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Man this month has been a killer so far. It hasn’t been easy dragging yourself out of that damn hole called depression, I’m still crawling up and it feels better. But I’m more or less still an emotional wreck when I am alone. Well as I said, its better now. But I’ll be more than happy when this “period” is over and I can go back to feeling well and actually function properly again.
The worst thing about this is that it leaves me with little to no motivation or energy to do anything, I’ve had inFAMOUS: First Light for a while now and I’ve played it for about an hour. I just don’t have any motivation to play games. And now I can play Dust: An Elysian Tail that has interested me for a while, but noooo! Just waste the days by staring at the computer of ceiling.

It’s the same with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World, I started playing it and got past the intro part. Met Martha for the first time and had my first fight and lost all interest, and it’s not because the game is bad mind you. Still way to early in the game to have an opinion about it, but yeah. It’s like this no matter what I play right now. But hopefully after tomorrows work is done, I can start relaxing and get into something. And while we are on the subject of the Tales of-series, next month Tales of Hearts R will finally be released! And Bandai Namco today announced the game will have support for PlayStation TV, so if you rather want to play it on your TV than on an handheld go right ahead. You can read about it here on the PlayStation Blog. I think this was a great choice and I hope more people who release Vita games make them compatible with PSTV. I hope some old games get some patches to work with PSTV too. I like the Vita don’t get me wrong, but as I’ve said before about handhelds, I’d rather play on a TV-screen. Mostly because my hands cramp so damn easily with handhelds.

If everything goes well, me and Elden should be watching at least three other horror or monster flicks this weekend. On the menu we’ll find, Spiders, Cabin in the Woods and one more that I for the life of me can’t remember right now. Which sucks a bit. I have never seen Spiders before and my expectations are as low as they can be, if I can get a laugh out of the movie at least it won’t be a total waste. Cabin in the woods on the other hand is a movie favorite of mine, I love it! So I’m really looking forward to see that one again. When it’s closer to Halloween we’ll be watching Trick ‘r Treat, we both like that movie very much! I don’t think we’ll watch any of the Halloween movies ironically enough, but I’m hoping and we must keep out own tradition of Freddy VS Jason alive! We always watch it around Halloween and have done for the past 3-4 years now.

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  1. Har du hört något om PS TV är regionslåst? Jag hoppa att den inte är det då jag har en ganska stor blandning av amerikanska och europeiska releaser. I Japan var den ju det men kanske blir annorlunda nu.

    Ska bli skönt med Halloween :) Har själv tagit en vecka ledigt och tänkte ha lite Alien-tema med Super Metroid, Alien Infestation och Alien-relaterade filmer.

  2. @ JRPGeek:
    Den var regionslåst eller snarare, den hade inte tillgång till de andra regionerna. Men från den senaste uppdateringen så kunde Vita TV komma åt den amerikanska PSN butiken, än finns inte den Europeiska så det ska nog gå fint sedan.

    Finns folk på Neogaf som testat och funkar både med amerikanska, japanska och europeiska spel. Inte alla dock.
    Men du blir ju låst till ett konto precis som på Vitan, vilket är lite trist. =)

    Ohh, det låter riktigt kul det där. Ledighet, aliens och mera aliens. Lite kärlek är det allt! :D

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