I’m writing about games again

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good time, I’ve had a splendid time! And its probably going to get even better hopefully. After a break from writing about games and not thinking much about them, nut just playing them. I’ve now then offered the chance to write about them again and I was happy too do so. But this time its for another site, this time I’m writing for PlayerSelect.se. As you might have guess, it will all be in Swedish. So if you are from Sweden and interested in videogames, come on over! You’ll find us on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter. All support it greatly appreciated.
You can read my first review on the site right now, its for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.


Trouble with my internet

For a couple of days now I’ve had some trouble with my internet connection. Sometimes I can go online and sometimes I can not. It is really frustrating, but I’ve been told that it would be looked into in this upcoming week. So I sure hope it will be fixed, because it sucks surfing almost entirely on a mobile phone.

Well I’ve taken my time to get the platinum trophy in Tales of Xillia, it wasn’t my plan to do that it just happened. Since I had already done so many other stuff in the game. I had done so many other sidequests in the game that you seem to get trophies for, so when I saw I only had one or two more to get I thought “Why not?”.
And right now I am playing or rather have started playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 for PlayStation 3. Review will be up on PSSverige at a later date, I’ll post about it or just keep an eye on my twitter feed. Other upcoming reviews will be of Disgaea D2, so look forward to that. And as usually I can’t and will not speak about games until their embargo time is out. And you will always find my reviews at PSSverige.

I’ll have to update more and better on a later date, writing this much on a phone is cramping my fingers a bit. I’ll be back! =)

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I am writing for PSSverige

So now that everything is cleared, I can announce that I’ll be writing for PSSverige. The biggest Swedish Playstation site. It’s also known as PS3Sverige, but we’ll be PSSverige from now on. Since we will be covering, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita news.

I wrote for PS3Sverige before but because of reasons in  real life I had to leave. Now I am back and it feels good. Of course everything on the site is in Swedish, obviously. So spread the news, tell your friends. You can also click the image to the right of here, to be linked to the site.

A dream, a Journey…

Wow, this is really awesome. I’ve gotten one of my dreams/wish fulfilled. I’m going to review games for PS3Sverige. Of course the will all be in Swedish and I’ve already written one review, it’s for Journey. Please visit the site and read it and I hope you will comment on my review and follow us in the future. As you can see also, I’ve placed a logo to the site on my right sidebar. Just clicking the picture will take you to the site, I’m hoping you’ll support us. And look forward to other upcoming reviews.

Blue Dragon: Shadows, Magic & Eternity

I just finished playing Blue Dragon, a great game! I first played this game around 2009, but just played it for 2-4hours. But now almost 3 years later I played it from beginning to the end. It took me around 37hours to clear this game, I spent a few of those ours training my shadows so I could take on the last boss. I was so under-leveled that he owned me hard, time after time…

Once a year, violet clouds appear and bring with them disaster. For Shu’s hometown Talta, they bring the yearly land sharks. Shu’s friend Kluke lost her parents to the land sharks and together with Jiro these three kids are trying to take it down for good, so the people of Talta don’t have to be afraid anymore. They get dragged away by the land shark and this will lead them to find Nene, the evil mastermind behind the land sharks. And other evil doings, being cast aside by Nene, a mysterious voice tells them to swallow the light spheres that has appeared before them. It will grant them magic, to fight against Nene. After a small hesitation they swallow the light spheres and their shadows transform. They gain the form of mystical animal, apparently having a shadow like this is proof that you can use magic. Now with power, they can right the wrongs Nene has done in the world.

This is a pretty simplified/short down version of how the game starts, I don’t want to give it all away and to explain everything as it exactly goes down would take an eternity.
The battles are pretty standard JRPG, turned based just like Final Fantasy. And speaking of FF, this was one of the reasons I wanted to play this game. Since its made by the father of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakeguchi. With Nobuo Uematsu doing the music and doing one hell of a job with that! I’m probably one of the few who actually really like the boss song “Eternity” I really feel like this game game is a spiritual successor to the Playstation 1, Final Fantasy games. With a more cartoony style of course. And ‘m looking forward to trying their other game Lost Odyssey, which seems to be even more inline with being a spiritual successor to the FF games.

I really enjoyed this game, it’s been a long time since I played a classic JRPG. And one that was good and enjoyable! 2012 is of too a good start when it comes to games so far and I’m currently going through my old save file of Tales of Vesperia, which I think I’m near of nearing the end of the game. Well, there where a few stuff I liked in the Blue Dragon anime more than, I liked in the game. In the anime, the shadows all have personalities and are “alive” so to say. While in they game, they are just a form/symbol for magic users. I might go deeper into the differences of the anime and game later, or just post what I liked and disliked about them. I was expecting them to be the same, but boy I was wrong. Its just about the characters and the shadows that are somewhat the same, the story is way different in the anime. Well, as I said I might go deeper into that in a later post. If you have an Xbox 360 and want to play an good old JRPG on a modern console, I can highly recommend Blue Dragon.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

I was interested in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for some time. It seemed to actually be a pretty decent game and it actually is. It has its problems but its one of the better Spider-Man game in years.
One thing I really do love about this game is the humor, I think they’ve successfully captured Spider-Man’s humor. And that they have reused some old Spider-Man voice actors to do the voices for the four Spider-Men in the game is a really nice touch.

Shattered Dimensions tells the story of four Spider-Men from different dimensions, I’ll be coming to that very shortly. The game starts with Mysterio breaking into a museum to get a hold of a mystic tablet. Let’s sell it on the black market he says and make a fortune!
But good old Spidey comes in to save the day. But he accidentally shatters the tablet, sending its pieces into three other dimensions. And this whole scene has been narrated by the man himself, Stan Lee. Don’t know who he is? Shame on you, go google him right away.


First out we have the dimension where is all begins. The Amazing dimension, with the classic lovable Spider-Man we all know. Amazing S-M is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. This dimension is also more cell-shaded than the others, to give of that cartoony feeling. Then we have the Noir dimensions which is a dark and a bit more mature, its also almost always in black and white. To give that feeling of being an old movie. The 2099 dimension is a futuristic hightech take on Spider-Man, something I didn’t look forward to. But ended up liking really well. And last but not least, my favorite dimension Ultimate Spider-Man. The Spider-Man here is a bit younger and its also a bit more serious at times and sometimes funnier. And it has Deadpool in it, instant win.

The controls are okay, but could use some more work. One thing I do hate is that the Spider-Men have all the same attacks and never feel really special to use. They have a special attack that is unique to them, but its more of a variation between the attack the others have. The game is not free-roaming as the last games featuring Spider-Man has been, they gone for a more level design of it all. Some levels are big and give of a bit of a free-roaming feel, I think if the developers but down more time on an squeal they could make a real good Spidey game. The potential is there, but it really doesn’t come to surface because of the four Spider-Men. It would have been better to concentrate on one Spider-Man and making that game awesome.

All in all Shattered Dimensions is a pretty decent game, it has its problems. Problems that I’m hoping will be fixed, its a fun game. And I think I haven’t enjoyed a Spider-Man game like this since Spider-Man 2 on the GameCube. I’m looking forward to a new Spider-Man game and I hope they don’t do a dimension game again, focus on one Spider-Man that is more than enough. Flesh out that Spider-Man‘s story and level. I think everyone will benefit from this, play the game, borrow it or rent it. I think you’ll enjoy it if you like Spider-Man.

Row, row, fight the spam!

As I’ve said before I’m having huge trouble with spammers. Fucking assholes of the earth.
I used SI CAPTCHA before and it worked good against spam. But some people have complained that they can’t post anything since they can’t see the letters. Well that’s why I’m using this new anti-spam plugin.
If won’t show any images, you just need to type in a math number, its fast and easy.
And it will work even for those who had problems with SI CAPTCHA.
So hopefully this means, people will actually have enough energy to comment again. Since I installed CAPTCHA, people have been so lazy with the comments. Sadly.
Sure I understand I might not make the most interesting of posts, but come on hey! Take a little time to comment now. ;)

I’ve also added something to the site. You might see there is a new link on the main menu here above, called Reviews. Every review I post will automatically be posted as a link in that list. Took some time to get right, but I finally manged to get it to work. So my review posts won’t show on the front page here anymore, but instead turn up in that list. So when I make a review I’ll make a post somewhere, to inform people that there is a new review added. So far the game reviews are in Swedish and will probably most likely stay that way. For now at least.