One crazy dude, in a crazy zone

Hi hello folks! Wow, things have been really boring since last update. most exciting thing so far has been that I’ve started working again, yes my vacation is officially over. Feels both good and a bit sad, good because now I can meet all my wonderful coworkers again and have a super fun time. Sad because, well you have to work! Haha, just kidding. I love my work. =)

I would so very much like to upgrade my 32inch TV to a 42inch right now, starting to get very tired of that little TV. It’s been good and all, but I want something bigger! [That’s what she said!] Hey!?
Sorry about the yellow box, I’ve been reading up on a few Deadpool comic and it seems they are getting to me, but then again Deadpool is frickin’ awesome so no harm there. Right? RIGHT!? I’m doomed…
I’m thinking really hard about getting a cheap ass tablet, so I can read comic on that. That would be the best, or just like a mini laptop or whatever. Not quite a laptop, but still useful and something more suited to what I am after. Perhaps I’ll have to go ebay hunting in the future or just look around and see if I find something cheap. [Like your girlfriend!?] The fuck! You know I ain’t got no girlfriend. Aww, damn… I haz a sad now. ;D

Yeah, I’m nuts right now folks. Don’t worry it’s not contagious. I think? Finally Darksiders II and Transformers Fall of Cybertron. Can’t wait till I get my little mittens on those games. Hopefully I’ll be playing all night long, I miss having an allnighter. Ever if it wasn’t all that long ago since I pulled one. Well enough of my rantings and crazy talk, I’ve probably made a few people raise their eyebrows a bit. Hopefully. :D

Weird dreams and PS3

My old Playstation 3 had started acting weird, hard drive crashing at random. And nearing its end of warranty… Thankfully I had a bunch of old games I never played anymore, so I could trade those and the console in for a new Playstation 3 slim. So thanks to that I didn’t need to pay a single penny extra for the trade in. So now I have a brand new PS3 and 3 more years of warrant if anything happens. Now I can rest a bit easier about that at least.

And speaking of rest… For the last couple of days I’ve been sleeping very badly. I’ve been having weird dreams and nightmares, normally none of those things affect me or my sleep. But now for some reason they do, I would like to know why!? Since its pretty goddamn frustrating not to be able to sleep. And you can’t get that fucking dream out of your head. Mostly my nightmares are about people I love dying or getting hurt badly.
Another popular dream is that the ones I love are zombies, that’s actually pretty gruesome… Seeing your closest family and friends, with cracked skulls, guts hanging out and such. Its not very pleasant and those dreams are always so damn real. Nothing is out of the ordinary, environments and everything are 100% identical. The only difference is the zombies, but the rest is so real. So damn real…

And I sometimes dream about this girl, I have no idea who she is. But she is beautiful and we are a couple in my dreams. We have good times and are very happy together, but then I wake up. I’m left with a big feeling of emptiness, its so damn depressing. I’ve been having dreams about this for years.
The world is such a better place in these dreams, I wish I can meet this girl for real. Or someone like her, ugh… Yeah, now I’ve started to think about it all again…