Äntligen Nördag: En djävulsk tomte firar jul

Nu är det snart jul! Klart vi måste göra en video om våran favorit tomtefilm.
Hoppas ni njuter och får lite skratt, en god jul på er alla! :D

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Thoughts on Aladdin

Just saw the live action Aladdin and thought I would share some of my thoughts on that movie. I don’t think this movie offers anything to those of us who grew up with the original Disney movie. Sure there are some new stuff here, but essential as all
Disney live action has been it’s more of less a remake of the cartoon.

While I did complain about some things being more or less a one to one reproduction of the original, I’m a bit sad they didn’t do that with some stuff.
And mostly it was the parts with Jafar, he is without a doubt for me the worst part about this movie. I did not like his character at all.

All in all it was an okay movie, but I wish Disney would do something more original with these live action movies. I have nothing against hem being based on their old stuff, but please. Could you perhaps try to do more new stuff?
We don’t need a shot for shot remake of your movies, then we can just watch the originals.





Save your cinema money and rent it later if you absolutely have to see it.
I don’t think it’s worth going to the cinemas for. Next up on the live action front for Disney is the Lion King… I’m not to confident in that one..

Deadpool 2 a fantastic movie!

This week has been trying to say the least, I’ve been stressed out and have been in a very foul mood. So much that it’s affected people around me, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt like this. Felt full of rage and just felt pissy, I wasn’t the best person to be with yesterday. Not only that I was exhausted but physically and mentally, so I was really afraid that I would fall asleep while watching the movie.
Now that would have felt extra good, paying for expensive movie tickets and falling asleep, man I would have been in an even shittier mood.

But Deadpool 2 was just the thing I needed! What a fantastic movie it was! I loved it from start to finish. And not only that, I got to have so many good laughs that I felt really rejuvenated after coming out of the cinema. It was just the thing I needed to fix my terrible mood. As always Ryan Reynolds is fantastic. I might be a bit gay for him, but then again who isn’t? I’ll just think you are lying if you say you aren’t. ;)
There is so much stuff I’d like to say about the movie, but that would give some of the surprises away. And I’m not going to spoil anyone.

Both Cable and Domino where fantastic additions to the movie, but then again
Josh Brolin is a really great actor, whom I’ve come to respect more and more.
I haven’t read that many comics with Cable, so I’m not sure how the character usually is. But this version of him at least was awesome and such a damn badass.
It was also super fun to see a character with the power of luck on the big screen, so much disaster around Domino and she just walks by like it’s nothing. I loved it.
Oh and of course, how could I forget Peter. Awesome new character. Haha.

While I do really enjoy Avengers: Infinity War, I must say that Deadpool 2 so far has been my favorite superhero movie of 2018. And I don’t think it will be topped for me.
Deadpool 2 is one of the best cinematic experiences I’ve had. Besides the movie making me feel better and getting some really good laughs, the other thing that made this so great was that the audience that was also watching the movie all had a good time. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much laughter and people having a good time at a movie before. It was amazing, not only was the movie awesome but the whole experience around it. This is without a doubt my favorite moment at a cinema and I think this movie has become my favorite comicbook movie.

Power Rangers: Beast Morphers in 2019!

Well what do you know? Next years Power Rangers season will be based of my favorite Sentai season! Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, which had it’s run in Japan in 2012.
I was deaply saddened when Saban skipped this season when adapting the Sentai shows into Power Rangers. But now a few years later, it seems like my wish will come true. Now I can only hope it turns out good. And they can have someone replicate Enter, because he is fantastic. Same goes for the character of Jin and J, some of the best comedic duo I’ve encountered. But I’m not confident they can pull that off.
And for the first time in Power Rangers history they will ditch the spandex and put on some nice leather suits! The quality is like night and day.

Here what it said about the story in a press release.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

Content from Power Rangers NOW:

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one turns out really good. Mighty be too much to hope for, since they have a whole lot to live up to. But then again I should never compare the Sentai series to the Power Rangers adaption. So I’m casually optimistic.

Check out the Japanese opening to Go-Busters. Such a great song. <3

Deadpool 2 måste jag se!

Jag fullkomligt älskade Deadpool filmen, den var väl mer eller mindre vad jag hoppades på och Ryan Reynolds gjorde rollen perfekt i mitt tyckte. Troligen var Deadpool min favorit film under hela 2016 och då var det en massa bra filmer jag såg. Jag gillar film, men jag köper i princip aldrig en film. Kan nog ganska lätt räkna upp vilka filmer jag köpt de 5 senaste åren, rätt lätt då det rör sig om två filmer. Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary (tecknade) och naturligtvis då Deadpool.

Vill jag se film har jag en kompis som är film tokig och köper allt, så jag behöver bara knalla över till honom och låna något. Men hur som helst, Deadpool fick mig att köpa filmen och för mig är det stort, det visar verkligen hur mycket jag älskar och uppskattar filmen. Sedan har ju just Ryan Reynolds gjort ett fenomenalt jobb med att promota filmen på sin Twitter eller varför inte bara se följande klipp?

Men man får ju inte glömm Avengers: Inifinty War som också har premiär i år, den längtar man ju också något otroligt efter. Troligen är det också dessa två filmer som kommer vara mina favoriter för hela året och två filmer jag verkligen måste se på bio. Så som sagt får jag bara se två filmer på bio i år blir det Deadpool 2 och Avengers, sedan kan jag känna mig väldigt nöjd. Knappt så man kan bärga sig, men den som väntar på något gott…

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Yesterday me and some friends finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. It has been one of my most anticipated titles for the year, with Thor: Ragnarök as a close second. Anyway… The movie was a blast and I loved it! It has been a long time since I enjoyed a movie so whole heartedly, so many laughs and feelings.
The settings, the scrips, the characters, music and just about everything in this movie is so spot on! James Gunn is a genius I really do enjoy the stuff he makes, I’ve been a fan ever since Lollipop Chainsaw. Yeah, the wrote the script for that game and when you see his Guardians movies it really shows.

I loved how colorful the movie was, it was a really beautiful movie. Drax was hilarious in this movie, if I hadn’t liked him in the first movie I definitely would have in this.
But how can you not enjoy his character? He is so hilariously awkward.
Just the intro to the movie grabbed me and didn’t want to let me go and I didn’t want to go! It was so magnificent. This could very well be one of my top favorite Marvel movies to date. Yes, I really liked it that much. Do yourselves a favor and go see it.
I’d like to see it again and I will definitely buy this one.

I leave you with this trailer if you need anymore encouragement to go out and watch it! Ahhh. I’ll keeping thinking about this movie…

Games, movies and hopefully fun

Man this month has been a killer so far. It hasn’t been easy dragging yourself out of that damn hole called depression, I’m still crawling up and it feels better. But I’m more or less still an emotional wreck when I am alone. Well as I said, its better now. But I’ll be more than happy when this “period” is over and I can go back to feeling well and actually function properly again.
The worst thing about this is that it leaves me with little to no motivation or energy to do anything, I’ve had inFAMOUS: First Light for a while now and I’ve played it for about an hour. I just don’t have any motivation to play games. And now I can play Dust: An Elysian Tail that has interested me for a while, but noooo! Just waste the days by staring at the computer of ceiling.

It’s the same with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World, I started playing it and got past the intro part. Met Martha for the first time and had my first fight and lost all interest, and it’s not because the game is bad mind you. Still way to early in the game to have an opinion about it, but yeah. It’s like this no matter what I play right now. But hopefully after tomorrows work is done, I can start relaxing and get into something. And while we are on the subject of the Tales of-series, next month Tales of Hearts R will finally be released! And Bandai Namco today announced the game will have support for PlayStation TV, so if you rather want to play it on your TV than on an handheld go right ahead. You can read about it here on the PlayStation Blog. I think this was a great choice and I hope more people who release Vita games make them compatible with PSTV. I hope some old games get some patches to work with PSTV too. I like the Vita don’t get me wrong, but as I’ve said before about handhelds, I’d rather play on a TV-screen. Mostly because my hands cramp so damn easily with handhelds.

If everything goes well, me and Elden should be watching at least three other horror or monster flicks this weekend. On the menu we’ll find, Spiders, Cabin in the Woods and one more that I for the life of me can’t remember right now. Which sucks a bit. I have never seen Spiders before and my expectations are as low as they can be, if I can get a laugh out of the movie at least it won’t be a total waste. Cabin in the woods on the other hand is a movie favorite of mine, I love it! So I’m really looking forward to see that one again. When it’s closer to Halloween we’ll be watching Trick ‘r Treat, we both like that movie very much! I don’t think we’ll watch any of the Halloween movies ironically enough, but I’m hoping and we must keep out own tradition of Freddy VS Jason alive! We always watch it around Halloween and have done for the past 3-4 years now.