Hurting like a female dog

Things are not so good right now. I’m busted my back, it happened while working yesterday. Went to the doctor today and yeah, its busted. So right now I’m having trouble sitting and lying down. I can do both, but it hurts… And not the good kinda hurt mind you. One of the few times I can remember I’ve cried from the pain, it hurt like fucking hell. Going to get some painkillers tomorrow. So that’s about what I’m doing right now, trying not to feel pain.

I think now that I’m free for work, for some time. I’m gonna go over and make my list on what has been good this year. Like my favorite anime series, games and such stuff. I would really like to make a post about my favorite anime intros of 2011. So I think I’m going to check those out and see which ones I really like