Salvation or Termination

Just came home from watching Terminator Salvation with my neighbor.
He had gotten some tickets from his work and no one in his family wanted to see it, so I got the chance to go. No way in hell I’m turning down a free movie. I wasn’t expecting very much.
Since I’m not a very big Terminator fan, I’m one of few people who like the first movie more than the second and I wasn’t so sure about this one. The movie started of a bit slow, but that changes rather quickly. Christan Bale does a pretty decent job in the movie, but I actually like the other main character more than Bale. ”Marcus Wright”, played by Sam Worthington.
I personally liked his role and character much more. I won’t go into much more, since I’m afraid it will spoil for people who haven’t seen the movie yet. But I recommend it, it was very good. So go see it folks!

I take of my Scrubs

Its started with me being bored. I needed something to watch… Something that wasn’t anime. But what? I have a hard time liking ”real” TV-shows. Then I though Scrubs… ”Yeah, I’ve been interested in that show for some time.” And so it began. I started to watch the show, started to love the characters. It really grew on me and so this the charactes. Its a pretty whacked out hospital. But I couldn’t help liking Dr.Kelso for him being awesome, Dr.Cox for being a badass. And yes, the guy love between J.D & Turk. Straight guy love, I might add. Or just The Todd for making a sex joke and highfiving everyone. I’ve laughed with the characters, at the characters and very few times ever cried. What the last episode with Ben, was really sad. And one of the best in the show.

And so all good things comes to an end, after season 6 the series started to loose some of its charm and it went on in that way. But now the series has ended with 8 seasons. Even if there are rumors of another season, I hope they don’t do it. The series ended well, don’t ruin that. It was a good run and it feels like loosing a friend. But it was a good ride and Scrubs was awesome. Thank you everyone in the Scrubs cast for giving me an enjoyable time.

Dragonball Evolution… Oh, dear god…

I just finsihed watching Dragonball Evolution. You know, the REAL Dragonball movie. And holy shit. This has to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Well at least one of the worst. I don’t even know where to begin to bash it. This is one is just as shitty as the second Mortal Kombat movie. Just as bad as Power Rangers the movie, but without some of its charm. Well it had charm if you liked Power Rangers. I feel like DB Evolution, raped everything that is Dragonball. And as an old DB fan, I recommend no one to watch this garbage. Please people! Save your money, don’t let them get money for a sequal. I do not normaly complain about bad movies. But then again, this one was utter shit. The only good thing about the movie was that Piccolo was okay. And had about 7 minutes of screentime in total. All actors felt bad, probably due to crappy script. Hopefully. No, please people don’t go and see this, don’t pay money fo it. Gagh!


Another month has gone to its end. And nothing special has happened. I was hoping for something BIG now in Februari, but nothing. *sigh*
I don’t want to say anything about it because it will only make me more depressed. But I’m keeping my fingerscrossed for March now…

I still haven’t been to the movies and watched Jumper. Need to find out when it runs. So I cn use my free tickets. Well that’s about it. Februari has been a boring month as hell. I could have done without it. Other then that I’ll just go back to watch some more anime. I really don’t feel like playing anything right now. None of the games I have at least. Guess I’ll have to look for something new on the PS2.

Take care you all.

Movie tickets (part 2)

Wowoh! It really was I who won! :D
I got to free tickets today for the movie Jumper. So now I’ll have to check the times for when the movie is shown. Just hope these tickets are a sign of better things to come… Well more on that (hopefully) later this month.

Did I win movie tickets?! :O

Wow! Its seems like I’ve finally won something again. Not 100% sure but it looks that way. I’ve won movie tickets to the movie Jumper. I didn’t have any intention on watching this until it came out as a rental. Gamereactors Jumper movie tickets winners. Look at the last name, ”Micke Johansson, Kristianstad”. Well that’s probably me!

So I’ll see how many tickets I get, I’ll probably invite my parents along. Would be fun to do something just the three of us and get away from my siblings. :P
But as I mentioned, I have to see how many tickets I get first before I decide on anything… Guess I’ll now for sure next week. I’ll keep you all updated. ^^

Better late than never!

So since I don’t have very much to do, I’ve stared to watch Heroes. I normaly hate real tv-shows, if they are not comedy shows that is.
Well you hear everyone going, Heroes this, Heroes that! And yeah, its really awesome!
As I type this I’m going to start watching Episode 9 (season 1), that will be the fifth episode I watch today. Hopefully there will be more.
Well gotta run back now! I’ll update this later perhaps. No, i really gotta go now! Its exciting! :D

Update: So I started to watch Heroes from Episode 5 today, saw the other 4 yesterday. And now I’m going to beging watching episode 13. That’s pretty much tv watching. That’s almost 360minutes in front of the TV. Woo!
Can’t believe I’ve done that! Well I must say I’m loving the series. And I’m going to watch more tomorrow. Right now before I go to bed, I’m going to finish watching episode 13. Hope if doesn’t end to exciting, then I just might have to watch episode 14 too…. >_<