One weird week…

This damn week, I don’t know if I should like it or hate it. It’s been so goddamn weird, hard to describe but nothing has felt right. I’ve felt and been sleepier than I usually am, I don’t sleep less or more than before. But I feel so damn tired for some reason, there hasn’t been any increase in work either so it’s not that. It just feels so weird and I’ve been clumsy and almost fell over by standing still. Yes, sir. I am not a smart man, tripping over my own shadow. =D
Probably my age, now that I am old I start getting these old guy syndromes.
Hah, not bloody likely. But for real, it weird but I don’t feel or are sick in anyway. It’s probably just “that” kind of week, everyone has them. Where nothing works like it should for them, with no real explanation to why stuff don’t work. I’m so looking forward to some piece and quiet this weekend.

The wait for the PlayStation 4 is probably starting to get at me too, since I’ve seen so many pictures of PS4 related stuff on NeoGaf this week. Hmm, might be a connection to my other problems. >_>
Either way, the days are feeling much, much longer and harder to get by. I can just imagine the last days before I get a hold of the console, I will probably not be able to sleep. Although it’s nice to feel this way, I thought I really couldn’t this excited by stuff anymore. So glad I was proved wrong, waiting it half the pleasure and pleasure is equal to pain. Seems about right.
I know there won’t be a ton of games for the PS4 and the two games I’m mostly looking forward to are Knack and Infamous: Second Son. And Infamous is released sometime next year, but still it feels good to be out early. As I’ve probably mention sometime before, last time I bought a console on release was GameCube. So now I am hoping my local store will be able to have a midnight launch, so I can experience one of those too.

Well for now I’ll return to Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Origins. Hardly touched the game since I got it, but I really gotta start playing it now. Gotta free up some of that backlog.

One crazy dude, in a crazy zone

Hi hello folks! Wow, things have been really boring since last update. most exciting thing so far has been that I’ve started working again, yes my vacation is officially over. Feels both good and a bit sad, good because now I can meet all my wonderful coworkers again and have a super fun time. Sad because, well you have to work! Haha, just kidding. I love my work. =)

I would so very much like to upgrade my 32inch TV to a 42inch right now, starting to get very tired of that little TV. It’s been good and all, but I want something bigger! [That’s what she said!] Hey!?
Sorry about the yellow box, I’ve been reading up on a few Deadpool comic and it seems they are getting to me, but then again Deadpool is frickin’ awesome so no harm there. Right? RIGHT!? I’m doomed…
I’m thinking really hard about getting a cheap ass tablet, so I can read comic on that. That would be the best, or just like a mini laptop or whatever. Not quite a laptop, but still useful and something more suited to what I am after. Perhaps I’ll have to go ebay hunting in the future or just look around and see if I find something cheap. [Like your girlfriend!?] The fuck! You know I ain’t got no girlfriend. Aww, damn… I haz a sad now. ;D

Yeah, I’m nuts right now folks. Don’t worry it’s not contagious. I think? Finally Darksiders II and Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Can’t wait till I get my little mittens on those games. Hopefully I’ll be playing all night long, I miss having an allnighter. Ever if it wasn’t all that long ago since I pulled one. Well enough of my rantings and crazy talk, I’ve probably made a few people raise their eyebrows a bit. Hopefully. :D

Hug me… I’m scared!

This is an old video from a kids show(?), at least I think it is a kids show. But this video is fucked up… Really. All is good and well, until about 2minutes into the video. My own reaction to this was “What the fuck, did I just watch!?” Perhaps it’s not all that bad, but it is a bit fucked up. Especially if it is meant for kids. Well enjoy the short terror. ;)