Depression, birthday and horror movies

I get a bit sad that I don’t write as much as I did before, since it is something I really enjoy. But as long as I’m writing something I’m good. Things have been weird for a while, like I’ve fallen into depression and I’m not really sure where to turn or what go do. And sometimes I get the feeling that I am not myself, I can’t explain it well. Like I’m trapped or something looking out from someone else’s eyes, hm… Now y’all probably think I’m crazy too.

There have been some highlights though. A friend from England came to visit and that was nice, we only see him once a year but it is fun and I hope he enjoys it too. Disappointed they never came over to my place, but what can you do? :/

Tried cheering up another friend who was feeling down, only to fall into depression myself and had to use medication again. I hate taking pills. But its starting to get better, but it will take a while before I am back to the old me. I’ve gotten inFAMOUS: First Light for the PlayStation 4, but I’ve hardly touched it. I hope fix that problem under this week. But I have played Muramasa Rebirth for PlayStation Vita and it was pretty nice. Can’t say it was anything spectacular, but it was nice. As usually I am waiting for Tales of Hears R and a few other games, we’ll see which I’ll be able go get.

Would love to go see Dracula Untold when it premiers, but I don’t have the cash for that now sadly. In the passing weekend me and Elden continued with our yearly tradition with watching monster/horror/scary movies in October, like many others do.
We saw Horns, The Howling and The Mist. God I love The Mist. In our upcoming movie viewing we are having a Jeffrey Combs days. We will at least watch From Beyond, Beyond Reanimator and The Frighteners. We have some other stuff to check out also, but right now I can’t remember any of them. Typical.

Oh, yeah. I’ve also done some upgrading to the “Games I’ve beaten” section, more work will be done on it later. But just about every console had their own section right now, a few consoles will share. And to finish things off today, I just wanted to say my birthday is on the 27th October hopefully it will be a good day. Just take it easy and relax, I’m not 25 anymore.

Working, living, gaming.

It’s been some time since I last made an update. I’ve been busy as usual nothing new there and I’ve been playing games. So I’ve been working, living’ and gaming. Been having it good and actually been feeling pretty good these past two weeks too.
I’ve had more courses at work, where I have thought people what we do. I really liked the group I had this time, they had some many questions, they where “hungry” for knowledge and I had to think and work a bit more this time too. It was highly enjoyable. I’m not saying the first group I had was bad, because they weren’t, they just didn’t have this groups enthusiasm.
Next week I’m only working three days, then I have five whole days off! I’m looking forward to doing nothing at all for five days! Hehe, no but seriously it’s going to be really nice to have a few days off.

So with a few days to myself, I’m hoping to play some more games. I love games, it’s my hobby and an important part of my life. So far I’ve finished inFAMOUS: Second Son entirely. I’ve even taken the platinum trophy in the game, it was pretty fun and Delsin such a crap character as many seems to imply. I had fun and it felt fun playing, but I still think the first and second inFAMOUS games are better and I personally like Cole as a main character a lot more. Plus I love electrical powers. Still if you have a PlayStation 4, I highly recommend you take a closer look at inFAMOUS: Second Son.

I finished Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes also. It was… Short… Very short, but was somewhat enjoyable. I’m not so sure what I think about Keifer Sutherland as Big Boss, it feels weird hearing someone else than David Hayter doing a young Big Boss voice. Sure he isn’t young, young. But still not so old. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t bad not by a long shot. It just feels weird that a character suddenly gets a voice change. Looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I really want to see where they are taking the series and how the transform the characters.

So know I’m thinking about going back to Tales of Symphonia, but at the same time I want to start playing Final Fantasy X HD. And I don’t want to shift between two JRPGs. Oh, the hard decisions! Hehe. Well, no matter which I pick they are both great games that I like.

Last week was busy…

I’m so glad last week is behind us, man that was one though and busy week. I worked over some days and I had people to meet after work, so it was full of stuff. Sure some of it was fun, but damn… I hardly got any rest or gaming done and then I worked on the weekend too. Well not Sunday and today I am free! So that’s nice!
Hopefully this week will be a bit better, firstly I only work four days and I will not do any overtime this week. So yeah, I am thinking this will be a pretty good week. After work on Friday I’ll make my way to Elden and we’ll watch the second half of The Walking Dead season 4. Looking forward to see what happens.

And soon its time for easter, not that I care about it that much. But we’ll get a couple of days of from work, so I can do whatever I please! Looking forward to some time of to do other stuff I love. No, I haven’t gotten tried of my work, I just want some more free time that’s all. And very long after easter it time for vacation time! We’ll see what I’ll be doing, if I can get away from home or I’ll just stay home. All depends on if I can be out with other people or if I’ll start feeling unwell and nervous, I really don’t like to be out where there are lots of people right now. I don’t know why, I just can’t handle them. I had hoped my phobia of people would get a bit better, but this year it seems to have reverted back a bit to what it was like before. Like I don’t go out if I really don’t need to, I try to avoid shops and stuff where lots of people gather. Its hard to find a balance. =/

As I said, last week was full of stuff so I had hardly anytime trying inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PlayStation 4. But that will change this week, I’ve already played a few hours and I like it! Not that I had much doubt that I would to be honest. Though one thing pissed me of, not about the game but my controller. My DualShock 4‘s touchpad stopped working when I was about to start I:SS, fucking great! So I’ve returned it and I am waiting for it to get fixed and sent back to me. Hopefully this doesn’t take a month. But then again you never know. Thankfully ZX-Omega was kind to lend me his DS4 so I can play. Thank you! So now I can play though all of inFAMOUS and then go to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

This are the games I got in March. Loving inFAMOUS so far, looking forward to try MGSV: GZ even if its short. And Watch_Dogs pack is just a preorder pack! Some costumes and multiplayer stuff, but it came in case when I made the preorder. So that’s nice! Hopefully the game is good too!

The games I got in March

I managed to finish of some anime shows like Kill La Kill, which was really good. Not as good as Gurren Lagann but still very enjoyable. So I can recommend that if you haven’t seen it. Hmm, what more did I watch? I finished watching No-rin, Mahou Sensou and a few others. Just check out my MAL and see what I’ve gone through if you are interested. =)
Right now I’m watching Beet The Vandal Buster, so far a pretty decent fantasy anime. More in the sort that I am looking for. Well, gotta back back to inFAMOUS and other stuff. Bye all!

Kingdom Hearts makes #30!!

Let me explain that a bit better for ya. Yesterday, I had finished 29 games under the entire 2013. My goal was to at least clear 30 games before this year was over and it was looking grim. But then yesterday I started playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD for PlayStation 3 and I’ve went through the entire game, not skipping any story stuff and finished it right now!
It feels so good that the goal of beating 30 games under 2013 could be reached, this doesn’t mean shit you probably. But I’m very happy that I was able to achieve it, the way I’ve been working this I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Next year will be filled with great games, new as old. Ironically those games I’m looking forward to most are all remasters. There is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which contain both the first and second Tales of Symphonia game. Then there is Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD remaster, looking forward to playing those games with some improved visuals. Even if its not much, its still nice that the people who missed out on them can get a new chance to play them. Then there is Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX, which includes Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, really, really want to play BBS.
From the guys that brought us Nier (awesome game) there is Drakengard 3. All the games I’ve mentioned now are for PlayStstion 3, so its still going strong even in 2014. My most hyped PlayStation 4 game for next year is Infamous: Second Son, it looks fantastic!

Well I could go on forever talking about games, but now I’m just going to relax and enjoy the last half hour of 2013. Take care all visitors and I hope you’ll have a great start next year, happy new year everyone!! See you in 2014!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I don’t celibate Christmas anymore, I haven’t done that in a long long time. Still I decided too go my friend ZX-Omega and his family. And it was pleasant, even if a bit frightening since there where people there I didn’t know and that was hard. Still I had a good time and I thank them all. And a great big thank you for the gift, thank you!

I also want to give a shout out to my friend Lania who gave me some Christmas game money as a gift. I really appreciate that, thank you kindly. ^^ I’ll see what I’ll spend them on, must be something good. =)

I’ve taken a break from Assassin’s Creed IV, I haven’t played or started my PS4 in over a week. Well I don’t feel like AC4 right now and I have nothing else to play on the PS4 at the moment. Still don’t regret buying it since I got it dirt cheap, but I am really looking forward to Infamous: Second Son. So for now I’ll probably be playing Tales of The Abyss 3DS, I traded in some old games and got myself a 3DS XL as a Christmas present. And I am thinking about taking up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX again too. KH feels right this time of year, even if it feels nothing like Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas to you all!! Thank you for reading and the support of my site! =)

Three games I really want in 2014!

I think I’ve been pretty clear in expressing my interest in the PlayStation 4, but what games are I looking forward to next year? There are definitely a bunch of games for current gen or should I say last gen now? Either way, if it wasn’t for a bunch of trade-in deals from my local GameStop I wouldn’t have bought a PlayStation 4 yet. Since most of the games I want are still coming out on PlayStation 3, so I still have a lot of stuff too get from that console. But I’m not complaining, but here are some of the games I am looking forward to in 2014. Right now it’s only games that has been announced and have a release date.

Infamous: Second Son
PlayStation 4 – 2014-03-21 EU
I love the two previous Infamous games and I don’t think Second Son will be any different! It looks fantastic! If I didn’t get my PlayStation 4 on launch day, I would have had to get one when this game releases! So looking forward to this one, hope the “hero” Delsin turns out to be an okay character. The world and the effects of the game, looks fantastic!

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
PlayStation 3 – 2014-02-28 EU
I have really been looking forward to replay Tales of Symphonia, so this collection is perfect. It includes both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the new world.
ToSS made me fall in love with the Tales of-series, so I am looking forward to see what I think about it four years later. ToS is based on the PlayStation 2 version of the game that was only released in Japan, so we get some new stuff. And hopefully we’ll get to keep the real intro song this time!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2
PlayStation 3 – 2014-02-28 EU
While I am not a big fan of the first game, I liked what they have done with the lore of Castlevania. Lords of Shadows 2 seems to fix the stuff I didn’t like about the first one, like dull combat and a camera straight out of hell. I’m looking forward to play as Dracula and see what he has to endured since the took the mantle of Prince of Darkness.

Well it’s a short list but it will have to do right now. Either way it’s just one more day away from PlayStation 4 launch in Europe!! The hype and everything else is rising, you know what I’m talking about ladies. (I’m kidding!). Hopefully I can get some sleep later tonight, but we’ll see. I’ll probably be to hyped! XD

Not feeling to hot…

I’ve not been feeling to good today. So sorry for those of my friends who has tried to make contact with me, I’ve been resting for the most part of today. And I’ll continue to rest, so hopefully can feel better so I can work tomorrow. Can’t afford to be home, plus I have some other stuff to do tomorrow so I can’t be home.
The good thing at least is that I’m not going to work night again until week 31. And after that I’m gonna tell them, I won’t do it anymore. It takes to much of my free time and it doesn’t pay that much extra.

I did actually manage to play a bit more on Infamous 2 today. I’ve now completed it to 100%. I got the platinum trophy earlier this morning. Good game, but I’m not sure which ending I prefer. Either way, It’s going to be interesting to see what Infamous 3 will be about. If it comes, which it probably will.

My friend Ezakiel came over real quick earlier. Just wanted to say hi and have a little chat. Hehe… That bastard, he got me… When I was homeless, I had to give away throw some of my stuff away. Since I couldn’t bring them with me, so I gave him one of my most dearest toys from my childhood. My Dragonzord. It really means a lot to me, so I would rather give it away than throw it away. But he came over and gave it to me, telling me he was just holding on to it for me. People might think this is childish or such, but I love this toy. And right now I’m overjoyed, you really made my day Ezakiel. I can’t express my gratitude, really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Dragonzord is back!! Can has cheeseburger. PLZ?
One thing I found funny in Infamous 2 was a text on a roof. There was somebody who was starving and then somebody wrote a text under it asking if a particular food could be had. Might not be that funny, but its a pretty big internet meme. Anyway… Here’s what the photo says;  “I’M STARVING! You can has cheeseburger?“.
Check out I can has cheeseburger if you want.