Anime Intro & Outro jag gillar nr. 02

Inlägg nr 2 om anime intro och outros jag gillar! Det är lite blandat här, lite gamla klassiker som jag typ aldrig tröttnar på. Ett lite sällsyntare intro och lite från nyare serier. Så det är väldigt blandat denna gången, gillar ni någon av låtarna?

Magic Knight Rayearth – Yuzurenai Negai

Denna ligger mig nära om hjärtat, då det är serien som väckte mitt intresse för JRPG. Sedan var det Lunar-spelen som fick mig att riktigt bli förälskad.
En fin och starksång tycker jag, som visar lite vad serien är, magiska tjejer i en fantasy värld som styr mechas.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Zankoku Na Tenshi No These

Evangelion är en serie som inte tilltalade mig alls. Men jag gillar introt som fasen, det är ju också rätt välkänt. Perfekt att göra egna videos till med serier med liknande teman…

Galaxy Angel Rune – Uchuu de Koi wa ☆ Ru-run Run

Galen, skruvad och en gnutta hysterisk. Det är väl så jag borde förklara sången, om serien följer samma mönster vet jag inte. Det är lite svårt att få tag på avsnitt från denna serie. Ännu svårare att hitta introt..

Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Chikatto Chika Chikaa♡

Det som lockade mig att börja titta på serien var faktiskt detta outro. Detta är outrot till avsnitt 3 av serien. Det är catchy och så snyggt animerat, sedan är jag lite svag för intron och outron med dans i. Haha.


The Quintessential QuintupletsGotōbun no Kimochi

Den obligatoriska harem-anime serien! Gillar introt som fasen till denna serien om femlingar! Jag blir glad av att lyssna på sången, den känns väldigt upplyftande. Miku är också den bästa tjejen. ;)


Anime Intro & Outro jag gillar nr. 01

Det var en del år sedan jag sist gjorde en lista på de anime intros jag gillade, så jag har beslutat mig att börja om. Men en Intro och Outro-lista istället. Där både öppningssångerna och slutsångerna till en anime-serie finns med.
Så det kan finnas en chans att några av de anime serier jag postat förr kommer med igen, men det får ni stå ut med. ;)

Zombie Land Saga – Adadana Necromancy

Tjejer som dött och nu blivit återupplivade som zombies, dessa tjejer ska nu bli idoler så att dom kan rädda Saga från att gå under. Skruvad, skum och helt fantastisk.
Med otroligt excentrisk manager och en massa missöden kan det bara bli bra.

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! – Tokimeki Climax

Här kommer en outro! Den är fartfylld och energirik, så mycket bättre än dess intro. UzaMaid som serien också kallas handlar om en pervers maid som gillar småflickor. Ja, det låter kanske inte så värst lockande av det, men det var en rolig serie. Lugn, inga lolis kom till skada under seriens gång.

Mahou Shoujo Ore – Noisy Love Power

En typisk magical girl-serie bortsett från det faktum att när de söta tjejerna förvandlar sig får de inte sexiga dräkter. Nädå, de blir muskulösa män!
En rolig variation på en väldigt välkänd genre, väldigt catchy-sång.

Centaur no Nayami – Oshiete Darwin

I en värld där primaterna aldrig fick en evolution så fick istället alla andra djur det och nu har vi djur-hybrider! En söt och lite rolig tagning på hela evolution.

Himitsu Wo Choudai Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa – Himitsu no Choudai

Kille upptäcker att tjejen han är förälskad i är en vampyr. Nu måste han hålla detta hemligt så hon inte blir utslängd från skolan eller värre! Det finns ju ett problem bara… Killen har aldrig lyckats hålla en hemlighet!

Gabriel DropOut – Gabriel Drop Kick

En serie om änglar och demoners vardag i en mänsklig skola, väldigt rolig serie som jag uppskattade! Låten är gjort av Hyadain så den sprudlar av energi och skruvad humor.

Anime Intros I like #05

It was a while since I did a post like this, there has been many new anime series airing and I’ve gotten a few new favorite intros. I like them for various reasons, it can be the song, the video intro or both together. Just so you know.

Attack on Titan: Junior High
A great parody on on the creators behalf, they sort of reenact the shows first intro. Both in video and in it’s song, but with a bit of a twist if you so will. Still haven’t watched the original series, but this one I highly enjoy.

Shomin Sample
A cute song I’ve become a bit addictive too. The muscular men scare me though..

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Stylish opening and action packed, I love it!

You thought this was something ordinary…

I’ve really fallen for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It was an anime I honestly I couldn’t stand, but it turns out I enjoyed it very much. And I can see why so many others have been a fan of Jojo. I started to watch this series in November last year and I’m currently watching the third season that’s called “Stardust Crusade“.

I enjoy the fighting, both it and it’s characters are so over the top sometimes that I can’t help but love it! It’s hard to explain this show, without going into all the good stuff and its those things you should see for yourself. I’m actually very interested in the PlayStation 3 game that came out sometime ago, mostly because of the show. So I might get that in the future too.

Well the series is about the Joestar family and their cursed struggle with Dio Brando a man who was one taken in an treated like a fellow member in the Joestar family. Jonathan Joestar and Dio where friends at first, but Dio grew jealous of Jonathan an wanted everything for himself. He comes into contact with an old stone mask, that has the power to turn you into a vampire. Dio uses it on himself and is forever transformed, he had fallen and he likes his new dark powers. This is what sparks the “eternal” fued between the Joestar’s and Dio, this series really takes a few timeskips over its course. We’ll get to see Jonathan’s grandchild, Joseph Joestar as a youngster and we see him to grow up into an old man, with a grandchild of his own, Jotaro Kujo. I won’t spoil anything more, but go watch it. Its a really great show.

Finally some time off!

Ah! It feels great that its finally easter! That means some time off for most of us in Sweden, and boy it feels good to have some time off. Was even able to sleep a bit longer today, hurray! Waking up at 04:00 at the morning everyday takes some of the energy out of you eventually. So I could sleep to 07:00, Life is good, yes sir!
I wake up so early because work starts at 05:15, and if you are wondering why I’m not using AM and PM is because I can never remember which is what and I prefer a 24-hour clock. In case anyone was wondering, which you probably weren’t.

So with this time off, I am going to do a bunch of stuff I like. Or rather do stuff I haven’t had the energy to do when I’ve come home from work, like catching up on a few movies. Continue to play Tales of Symphonia HD and just enjoy myself, been so looking forward to some me time. I love my work but the past weeks have been tiering, so its really nice to do exactly what I want to do. Often when I get home from work, there are a lot of other stuff that needs to be done, like cocking and whatnot. When all stuff is finished, I never feel like I have the time to sit down and game a few hours, mostly because I go to bed early just to get a decent amount of sleep
So there will be a lot of movie and gaming being done, hopefully in these five days I have free.

I’m currently looking for a bigger apartment and I hope I can find one soon, I really need some more space and having a separate bedroom from the living room and a real (bigger) kitchen would be great. The only downside to moving is that its expensive, all the costs for changing address and stuff like that, not looking forward to those parts, but I’ll gladly do it if I can find a better place. Since I’m single (hello, ladies) I don’t need such a big apartment, I just need a separate bedroom from the living room as I said and I’m pretty pleased. Sure If I can get a place where I can have a washing machine in my apartment that would be great.

Last week was busy…

I’m so glad last week is behind us, man that was one though and busy week. I worked over some days and I had people to meet after work, so it was full of stuff. Sure some of it was fun, but damn… I hardly got any rest or gaming done and then I worked on the weekend too. Well not Sunday and today I am free! So that’s nice!
Hopefully this week will be a bit better, firstly I only work four days and I will not do any overtime this week. So yeah, I am thinking this will be a pretty good week. After work on Friday I’ll make my way to Elden and we’ll watch the second half of The Walking Dead season 4. Looking forward to see what happens.

And soon its time for easter, not that I care about it that much. But we’ll get a couple of days of from work, so I can do whatever I please! Looking forward to some time of to do other stuff I love. No, I haven’t gotten tried of my work, I just want some more free time that’s all. And very long after easter it time for vacation time! We’ll see what I’ll be doing, if I can get away from home or I’ll just stay home. All depends on if I can be out with other people or if I’ll start feeling unwell and nervous, I really don’t like to be out where there are lots of people right now. I don’t know why, I just can’t handle them. I had hoped my phobia of people would get a bit better, but this year it seems to have reverted back a bit to what it was like before. Like I don’t go out if I really don’t need to, I try to avoid shops and stuff where lots of people gather. Its hard to find a balance. =/

As I said, last week was full of stuff so I had hardly anytime trying inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PlayStation 4. But that will change this week, I’ve already played a few hours and I like it! Not that I had much doubt that I would to be honest. Though one thing pissed me of, not about the game but my controller. My DualShock 4‘s touchpad stopped working when I was about to start I:SS, fucking great! So I’ve returned it and I am waiting for it to get fixed and sent back to me. Hopefully this doesn’t take a month. But then again you never know. Thankfully ZX-Omega was kind to lend me his DS4 so I can play. Thank you! So now I can play though all of inFAMOUS and then go to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

This are the games I got in March. Loving inFAMOUS so far, looking forward to try MGSV: GZ even if its short. And Watch_Dogs pack is just a preorder pack! Some costumes and multiplayer stuff, but it came in case when I made the preorder. So that’s nice! Hopefully the game is good too!

The games I got in March

I managed to finish of some anime shows like Kill La Kill, which was really good. Not as good as Gurren Lagann but still very enjoyable. So I can recommend that if you haven’t seen it. Hmm, what more did I watch? I finished watching No-rin, Mahou Sensou and a few others. Just check out my MAL and see what I’ve gone through if you are interested. =)
Right now I’m watching Beet The Vandal Buster, so far a pretty decent fantasy anime. More in the sort that I am looking for. Well, gotta back back to inFAMOUS and other stuff. Bye all!

What I’m doing now…

I’ve been busy as usual, but last week and this week has so far been pretty good. I’ve managed to finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD. Now try saying that name five times fast! It was pretty okay, the worst part about the game is its loading times. And that some of the sound effects sounds like a fart in a can. I’ll see if I can list everything about the game in a later post. That’s if I still care about it by then, which is doubtful.

Now that’s out of the way, I am going to start playing Batman: Arkham Origins. I’ve so far just seen about the intro, so I’m looking forward to start playing it tomorrow. I have watched some animes as usual and I’ve actually started watching a series I thought I would never see. That anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012 ver.)
So far it is really nice! And I’ve discovered that Dio Brando is one sick mofo. It’ bloodier than I anticipated, but it doesn’t bother me.

This upcoming weekend I’m just gonna relax and take it easy. Unless I have to work, if I am not working I’ll game and watch anime all weekend. Ahhh! The good life. Only around 24 days left until I have my PlayStation 4! Hype, hype, hype!! So looking forward to that. :D