My ThunderCats 2011 intro HD

In November of 2011 I made my own intro to the newest ThunderCats series. Now I am back with the same intro, with some minor stuff changed in it and some added sound effects in it.
And last not not least, it’s now available in HD. But wait there’s more! This time there are no logos from the network it aired on, so it’s a clean HD version of my original ThunderCats opening. Hope you’ll enjoy this too, and I might have one more ThunderCats related video in the making. But we’ll see it it turns into something or I’ll move on to something else.

My ThunderCats 2011 intro

Its been a little more than three years since I last made a video, man time sure flies. It hasn’t felt that long… Now I’m back with my take on a ThunderCats 2011 intro, It’s somewhat based on the original intro. There have been others who have made intros like this, but this is my take on it. And a big thanks to RazorDave for being awesome and allowing me to use his version of the ThunderCats theme for my video. Click his name to visit his YouTube channel.