier than I usually am, I don’t sleep less or more than before. But I feel so damn tired for some reason, there hasn’t been any increase in work either so it’s not that. It just feels so weird and I’ve been clumsy and almost fell over by standing still. Yes, sir. I am not a smart man, tripping over my own shadow. =D
Probably my age, now that I am old I start getting these old guy syndromes.
Hah, not bloody likely. But for real, it weird but I don’t feel or are sick in anyway. It’s probably just “that” kind of week, everyone has them. Where nothing works like it should for them, with no real explanation to why stuff don’t work. I’m so looking forward to some piece and quiet this weekend.

The wait for the PlayStation 4 is probably starting to get at me too, since I’ve seen so many pictures of PS4 related stuff on NeoGaf this week. Hmm, might be a connection to my other problems. >_>
Either way, the days are feeling much, much longer and harder to get by. I can just imagine the last days before I get a hold of the console, I will probably not be able to sleep. Although it’s nice to feel this way, I thought I really couldn’t this excited by stuff anymore. So glad I was proved wrong, waiting it half the pleasure and pleasure is equal to pain. Seems about right.
I know there won’t be a ton of games for the PS4 and the two games I’m mostly looking forward to are Knack and Infamous: Second Son. And Infamous is released sometime next year, but still it feels good to be out early. As I’ve probably mention sometime before, last time I bought a console on release was GameCube. So now I am hoping my local store will be able to have a midnight launch, so I can experience one of those too.

Well for now I’ll return to Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins. Hardly touched the game since I got it, but I really gotta start playing it now. Gotta free up some of that backlog.