I’m Mighty No.57216!

Today I finally got my Mighty number! For those who have no idea what I am talking about, it’s from the Mighty Nr.9 Kickstarter a while back. You know, that game that looks like a Mega Man game and will hopefully be really great!
Either way, everyone who donated would get their own mighty number and those I am Mighty Nr.57216! =)
I am a bit sad I didn’t have the cash to pledge on a level that would get me a digital code of the game, so I’ll have to buy it later. But I sure as hell will! Since Capcom can’t seem to be bothered with Mega Man, I’m not letting Mighty Nr.9 out of my sight!

There was a reason I couldn’t donate on the “get the game” level, since I also pledge support for Shantae: ½ Genie Hero. And that game needed the pledge more than MN9, sadly I didn’t have cash at the time to do both at the “get the game” level. But I really am looking forward to both games, mostly because the little money I could offer helped make those games. I know I’m far from having made any huge contribution, but still just knowing you helped even a little feels good. I hope both games will perform well when they are released.

We are nearing the final week now, just five more days and a few hours. I’m counting from my stores midnight launch, otherwise you could just say six days. So yeah, I’m starting to feel the excitement more and more! So glad that we have a Christmas party with my work on the 29th, so I don’t have to cook anything that day. AS soon as it’s ended, it’s straight home and continue to play with my PlayStation 4! The only real downer with this is, that I have to work on Saturday the 30th. But then I have two vacation days after that, so its worth it. And since I like my job it not a bother, it could be healthy too… I don’t know if I would have left my apartment otherwise. XD

Weekend break!

Wow, the last month I have been swamped with work… And after tomorrow it’s finally a new weekend. Time to recharge those batteries, I really hope things will be better once I’ve moved and I can rid myself of stress. And I’m still not feeling well, I actually don’t have the energy to do much. Good thing there are stuff I have to do, or I might have faded way deep into depression.
I’ve at least managed to get a few more hours played on Sonic Generations and finished the game yesterday, pretty nice game actually. I enjoyed the classic Sonics parts more than modern Sonic. Even if both where good, classic was better IMO.
Now I’m going to sink my teeth into Catherine (I literally would love that, if it was Katherine.), so I’m hoping that it’s a good game. I’ve heard both good and bad things about it, so we’ll see which side I’ll land on.

This coming weekend my good friend ZX-Omega is coming to visit. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m going for total internet blackout this weekend. So I won’t be reachable, perhaps not much different from now. But this time I’m choosing it of my own will, but because I have to go to bed early just to try and get a few hours of sleep… Good god, I can hardly think about anything else than my new apartment. I want to move now! Now!! I really want to get away from where i live now, for a bunch or various reasons. So I can start to feel and get better.

And on the 27th it’s finally time for The Avengers! Really looking forward to see that on the big screen, being the nerd I am. And that is also the last weekend before the move!

Suck Calibur and finally Friday

Thank god it’s finally Friday. This week has been a killer, started going up at 04.00 so I can get to work. Why so early? Because I am helping out at a new place at work and we start earlier. So I’ve been and are tired as hell this week.

Soul Calibur V was a dissapointment, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t even have much fun making characters. A shame since it seemed to be pretty fun, but I guess this just confirmed that fighting games are not meant for me. Even if I am tempted by the BlazBlue series. Well for now I am going to trade in SCV, sorry to those who wanted to borrow it..
Next Wednesday I am going to play Jak and Daxter Trilogy. My first time playing those games. So I’m looking forward to that. Hope I’ll enjoy them. And soon its time for Tales of Graces F, my most anticipated title of the year. Well, one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

I really want to get a recording box so I can recotd what I am playing. That would be really great, not that I really need it, it would just be fun.
And speaking of fun, I might have a pretty big thing to reveal next week. And since nothing is sure right now I wont talk more about it right now.

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Study, break, study

Finally its weekend. Not that I’ll be able to enjoy it very much. Taking a break from studies today, but will have to study again tomorrow.
I have the test this upcoming Tuesday, so I am almost at the finishing line. Hope I pass! Can’t think negativly about this, I am going in and giving it my all!

Think I’m gonna see a movie or something tonight. I’m not going to do much else than take it easy. Well I am going to visit ZX-Omega today, that’s about it. My only break/fun I’ve had since I started studying.

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I’m longing for Friday 13th

I’ve been feeling I’ll for some time now, but its finally starting to feel better. And that’s good, since I must be better until Friday 13th next week. Since I’ll be getting a visitor then, its my good buddy KNtheking who will come down and visit me! I’m really looking forward to that, it is going to be nice! :D

I’m really hoping we’ll have a great time, but just being able to meet one of my oldest and dearest friends are enough. If you are reading this man hope you aren’t pissed about my lack of responses to your SMS.
I don’t have much money left on my phone and need to save that until Friday so we can keep in touch then. I think that’s more important.

I’m on season 5 on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 series). Its really great, I like it a whole lot. Only two seasons left until it ends, I’m a bit sad by that. But oh, well.
This show is so much better than the old one, its more mature and darker. But it also has its goofier moments, but nowhere near as many or frequent at the original show. And then there is a new Turtles show in the making, I’m gonna watch that too as soon as it premiers.

A great weekend came to an end

The weekend that just passed was one of the best, I’ve experienced in a very long time.
To put it simple it was just awesome, I got a change to spend if with some of my closest friends. Meet friends I haven’t seen in ages, we where nine people in my apartment. This was a sort of moving in party and a way to celebrate my birthday a bit sad, I got no gifts from anyone. Not that it’s important, but I was hoping to get something from someone…

While we didn’t end up in a cinema to watch Scott Pilgrim, we still got to see it.
And it was great! I would have gladly payed for this movie! But fuck you SF for not brining it to cinemas here in Kristianstad. Fuck you! I’ll buy it on blu-ray when it comes out, definitely.
I really liked it and at least I can support it, with buying a copy.
We also watched some “scary” movies, you know Halloween was coming up. So the movie maniac my friend Elden is, took some movies from his collection and shared with us.
We saw The Mist (2007), Friday The 13th (remake), Trick R Treat, I think there where one or two more movies we watched. But I really can’t remember right now. Either way, we enjoyed them all. In our own way.

I also discovered a new cartoon that I liked very much, its called Generator Rex. If you are somewhat into cartoons, check it out. You might like it. I can also recommend Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And this month Young Justice and Transformers Prime will premier. This is going to be so damn awesome!

Happy 27th birtday!

Yes, today is the day! The day when I turn 27, it feels just the same as It did yesterday!
Sadly. Except for this year I live at my own place and things have started moving forward for me. Its a bit weird, to I like it. Looking forward to Friday when I, Elden & ZX-Omega will go and watch Scott Pilgrim VS The World at the cinema.
And on Saturday, another friend Claim Solais and his girlfriend will join us for some Halloween movies and just have a good time. Really looking forward to this, its gonna be fun. Well, I hope it’ll be fun at least. Enjoying some snacks with good friends, while watching movies and having a mini-celebration for my birthday? Sounds awesome too me.

EDIT: Fucking crap! I just saw that the cinema where I live won’t be getting Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Great, fucking great. Now that plan is ruined. I hate it when they can’t show all movies everywhere, no wonder why some people download movies. Fuck.

I’ll leave you know with this video of Brentalfloss giving Castlevania II’s song Bloody Tears some lyrics. Not for everyone, but at least I enjoy his humor.