Deadpool 2 måste jag se!

Jag fullkomligt älskade Deadpool filmen, den var väl mer eller mindre vad jag hoppades på och Ryan Reynolds gjorde rollen perfekt i mitt tyckte. Troligen var Deadpool min favorit film under hela 2016 och då var det en massa bra filmer jag såg. Jag gillar film, men jag köper i princip aldrig en film. Kan nog ganska lätt räkna upp vilka filmer jag köpt de 5 senaste åren, rätt lätt då det rör sig om två filmer. Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary (tecknade) och naturligtvis då Deadpool.

Vill jag se film har jag en kompis som är film tokig och köper allt, så jag behöver bara knalla över till honom och låna något. Men hur som helst, Deadpool fick mig att köpa filmen och för mig är det stort, det visar verkligen hur mycket jag älskar och uppskattar filmen. Sedan har ju just Ryan Reynolds gjort ett fenomenalt jobb med att promota filmen på sin Twitter eller varför inte bara se följande klipp?

Men man får ju inte glömm Avengers: Inifinty War som också har premiär i år, den längtar man ju också något otroligt efter. Troligen är det också dessa två filmer som kommer vara mina favoriter för hela året och två filmer jag verkligen måste se på bio. Så som sagt får jag bara se två filmer på bio i år blir det Deadpool 2 och Avengers, sedan kan jag känna mig väldigt nöjd. Knappt så man kan bärga sig, men den som väntar på något gott…

Not much happening

Wow, I’m almost impressed by how little that is happening now. Is a bit sad really, but somewhat refreshing too. The most exciting thing that has happened it that I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron when it premiered here in Sweden. Such a cool movie! I really enjoyed it, now I’m really hyped for Ant-man.

I’ve been playing some games to, finally played Shovel Knight and damn it was good! Love the charm of the game, the music is so great. Such a great “retro” feeling to the game. I honestly think this is my favorite game of the year so far, it really clicked with me. Great adventure, cool Mega Man like levels. And I just love the sprite work. Hopefully I’ll be able to start playing The Order 1886 this upcoming weekend, or hopefully I’ll be getting a New Nintendo 3DS and Paper Mario Sticker Star. And then I’ll probably just be waiting until Batman Arkham Knight is released.
But still my most eagerly awaited game for this year is Tales of Zestiria and there are more rumors floating around that there will be a PlayStation 4 and Steam version in the west. So we’ll see if that turns out to be true. Guess I’ll have to but every version of the game… Maybe. ;)

Just a few more days…

In just a few more days I’ll finally be moving, can’t wait to get away from here and start my new life. I hope I’ll finally get to feel at ease and finally start to feel happy again.
But enough of the dark and gloom, I’ve actually been feeling rather well lately, probalby do to the moving part. But it feels good not to feel pissy and sick all the time.

I’ve also gotten a bike so I can go on trips on my own, no more taking the bus to get where I need to go. And not only that, but I can get some excercise. So that feels so damn good!! Hehe, so no more sitting at home at weekends, now I’ll go out and take trips.

I saw The Avengers yesterday too. I liked it very much, it was just what I had hoped for. I won’t say much more that that. Sadly it was only shown in 3D, which at least in out cinema sucks. I’m not impressed at all and it’s hard on the eyes.
Right now I am watching Underworld Awakening, it is pretty okay. Wasn’t expecting much, but I like Underworld 1 and 2 more. But Kate Beckinsale is hot, hot, hot!!

Well that’s enough ramblings from me right now. My regulsr internet will soon close, so I won’t be able to surf or talk with people. Which I’ve been pretty bad at the last couple of months, but I just don’t like being as much at the conputer as I did in the past. Well either way, I’ll only be able to surf on my cellphone. So I’ll be making an update when I have moved.

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Weekend break!

Wow, the last month I have been swamped with work… And after tomorrow it’s finally a new weekend. Time to recharge those batteries, I really hope things will be better once I’ve moved and I can rid myself of stress. And I’m still not feeling well, I actually don’t have the energy to do much. Good thing there are stuff I have to do, or I might have faded way deep into depression.
I’ve at least managed to get a few more hours played on Sonic Generations and finished the game yesterday, pretty nice game actually. I enjoyed the classic Sonics parts more than modern Sonic. Even if both where good, classic was better IMO.
Now I’m going to sink my teeth into Catherine (I literally would love that, if it was Katherine.), so I’m hoping that it’s a good game. I’ve heard both good and bad things about it, so we’ll see which side I’ll land on.

This coming weekend my good friend ZX-Omega is coming to visit. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m going for total internet blackout this weekend. So I won’t be reachable, perhaps not much different from now. But this time I’m choosing it of my own will, but because I have to go to bed early just to try and get a few hours of sleep… Good god, I can hardly think about anything else than my new apartment. I want to move now! Now!! I really want to get away from where i live now, for a bunch or various reasons. So I can start to feel and get better.

And on the 27th it’s finally time for The Avengers! Really looking forward to see that on the big screen, being the nerd I am. And that is also the last weekend before the move!