Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg

So after a lot of thinking and going back and forth me and my friend, finally came to the agreement of going to this years Retrospelsmässan. A type of Retro-game gathering in Gothenburg Sweden.

I’ve been looking forward to going for sometime, but since I hate and have trouble of traveling by myself I’ve never gone. So this is going to be a challenge, but I’m so glad
I have my good friend with me, it would not have been possible without him.
I have been feeling very down lately, perhaps the worst I’ve felt since 2010. But it feels somewhat better now. I have the best of friends who really care, thank you all. <3

Anyway the gathering is this upcoming Saturday 26/5. We will be there around 11.20 and while we can’t stay very long, at least we’ll get there! I’m looking forward to this, hopefully I’ll find something nice to buy. For once I have some spending cash.

Mega good time

I downloaded the Mega Man Legacy Collection for the PlayStation 4 last night, so I’ve been playing that all day. I’ve made my way through Mega Man 1-3.
All games I’ve beaten in the past, but it was fun returning to them, so it is going to be extra fun when I start playing Mega Man 4-6, since I’ve never played them before. Hopefully I like them too, but who knows. At least I’ll be going into those games with no knowledge of weaknesses or stuff like that.

Other than playing Mega Man games things have been pretty quite, not much has happened. Well there is a big thing that is happening in my life, something I will go deeper into later. Why not now? I feel like each time I talk about something good, before it has started something always comes in the way and screws with it. I’m not taking any chances now, but it will be something that is good for me and might possible lead me to actually try and go and visit friends that live far away from me. (No, I’m sadly not getting a drives license. But I wish I was.)
Well I won’t be able to spend money on stuff, for the upcoming future at least.

But it’s worth it. And I’m lucky I’ve used my local GameStops trade-in deals, to preorder all the stuff I wanted this year anyway. So I’m all set! I’m awaiting a DualShock 4 20th Anniversary edition, Tales of Zestiria, Dragon Quest Heroes and Transformers: Devastation. I’m set for the rest of the year.
And hopefully I’ll get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, tomorrow in the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve also done some work on my site, mostly stuff you wouldn’t think twice about. Fixing old posts, that had missing pictures. Sadly couldn’t fix all since some photos I don’t have anymore. But everything under the hood of the site is more streamlined for me.

Vacation almost over

Time really does fly when you are free. Soon my three and a half weeks of vacation will be over, I start working again on Wednesday. It’s been pretty nice not having to go up so early and I’ve had as couple of late nights and I didn’t realize how much had missed this. But alas all things must come to an end, and I’m somewhat looking forward to starting working again. Mostly because I’ll get out of the apartment more than I have under my vacation. I have gotten out quite a bit in the first week of vacation, buy then I’ve mostly stayed home and have been taking it easy and lazy.
It was nice being lazy for once.

I’m still searching for a new apartment, I have a few I’ve show interest in so I hope the will pick me to check them out. Then I’ll just have to hope I get one of them. I really want to move now, I want a bigger apartment so I can rearrange my stuff better.
I want a kitchen I can sit and eat in, I want a real bedroom so I don’t have to have everything in the living room as things are now. And hopefully later people can stay over if they want, and if I’ll let them off course. ;)
In looking forward to actually hang some posters/paintings up, right now I have nothing on the walls. Mostly so I don’t have to fix anything when I leave the current apartment. I really want my hobby and life to show where I live, right now there is nothing of that. I like games, I like cartoons and I want that to show. If people don’t like it can handle it that is their problem not mine, I’m not ashamed of what I like.
And if I do meet a special someone, they have to accept this part of me too.

I’m hoping to get some other furnishers then I finally move to, some more shelves for the games and hobbies. I hope my economy will let me start retro collecting soon, but before that can happen I need the older consoles first. Well I don’t really need them first, but I want to have them first do I can start playing as soon as I get some games, but that is for another post. I’m hoping I’ll be able to see Ant-man in about two weeks, when it has finally premiered here in Sweden.

Other than focusing on work and looking for a new place to live, the coming months will be filled of games for me, so at least I’ll have that. And if I’ll be moving hopefully it will be done in the coming thee months, and then there will be no money left for anything else. Moving is expensive, especially when you end up with double rent.
But it’s only for a month or so, just have to hold out. Things will be better later.
All in all I’ve had a great vacation starting home and taking it easy, next year I might be ready for some more action. Hopefully I’m in better shape next year to, hope I can start going to the gym again soon. Everything depends on the economy, but at least I haven’t had any soda for a week now, yes it’s a big deal actually. And I’ve only eaten soon candy that I’ve had at home, I have not bought anything new. So now I want to get in form, I really want to regain the weight I had 15 years ago.

I long for some retro gaming

For some time now I haven’t been that much into my games, I just don’t feel like playing. Well that’s not entirely true, I do want to game. But I miss the time of the NES and SNES, I’m really craving some retro gaming. And just not gaming, I want to collect games. I want to get a hold of an old NES and SNES and then start to collect all the games I love. Don’t get me wrong I love the new games that are coming out and we are getting a ton of good games.

But I think I’ve grown a bit tired of all the modern games. I want more of the fun games I played in the past, the ones with couch co-op. I miss playing Turtles in Time with my best buddy, the fun we had in Mario Kart. Sure Mario Kart is still alive and kicking. But there is something special about the original version for me. I miss old school gaming, I have so many fond memories of it. I guess that’s what’s happening now, I’m remembering those happy times and I really, really want to play the good old games.
We’ll see If I can start collecting a bit of retro stuff later, if you have any tips where to start and what cheap please drop me a line.

My updated Xenosaga collection

Hello ya all! I’ve finally updated my Xenosaga Collections part of this site. I’ve gotten some new stuff since the last update I did in 2009, so I thought why not update now. And this will probably be the last update/addition to my collection, I feel like I have the stuff I want right now.
Sure there are a couple of more things I’d like to have, but only if I can get them cheap. And I mean really cheap, but we’ll see what the future holds.

It’s been fun collection all these things since 2003-2004, I think that was when I started to collect Xenosaga stuff. So what is next then? Will there be something to collect next? I’m not sure actually, I’ve been thinking of trying to get a hold of all Tales of games that have been released in English. That’s not a very hard thing to do, so I might do that. Since I really love the Tales of games too. So among the games I want to get are, Tales of Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Symphonia 2 and so on. But all that’s still in the future, we’ll see. Nothing has been decided and right now I do not have the economy to build any sort of collection. But when I do, it would be kind of nice to get a nice collection of NES and SNES games. Start a little bit of retro collecting… Ahh! Well I can always dream.

Great weekend!

I’ve spent the whole weekend with my friend Elden. It was a blast, I must say it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. We watched a bunch of movies and we’ve also had a retro trip. We played Duck Tales for the NES, man that was fun.
We played both games. And the first one is so much better, a bit more challenging compared to the second one. And it has much better music that the second game. I sure hope we can take on some other good games next time. We saw five movies over this weekend and here are my thoughts on the movies we watched, I’m not going to write much about them more on some than others.

Blade Runner
* I have never this movie before. My very first time and It was pretty good. I didn’t know what it was about or what to expect. But is was a good movie, I did however think it felt a bit long at times. But that’s about the only complaint I have. I do understand why it has become a classic and is liked by so many.

Couples Retreat
* A comedy with Vince Vaughn, not all that funny but it had its moments. Worth watching one time at least if you are bored. Kristin Bell was in it so it was something nice to look at at least.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
* Great movie! With a nice comic book feel to it. I like the alternative 1950’s in the movie.

Planet Hulk
* People call Hulk monster, send Hulk into space. Hulk mad, smash ship. Crash on planet, becomes savior and king of people. Love the animation and I enjoyed it very much.

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths
* A new movie about Justice League, this time its about alternative dimensions and they meet an evil “Justive League”. A bit slowpaced at time, but a great great cartoon. James Woods as Owlman is so wonderful.

* Most of the worlds population has turned into vampires and humans are nearly extinct. And blood is getting harder to find to the vampires are harvesting humans. It was an okay movie, Willem Dafoe was awesome!

Mega Man 9 cleared!

Finally! After owning this game for almost a year I thought I was time I cleared the game. And that’s what I’ve been doing these past three days.
When I first started to replay it I sucked as hell, couldn’t finish the simplest things. But thankfully after a few hours with the game, it finally felt right again. I really hate that I died to much as I did, but it felt good when I got back in the groove again.
Man I’m so glad to have finished this game.I know, not the best of clear times. But I don’t care! I’m just so damn happy about finishing the game. ^^
This was probably the last game of the year I finished too, unless I play something in the upcoming week. Who knows? If I don’t, then at least I finished this gaming year with a great game.

MegaMan 9 cleared!
MegaMan 9 cleared! MegaMan 9 cleared!