One crazy dude, in a crazy zone

Hi hello folks! Wow, things have been really boring since last update. most exciting thing so far has been that I’ve started working again, yes my vacation is officially over. Feels both good and a bit sad, good because now I can meet all my wonderful coworkers again and have a super fun time. Sad because, well you have to work! Haha, just kidding. I love my work. =)

I would so very much like to upgrade my 32inch TV to a 42inch right now, starting to get very tired of that little TV. It’s been good and all, but I want something bigger! [That’s what she said!] Hey!?
Sorry about the yellow box, I’ve been reading up on a few Deadpool comic and it seems they are getting to me, but then again Deadpool is frickin’ awesome so no harm there. Right? RIGHT!? I’m doomed…
I’m thinking really hard about getting a cheap ass tablet, so I can read comic on that. That would be the best, or just like a mini laptop or whatever. Not quite a laptop, but still useful and something more suited to what I am after. Perhaps I’ll have to go ebay hunting in the future or just look around and see if I find something cheap. [Like your girlfriend!?] The fuck! You know I ain’t got no girlfriend. Aww, damn… I haz a sad now. ;D

Yeah, I’m nuts right now folks. Don’t worry it’s not contagious. I think? Finally Darksiders II and Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Can’t wait till I get my little mittens on those games. Hopefully I’ll be playing all night long, I miss having an allnighter. Ever if it wasn’t all that long ago since I pulled one. Well enough of my rantings and crazy talk, I’ve probably made a few people raise their eyebrows a bit. Hopefully. :D

Welcome 2010!

As the title says. Welcome 2010! We look forward to the joys you”ll hopefully be filling us with this year. Last year was an okay year, poor but okay.
Hopefully this year will be better. I’ve spent the last year with two really good friends, ZX-Omega and Elden. We had a very good time and it was a good way to start a new year. So lets hope 2010 will be good. :P

The last played and cleared game of 2009 was Dead Space. First game of 2010 will probably be Darksiders, which will be released Friday the 8th. Looking forward to it so much! Thanks again, Gamestop trade-in deals. I’m hoping to get my HDTV soon. By the end of this month, I’m really crossing my fingers for that.
People could help by sending donations, but I guess that won’t happen. Well one can dream right? As a game year 2010 looks very delicious, well at least if you are a fan of JRPGs and have a Playstation 3. For those who have Xbox 360 & PS3 don’t forget that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in March. March 9th to be precise.

I’m also hoping 2010 will be much better economically, I want to have money so I can visit my friend Kntheking. But the biggest reason for wanting money is that I really want to pay back a few friends who have lent me money before. But due to the lack of having money, well enough to pay the rent and that’s about it. I feel really bad about this. And you should knew who you are, again I’m sorry for it to have taken so long to pay back. Thanks you for being so understanding have been, if you want to talk about it more you can e-mail me.

Trött och uttråkad!

Jag är både trött och fruktansvärt uttråkad. Händer fan aldrig något.
Och man har aldrig pengar att åka någonstans. Är så jävla drygt. =/
Midsommar var väl rätt trevligt, men känner inget speciellt för denna dagen. Skönt man slipper folk som dricker i alla fall. Och så är det ju snart dags för Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, det är det som håller humöret uppe just nu. Bara några få dagar till… Längtar tills man kan få en ny dator och en HDTV.
Är det jag vill ha mest av allt nu. Har önskat mig en HDTV i födelsedagspresent/julklapp så man får väl se om tomten kommer tidigt i år. Blir att försöka spara småskramlet annars och hoppas det blir något ut av det. Eller vinna på lotto, det hade varit mysigt.

The new TV!

Hello! As I said a few posts back. I got a new TV. Sadly its not a HDTV. But since I didn’t pay for it and it was a widescreen TV, I’m not complaining one bit. Its already made my gaming a lot easier. I’ve noticed that the Playstation 3 gives out a better picture quality in widesceen mode.
So now I won’t have to think about a new TV for a while, sure I still want an HDTV, who doesn’t? But its pretty hard to buy stuff like that when you are almost, always broke. Well sometime in the future I’ll get one. What a beautiful day it will be…


The old TV is in the left picture and the new one is on the right! And a picture of
Mana Khemia pack! And next week its time for Cross Edge to be released!
Can’t wait! :D

Game and TV

I got a new TV today. No not a HDTV. But I got an old widescreen tv, and it works a hell of a lot better than my old one! Since it was free from a friend to my family,  so I’m pretty happy. And why not? As I said was free! FREE!!
And I also after some months of waiting I got my copy of Mana Khemia
for the Playstation 2. God, what the fuck do you have against me discshop? Seriously.
Yes, there is more too this than they just sipping out a game “late” for me. I think the details if people are intressted can be found on the site, if not, oh well. Well glad I can put that shit behind me both the game and ever shopping from discshop again.

I think I’m nearing the end of Wolverine game too. And after that it will jump right over and start playing Mana Khemia. Really looking forward to that game. Especially since all the good stuff my friend KNtheking has said about the game. I would take a picture of the beautiful game packade if I could, but sadly we don’t have a camera anymore.
Its dead. So if anyone could tip me on where I can get a new digital camera cheap, I would appriciate if you could please tell me.