It’s finally vacation time!

Yes, how I have longed for this day to come! My vacation has officially begun! Hopefully 4 glorious weeks of just taking it easy and just relaxing and playing games.
Ahhh! Sounds heavenly to me.

I was thinking about continuing my playthough of Trails of Cold Steel 2, but I might put that off for a bit longer. There are so many other games I want to play and right now I have a real thirst for Grandia HD Collection, mind you I don’t own this collection since it’s digital only. At least for now, I’m hoping they’ll release it physically too.
I might bite and start Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I’ve had it since release but haven’t touched it yet. So yeah, I do have some games in my backlog to look into.
And soon Collection of Mana (physical) is released so I might jump onto that instead and not shortly after Astral Chain is released.

If you aren’t Swedish you might now appreciate this joke, even if you are you still might not like it. You know Stefan & Krister? You know about “Buskis“?
You know about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?
Well get ready kids! Because this is something my stupid brain thought up when going to work today! So I just had to make it. Jojjes Bisarra Äventyr!

Haha, sorry. It’s just something I had to do. I needed to get that idea out of my head so I could think of other stuff. Well for now I’m going to take it easy and relax, that’s my mantra for this entire weekend. Take it easy and watch a bunch of movies I’ve missed.

If you live in Sweden and you are going to Retrospelsfestivalen in Malmö on August 31st, please come say hi to me. I’ll be wearing my Xenoblade Chronicles 2 t-shirt and I have a feeling I’ll be the only one who has one there.

Super Mario X Ghostbusters

Found this video a couple of day ago and I needed to share it. I think it’s awesomely done and it’s a great mashup of Super Mario and Ghostbusters.

Infamous 2 cleared!

I finished Infamous 2 earlier today, well at least the good side. It was pretty okay, but I thought the ending for the good side where kinda meh. I was hoping for a little more, still good thou. I liked the game and I think I like it more than the first one, they got rid of some of the things I didn’t like with the first one.
Now I’m gonna restart the game and play on the evil side, get the last of the stuff I need and get that platinum trophy for the game. Oh yeah!

Hehe, as you can see. There are more videogame parodies in this game. Together with my earlier post, this is what I found.

Infamous 2 VG parodies

While playing around in Infamous 2 today I saw something I thought was very funny. I was passing by a cinema and here is what they where showing in that cinema. I love stuff like this!

HUSH cinema proudly presents…

Saints Row 2, Ice cream and propeller boobs

Saints Row 2 is a fun and pretty nice game, sure its filled with bugs that can be so damn annoying. But the bugs and glitches are so strange and weird sometimes, but you take the good with the bad. In this game you create your own character, the character creator is pretty decent. I’m hoping it will get expanded a whole lot in Saints Row 3.

This is what my character looks like, nothing special but then again I like how he turned out. And of course I gave him the British voice, the one doing the British voice is Charles Shaughnessy.
The guy who played Maxwell Sheffield in The Nanny, he has such a great voice. I really like it and to hear the lines from the game in his voice, is awesome. You can choose from two other male voices and three female voices. But none of them sounds as good as Charles voice. Hope to hear him in more games, he does Eldore’s voice in White Knight Chronicles too.

The game reminds me very much of the Grand Theft Auto series, but has a bit more of a dark humor to it. While GTA series, tries to be serious. Saints Row 2 can take is a bit more easy and just be a bit more fun. I love the humor in the games, like the sign and name for an ice cream place in the game… “Two Scoops, one cup” or the sign for “Turbulence” which is just weird… Its damn fun to play this game online with a friend, I’m really glad I got the game. Hope Saints Row 3 will come out soon.

Grey’s In Anime

Haha, I just found this clip on Youtube and thought it was pretty damn funny! I like these kinds of parodies, If the real Grey’s Anatomy was like this I would watch it all the time. Well, as I said at least I thought this was funny…

Poster: Xeno Royale

Here I am with another one of my movie posters! This this its a crossover between Xenosaga & James Bond. Xeno Royale! The best action movie ever made! Tons of action, lots of chaos. Coming November XXXX!!

I wanted to to something about his hands, but I couldn’t. and I tried to fix the title text as much as I could. Its okay, but I hope to get better at this sort of thing in the future