700 posts and a birthday

This is my 700th post on my site! Woo! I started writing in August 2006 and I did so, to keep my mind of other things. And I wanted to have some kind of record of what I did at those times, so yeah its like a diary. I would love to write more than I’ve done in the past year, but it is getting harder and harder to write about stuff that interest me. Since I’m not always sure how to express myself, in certain circumstances but I write for me, that’s enough. =)

And on Monday I turn 31! Heh. And a couple of years ago I didn’t think I would live to be 25. Why? Depression and suicide thoughts filled my head, I just wanted stuff to end. While I’m not in that place anymore, I would lie if I said that those thoughts has popped up. When my depression is at its worst, I go to a really dark place sometimes. Nothing has happened and nothing probably will, but people need to understand its hard and just “cheer up” doesn’t fucking work. Either way, I will probably not celebrate birthday this year either. Yeah, it wasn’t supposed to be a dark post, but yeah it just came out as I was typing this.
I’ll be getting myself a present at least, but I won’t be able to get it before next month. And its a PlayStation TV with Tales of Hearts R, that’s what I’m getting myself and I’m looking forward to it! Can’t wait to play Tales of Hearts R. Might try to get a game this month too, if I can afford it. I’m thinking about The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Legend of Korra, but I’m not quite sure yet…

Looking forward to this weekend too, since me and Elden will be resuming our “scary movie” marathon. We’ll be watching some movies with Jeffrey Combs, so I’m looking forward to that. Then we’ll see if there is time to watch other stuff. What would you recommend watching?

Games, movies and hopefully fun

Man this month has been a killer so far. It hasn’t been easy dragging yourself out of that damn hole called depression, I’m still crawling up and it feels better. But I’m more or less still an emotional wreck when I am alone. Well as I said, its better now. But I’ll be more than happy when this “period” is over and I can go back to feeling well and actually function properly again.
The worst thing about this is that it leaves me with little to no motivation or energy to do anything, I’ve had inFAMOUS: First Light for a while now and I’ve played it for about an hour. I just don’t have any motivation to play games. And now I can play Dust: An Elysian Tail that has interested me for a while, but noooo! Just waste the days by staring at the computer of ceiling.

It’s the same with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World, I started playing it and got past the intro part. Met Martha for the first time and had my first fight and lost all interest, and it’s not because the game is bad mind you. Still way to early in the game to have an opinion about it, but yeah. It’s like this no matter what I play right now. But hopefully after tomorrows work is done, I can start relaxing and get into something. And while we are on the subject of the Tales of-series, next month Tales of Hearts R will finally be released! And Bandai Namco today announced the game will have support for PlayStation TV, so if you rather want to play it on your TV than on an handheld go right ahead. You can read about it here on the PlayStation Blog. I think this was a great choice and I hope more people who release Vita games make them compatible with PSTV. I hope some old games get some patches to work with PSTV too. I like the Vita don’t get me wrong, but as I’ve said before about handhelds, I’d rather play on a TV-screen. Mostly because my hands cramp so damn easily with handhelds.

If everything goes well, me and Elden should be watching at least three other horror or monster flicks this weekend. On the menu we’ll find, Spiders, Cabin in the Woods and one more that I for the life of me can’t remember right now. Which sucks a bit. I have never seen Spiders before and my expectations are as low as they can be, if I can get a laugh out of the movie at least it won’t be a total waste. Cabin in the woods on the other hand is a movie favorite of mine, I love it! So I’m really looking forward to see that one again. When it’s closer to Halloween we’ll be watching Trick ‘r Treat, we both like that movie very much! I don’t think we’ll watch any of the Halloween movies ironically enough, but I’m hoping and we must keep out own tradition of Freddy VS Jason alive! We always watch it around Halloween and have done for the past 3-4 years now.

Coming to a PlayStation 4 near you

Earlier this morning for us EU folks, Sony of Japan held a conference to announce some new games. I was actually expecting to be let down, or rather there would be nothing that would really interest me. And I was wrong! Which I am very happy about. Worth nothing is that some of the games mentioned here are also releasing on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita too, but for this post I’ll only be focusing on PS4.

Dragon Quest Heroes
Said to be an action-rpg, but are made by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. Not only that but it does look a bit like a “musou” game as they are called in Japan. Not that it bothers me, I like the trailer and I’m definitely getting it if they release it outside of Japan. Come on Square Enix, you know what to do.


Tales of Hearts R coming west!

While it could be a video that leaked out before time, Tales of-series producer Hideo Baba has confirmed that Tales of Hearts R will be released in the west!
Bandai Namco but up a video on their YouTube channel but marked it as private pretty fast, but thanks for the internet folks who are fast. We still have the video too watch.

About a week ago GameStop in the US, put up a preorder for this game. With it coming in winter 2014, so its great to get a confirmation of it really coming. I am really looking forward to this game, will have to get a hold of a new PlayStation Vita for this game. As soon as there is more info, I and other Tales of-fans will share it!

E3 2012: Sony

And now Sony‘s show is over too. Just like Microsoft it was a disappointment, ugh. It wasn’t as boring as Microsoft, but nothing new was really shown. Okay they showed Beyond from Quantic Dream and it looks pretty great. But the whole Wonderbook thing for Playstation Move? Not interested at all. No price cuts for the PS Vita that many was expecting, nothing really new announced for Vita either…

So far this E3 has been rather disappointing. A shame really, since I usually enjoy Sony’s shows. The Last of Us looks great too, but honestly I was expecting more. A few secret games or a game announcement that would make you go completely gaga. Yeah, perhaps it’s just me expecting too much… My hope now entirely lies at Nintendo‘s mercy! I’m really hoping they’ll bring a few bombs tomorrow/later today. But since they are on E3 with a whole new console, I think I’m going to get what I want. Something new, something unannounced.

Sony’s E3 2011

Just finished watching Sony’s E3 conferance. And I’m tired as hell now. I’m not used to be up this late. But either way it was pretty okay, was hoping for more stuff actually. But Uncharted 3 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time where nice! And I got more interested in the Playstation Vita, their new portble console.
I’m also getting the God of War Origins Collection. All in all a pretty goof show, its gonna be interesting to watch Nintendos show later today.
But damn! I really need to start saving for a PSVita! I really need to play Uncharted Golden Abyss.