It’s finally vacation time!

Yes, how I have longed for this day to come! My vacation has officially begun! Hopefully 4 glorious weeks of just taking it easy and just relaxing and playing games.
Ahhh! Sounds heavenly to me.

I was thinking about continuing my playthough of Trails of Cold Steel 2, but I might put that off for a bit longer. There are so many other games I want to play and right now I have a real thirst for Grandia HD Collection, mind you I don’t own this collection since it’s digital only. At least for now, I’m hoping they’ll release it physically too.
I might bite and start Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I’ve had it since release but haven’t touched it yet. So yeah, I do have some games in my backlog to look into.
And soon Collection of Mana (physical) is released so I might jump onto that instead and not shortly after Astral Chain is released.

If you aren’t Swedish you might now appreciate this joke, even if you are you still might not like it. You know Stefan & Krister? You know about “Buskis“?
You know about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?
Well get ready kids! Because this is something my stupid brain thought up when going to work today! So I just had to make it. Jojjes Bisarra Äventyr!

Haha, sorry. It’s just something I had to do. I needed to get that idea out of my head so I could think of other stuff. Well for now I’m going to take it easy and relax, that’s my mantra for this entire weekend. Take it easy and watch a bunch of movies I’ve missed.

If you live in Sweden and you are going to Retrospelsfestivalen in Malmö on August 31st, please come say hi to me. I’ll be wearing my Xenoblade Chronicles 2 t-shirt and I have a feeling I’ll be the only one who has one there.

You thought this was something ordinary…

I’ve really fallen for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It was an anime I honestly I couldn’t stand, but it turns out I enjoyed it very much. And I can see why so many others have been a fan of Jojo. I started to watch this series in November last year and I’m currently watching the third season that’s called “Stardust Crusade“.

I enjoy the fighting, both it and it’s characters are so over the top sometimes that I can’t help but love it! It’s hard to explain this show, without going into all the good stuff and its those things you should see for yourself. I’m actually very interested in the PlayStation 3 game that came out sometime ago, mostly because of the show. So I might get that in the future too.

Well the series is about the Joestar family and their cursed struggle with Dio Brando a man who was one taken in an treated like a fellow member in the Joestar family. Jonathan Joestar and Dio where friends at first, but Dio grew jealous of Jonathan an wanted everything for himself. He comes into contact with an old stone mask, that has the power to turn you into a vampire. Dio uses it on himself and is forever transformed, he had fallen and he likes his new dark powers. This is what sparks the “eternal” fued between the Joestar’s and Dio, this series really takes a few timeskips over its course. We’ll get to see Jonathan’s grandchild, Joseph Joestar as a youngster and we see him to grow up into an old man, with a grandchild of his own, Jotaro Kujo. I won’t spoil anything more, but go watch it. Its a really great show.

What I’m doing now…

I’ve been busy as usual, but last week and this week has so far been pretty good. I’ve managed to finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD. Now try saying that name five times fast! It was pretty okay, the worst part about the game is its loading times. And that some of the sound effects sounds like a fart in a can. I’ll see if I can list everything about the game in a later post. That’s if I still care about it by then, which is doubtful.

Now that’s out of the way, I am going to start playing Batman: Arkham Origins. I’ve so far just seen about the intro, so I’m looking forward to start playing it tomorrow. I have watched some animes as usual and I’ve actually started watching a series I thought I would never see. That anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012 ver.)
So far it is really nice! And I’ve discovered that Dio Brando is one sick mofo. It’ bloodier than I anticipated, but it doesn’t bother me.

This upcoming weekend I’m just gonna relax and take it easy. Unless I have to work, if I am not working I’ll game and watch anime all weekend. Ahhh! The good life. Only around 24 days left until I have my PlayStation 4! Hype, hype, hype!! So looking forward to that. :D