Finally some time off!

Ah! It feels great that its finally easter! That means some time off for most of us in Sweden, and boy it feels good to have some time off. Was even able to sleep a bit longer today, hurray! Waking up at 04:00 at the morning everyday takes some of the energy out of you eventually. So I could sleep to 07:00, Life is good, yes sir!
I wake up so early because work starts at 05:15, and if you are wondering why I’m not using AM and PM is because I can never remember which is what and I prefer a 24-hour clock. In case anyone was wondering, which you probably weren’t.

So with this time off, I am going to do a bunch of stuff I like. Or rather do stuff I haven’t had the energy to do when I’ve come home from work, like catching up on a few movies. Continue to play Tales of Symphonia HD and just enjoy myself, been so looking forward to some me time. I love my work but the past weeks have been tiering, so its really nice to do exactly what I want to do. Often when I get home from work, there are a lot of other stuff that needs to be done, like cocking and whatnot. When all stuff is finished, I never feel like I have the time to sit down and game a few hours, mostly because I go to bed early just to get a decent amount of sleep
So there will be a lot of movie and gaming being done, hopefully in these five days I have free.

I’m currently looking for a bigger apartment and I hope I can find one soon, I really need some more space and having a separate bedroom from the living room and a real (bigger) kitchen would be great. The only downside to moving is that its expensive, all the costs for changing address and stuff like that, not looking forward to those parts, but I’ll gladly do it if I can find a better place. Since I’m single (hello, ladies) I don’t need such a big apartment, I just need a separate bedroom from the living room as I said and I’m pretty pleased. Sure If I can get a place where I can have a washing machine in my apartment that would be great.

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