My updated Xenosaga collection

Hello ya all! I’ve finally updated my Xenosaga Collections part of this site. I’ve gotten some new stuff since the last update I did in 2009, so I thought why not update now. And this will probably be the last update/addition to my collection, I feel like I have the stuff I want right now.
Sure there are a couple of more things I’d like to have, but only if I can get them cheap. And I mean really cheap, but we’ll see what the future holds.

It’s been fun collection all these things since 2003-2004, I think that was when I started to collect Xenosaga stuff. So what is next then? Will there be something to collect next? I’m not sure actually, I’ve been thinking of trying to get a hold of all Tales of games that have been released in English. That’s not a very hard thing to do, so I might do that. Since I really love the Tales of games too. So among the games I want to get are, Tales of Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Symphonia 2 and so on. But all that’s still in the future, we’ll see. Nothing has been decided and right now I do not have the economy to build any sort of collection. But when I do, it would be kind of nice to get a nice collection of NES and SNES games. Start a little bit of retro collecting… Ahh! Well I can always dream.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro HD

In November of 2011 I made my own intro to the newest ThunderCats series. Now I am back with the same intro, with some minor stuff changed in it and some added sound effects in it.
And last not not least, it’s now available in HD. But wait there’s more! This time there are no logos from the network it aired on, so it’s a clean HD version of my original ThunderCats opening. Hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I might have one more ThunderCats related video in the making. But we’ll see it it turns into something or I’ll move on to something else.

Anime Intros I like #03

Its been some time since I last made a post about the anime intros I like. So here is post number 3 in this series, of anime intros I like. I recently gave Fairy Tail a fair chance and I love the series, much more than Naruto or One Piece. It fits me more than pirates and ninjas. I’m more fantasy magi kinda guy and Fairy Tail really delivers on that front.

I immediately fell in love with Fairy Tails third intro. I can’t get enough of the “OOHHHH” and flute playing parts, they go so damn well together and are full of energy. The rest of the song is okay, but those two parts of the song really gets me revved up!

I really, really like the third Naruto Intro “Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni“. I like the music and how it sounds, not to mention the images that follow the song in the video. Starting of a bit sad, to slowly build and gain “energy”. This song has actually helped me feel well, when I’ve been a bit depressed or needed to gain some energy. I loved it from the first time I heard it and its still my favorite Naruto opening.

The last one for this time if from Rosario to Vampire Capu2. Pretty ladies dancing, what more could you want? Not to mention its a catchy tune. Nana Mizuki has such a nice voice. I also like the flow of the animation in the video, it feels like they might have spent the series whole budget for just the intro. But its a nice upbeat song.

Blue Dragon: Shadows, Magic & Eternity

I just finished playing Blue Dragon, a great game! I first played this game around 2009, but just played it for 2-4hours. But now almost 3 years later I played it from beginning to the end. It took me around 37hours to clear this game, I spent a few of those ours training my shadows so I could take on the last boss. I was so under-leveled that he owned me hard, time after time…

Once a year, violet clouds appear and bring with them disaster. For Shu’s hometown Talta, they bring the yearly land sharks. Shu’s friend Kluke lost her parents to the land sharks and together with Jiro these three kids are trying to take it down for good, so the people of Talta don’t have to be afraid anymore. They get dragged away by the land shark and this will lead them to find Nene, the evil mastermind behind the land sharks. And other evil doings, being cast aside by Nene, a mysterious voice tells them to swallow the light spheres that has appeared before them. It will grant them magic, to fight against Nene. After a small hesitation they swallow the light spheres and their shadows transform. They gain the form of mystical animal, apparently having a shadow like this is proof that you can use magic. Now with power, they can right the wrongs Nene has done in the world.

This is a pretty simplified/short down version of how the game starts, I don’t want to give it all away and to explain everything as it exactly goes down would take an eternity.
The battles are pretty standard JRPG, turned based just like Final Fantasy. And speaking of FF, this was one of the reasons I wanted to play this game. Since its made by the father of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakeguchi. With Nobuo Uematsu doing the music and doing one hell of a job with that! I’m probably one of the few who actually really like the boss song “Eternity” I really feel like this game game is a spiritual successor to the Playstation 1, Final Fantasy games. With a more cartoony style of course. And ‘m looking forward to trying their other game Lost Odyssey, which seems to be even more inline with being a spiritual successor to the FF games.

I really enjoyed this game, it’s been a long time since I played a classic JRPG. And one that was good and enjoyable! 2012 is of too a good start when it comes to games so far and I’m currently going through my old save file of Tales of Vesperia, which I think I’m near of nearing the end of the game. Well, there where a few stuff I liked in the Blue Dragon anime more than, I liked in the game. In the anime, the shadows all have personalities and are “alive” so to say. While in they game, they are just a form/symbol for magic users. I might go deeper into the differences of the anime and game later, or just post what I liked and disliked about them. I was expecting them to be the same, but boy I was wrong. Its just about the characters and the shadows that are somewhat the same, the story is way different in the anime. Well, as I said I might go deeper into that in a later post. If you have an Xbox 360 and want to play an good old JRPG on a modern console, I can highly recommend Blue Dragon.

Top #3 anime Intros 2011

Here are my favorite anime intros of 2011. I like them for various reasons and I’ll try to specify just exactly what I like about the intro in question. They will in random order, so don’t expect that the clip that is first is my all time favorite of the year. And just because I like the opening, doesn’t mean I like the anime. I decided just to take my three most liked intros for now.

Carnival Phantasm
A catchy pretty fun opening. Its just fun watching Type-Moon’s characters being a little silly.

A fastpaced and catchy opening! One of my absolute favorites this year. Just love the music.

Fate Zero
One of my favorite shows of the year. Love this intro, nice fighting in it, a bit emotional and has a great song.

Hurting like a female dog

Things are not so good right now. I’m busted my back, it happened while working yesterday. Went to the doctor today and yeah, its busted. So right now I’m having trouble sitting and lying down. I can do both, but it hurts… And not the good kinda hurt mind you. One of the few times I can remember I’ve cried from the pain, it hurt like fucking hell. Going to get some painkillers tomorrow. So that’s about what I’m doing right now, trying not to feel pain.

I think now that I’m free for work, for some time. I’m gonna go over and make my list on what has been good this year. Like my favorite anime series, games and such stuff. I would really like to make a post about my favorite anime intros of 2011. So I think I’m going to check those out and see which ones I really like

Anime Intros I like #02

Now on to two of my favorite animes of all time, well at least those two who have meant most to me. First out is Magic Knight Rayearth. I’m pretty sure I would never have started playing JRPGs without this anime. Sure it isn’t anything special but by the time I saw this, this was not something I was familiar with. A good nice fantasy anime, that I liked a hell of more than I thought I would. And after that I decided to give JRPGs a chance again and tried Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and the SNES version of Magic Knight Rayearth. And then I was hooked, on both fantasy and JRPG.

And one of my most liked animes of all time is… Sailor Moon! Yeah, I really liked that anime. Especially the Death Busters arc, which was darker and a bit more mature than the seasons before it. Sailor Moon is also the first mahou shojou (magical girl) series I like.
Some people will probably laugh and insult me for this, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m not afraid to admit what I like. I’m a child on the inside and it will never die!
Here is the third version of the intro to Death Busters arc. And while I do like the Swedish dubbed intro, I wish they had stayed closer to the original lyrics.