DuckTales, woohoo!

I finally got around to play DuckTales Remastered today, I have wanted to play that game for sometime. Since I am a fan of the original game for the NES.
It’s still a good game, I really love the artstyle. It feels like its taken from an episode of the cartoon and I love that the game is voiced. But it makes me sad that they didn’t make a Swedish version of the game, would have loved to hear that. But perhaps it’s for the best. The original Swedish voice actor for Uncle Scrooge died a couple of years ago. =(
The the replacement isn’t all that great imo, but he isn’t terrible either. But he is nowhere near John Harryson’s wonderful voice, he was such a great Uncle Scrooge.

The music in the game is great! Love the remixes, I’m a fan of “The Moon” song. Even if others are tired of it, I still love it. But all the other music are just as good. A great game, that I really think you should try. Now I feel like watching the old show again.

Just thirteen more days left until PlayStation 4. I couldn’t make a post now without saying anything about that, now could I!? Well, I could. But I don’t want to. =)

The stuff I like

Firstly I just wanna say I had a good time in Malmö, on the sci-fi convention. I haven’t fixed all the photos yet. That one of the reasons I haven’t updated with anything yet. The other fact being that I’ve had other stuff to do so I haven’t had the time to post anything of the bigger sort. The next post after this one will be the post about the convention and I’ll share the photos I took.
Hopefully I can be done with that on Sunday or sooner, I am hopping sooner than later.

I am reworking my “games I’ve beaten list”. Not all that much, it looks the same but now you can search for consoles. I’ll see if I will upgrade it soon for all to see. I also want to rework the design for the site a bit, I am hoping I’ll get the time for that too. I’m not sure what I want, I just want something that is more mine. With all the stuff I enjoy for some WordPress themes. We’ll see how that will turn out, one thing at a time. And now here below will be my real post, or rather what I was originally going to post here.

It seems that all the stuff I like seems to end. Mostly this is common to TV-shows or cartoon. And in some cases other stuff. I really enjoyed the new ThunderCats series, guess what? Canceled. I really liked Spectacular Spider-Man canceled so they could give us Ultimate Spider-Man, what a shitty trade. Now Young Justice only has a few episodes left until that series is ended due to cancellation. There are many more for me to even remember right now and it makes me sad when they just cancel stuff like that. Mostly of the shows had good ratings and where loved, but that’s not enough apparently. And in about four weeks or so the anime Fairy Tail will be ending, also rumored that it’s been canceled. Due to falling ratings and crappy sales of DVD and blu-ray. Sure in this case the manga will go on, but it still not the same… I guess I just should stop watching new things since they will be canceled. If the shows got a real ending to them I wouldn’t complain, but not most shows just end without much happening. Some shows are even in a fairly important event’s in the story, just to be rushed and ended.
Once I’ve seen the last episode of Fairy Tail at least, I’ll make a bigger post just about that. Will be the first post that is about anime only in a while.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro HD

In November of 2011 I made my own intro to the newest ThunderCats series. Now I am back with the same intro, with some minor stuff changed in it and some added sound effects in it.
And last not not least, it’s now available in HD. But wait there’s more! This time there are no logos from the network it aired on, so it’s a clean HD version of my original ThunderCats opening. Hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I might have one more ThunderCats related video in the making. But we’ll see it it turns into something or I’ll move on to something else.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Saw the first two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated show today, they where special… I liked them a lot and I’m going to keep watching this show, but it had its fails. And for me they where pretty big, I can live with them and I won’t drop the show for this. But it is going to get really old really fast. So I’m hoping this is just something for the first few episodes and hope it will tone down a bit later.

The animations where nice and in some parts they where rather spectacular (narf), but it’s also the visuals I have the main problems with… As I said the visuals are great, really great. When they are not trying to mimic anime! This is the same problem (for me problem) that was with Teen Titans, but at least in that show they fitted. But here it feels so damn out of the place. And there where plenty of this in just the two first episodes. And by mimic anime I mean they make it look more chibi-anime like and all kiddy and try to be funny. Don’t get me wrong, frequent readers should know I love anime, but I was hoping for a little bit more seriousness in that department.

But other than that, the show seems very promising. Even if I seemed to be one of few who liked the last show Spectacular! Spider-Man and would have loved to see that one get another seasons. I’m really hoping this will turn out good, I’m going to be real sad otherwise. But it is still to early to tell, I’ll give it few more episodes hopefully the stuff I don’t like will either grow on me or it will be toned down. Either way, Spider-Man is back and now I’m longing for the new movie even more!

My ThunderCats 2011 intro

Its been a little more than three years since I last made a video, man time sure flies. It hasn’t felt that long… Now I’m back with my take on a ThunderCats 2011 intro, It’s somewhat based on the original intro. There have been others who have made intros like this, but this is my take on it. And a big thanks to RazorDave for being awesome and allowing me to use his version of the ThunderCats theme for my video. Click his name to visit his YouTube channel.

Transformers Prime is awesome

Sitting here waiting for the newest Transformers Prime episode to come out today, I just love this show. This really gets my nostalgia blood flowing. I am looking forward to future seasons of this show. Since had and interview with one of the of the staff from Prime, namely Robert Orci. He confirmed a few things too them, a few things I am really looking forward to. Firstly he said there will be combiners!
Yes! Hoping we get Menazor, he is one of my favorite. I’d also like to see Predaking get some more love.
But the thing I’m mostly looking forward to right now is the Dinobots! Can’t wait to see how Grimlock will look in Transformers Prime. One thing I’m really hoping for when it comes to TF Prime and that is that we’ll actually see the war that occurred on Cybertron all those millions of years ago. Seeing Megatron as a good guy, slowly being corrupted by his on ideals. See Orion Pax rise to take on the roll and become Optimus Prime. See the friendship between them grow and then being torn apart by following what they think is right.

And here is a clip from something upcoming in Prime something BIG. Yeah, I’m gonna spoil even more! Its Unicorn! That gives me hope that we might actually see Primus too. Well at least crossing my fingers for that. The Autobots and Deceptions will probably have to call a truce to take care of home. And I wonder with the apperance of Unicron, is that an indication that Megatron might get turned into Galvatron? I hope not, I just love this Megatron. If they most put Galvatron in this show, I’m hoping he will a separate being from Megatron. Needless to say I am very excited over this.
And while we are on it, I’m greatly anticipating the Transformers Exiles book. That seems to have its release on September 27th, I liked Transformers Exodus very much so I much have this one too.

Design, videos and stuff

Hello again! I’ve finally found a way to add some of the videos I’ve made too my site in a video player. These videos are videos that has been removed from my YouTube account because of copyright claims or other stupid stuff.
So it is going to be swell to have them up here later, first I’m gonna check which ones to upload. I’ll also be changing the design of the site, gonna fix some stuff, might change the whole theme.

I had one video where I did a “remake” intro of the old 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, using clips from the 2003 Turtles cartoon. It was fairly liked on YouTube but then it was taken down, fucking assholes. So I’m currently remaking my remake video. Yo, dawg… So I’ll post the newer version of that instead of the old one as soon as it is done. I’m currently working on a new sprite/pixel video, something I haven’t done in a long while. Its pretty fun and I really hope it turns out as I imagine, sadly I don’t think it will be up anytime soon. Sprite/pixel videos tend to take some time to do, and I really want to get this one as close to the game its based one. But who knows? I’ll be working on it as much and as hard as I can.

I also saw a movie last night that I liked really much it is X-men: First Class. Being the nerd I am I must see every new comicbook movie that comes out and this one did not disappoint, I like it a lot.
It might be a bit slow here and there, but it didn’t get to me like it does in most movies. It was fun to see a young Professor X and Magneto and some cameos here and there. Seeing how the school for gifted youngsters being opened, or seeing how Charles (Prof. X) and Eric’s (Magneto) friendship is smashed. Kevin Bacon was pretty good as the main badguy, he was a bit freaky in the beginning of the movie. I liked the actors, I liked the action, the story. It gave me what I wanted and I didn’t have much hope for this film, so it was a pleasant surprise. Will probably do a marathon run on the old X-men movies some day.