Thoughts on Aladdin

Just saw the live action Aladdin and thought I would share some of my thoughts on that movie. I don’t think this movie offers anything to those of us who grew up with the original Disney movie. Sure there are some new stuff here, but essential as all
Disney live action has been it’s more of less a remake of the cartoon.

While I did complain about some things being more or less a one to one reproduction of the original, I’m a bit sad they didn’t do that with some stuff.
And mostly it was the parts with Jafar, he is without a doubt for me the worst part about this movie. I did not like his character at all.

All in all it was an okay movie, but I wish Disney would do something more original with these live action movies. I have nothing against hem being based on their old stuff, but please. Could you perhaps try to do more new stuff?
We don’t need a shot for shot remake of your movies, then we can just watch the originals.


  •  Will Smith was better as the Genie than I thought he would be. He did his own thing and didn’t try to imitate Robin Williams, for that I’m thankful. But then again, I do vastly prefer the Genie as Robin Williams portrayed him.
  • Jasmine’s new song was great. I really like it.



  •  Jafar. My god.. It’s frightening how bad he was in this movie. I did however like that they fleshed out his character just a teeny tiny bit more.
  • A shame Iago was more like a real parrot. I missed him being an ass.
  • The ending/last fight is so underwhelming.


Save your cinema money and rent it later if you absolutely have to see it.
I don’t think it’s worth going to the cinemas for. Next up on the live action front for Disney is the Lion King… I’m not to confident in that one..

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