The stuff I like

Firstly I just wanna say I had a good time in Malmö, on the sci-fi convention. I haven’t fixed all the photos yet. That one of the reasons I haven’t updated with anything yet. The other fact being that I’ve had other stuff to do so I haven’t had the time to post anything of the bigger sort. The next post after this one will be the post about the convention and I’ll share the photos I took.
Hopefully I can be done with that on Sunday or sooner, I am hopping sooner than later.

I am reworking my “games I’ve beaten list”. Not all that much, it looks the same but now you can search for consoles. I’ll see if I will upgrade it soon for all to see. I also want to rework the design for the site a bit, I am hoping I’ll get the time for that too. I’m not sure what I want, I just want something that is more mine. With all the stuff I enjoy for some WordPress themes. We’ll see how that will turn out, one thing at a time. And now here below will be my real post, or rather what I was originally going to post here.

It seems that all the stuff I like seems to end. Mostly this is common to TV-shows or cartoon. And in some cases other stuff. I really enjoyed the new ThunderCats series, guess what? Canceled. I really liked Spectacular Spider-Man canceled so they could give us Ultimate Spider-Man, what a shitty trade. Now Young Justice only has a few episodes left until that series is ended due to cancellation. There are many more for me to even remember right now and it makes me sad when they just cancel stuff like that. Mostly of the shows had good ratings and where loved, but that’s not enough apparently. And in about four weeks or so the anime Fairy Tail will be ending, also rumored that it’s been canceled. Due to falling ratings and crappy sales of DVD and blu-ray. Sure in this case the manga will go on, but it still not the same… I guess I just should stop watching new things since they will be canceled. If the shows got a real ending to them I wouldn’t complain, but not most shows just end without much happening. Some shows are even in a fairly important event’s in the story, just to be rushed and ended.
Once I’ve seen the last episode of Fairy Tail at least, I’ll make a bigger post just about that. Will be the first post that is about anime only in a while.

Anime Intros I like #03

Its been some time since I last made a post about the anime intros I like. So here is post number 3 in this series, of anime intros I like. I recently gave Fairy Tail a fair chance and I love the series, much more than Naruto or One Piece. It fits me more than pirates and ninjas. I’m more fantasy magi kinda guy and Fairy Tail really delivers on that front.

I immediately fell in love with Fairy Tails third intro. I can’t get enough of the “OOHHHH” and flute playing parts, they go so damn well together and are full of energy. The rest of the song is okay, but those two parts of the song really gets me revved up!

I really, really like the third Naruto Intro “Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni“. I like the music and how it sounds, not to mention the images that follow the song in the video. Starting of a bit sad, to slowly build and gain “energy”. This song has actually helped me feel well, when I’ve been a bit depressed or needed to gain some energy. I loved it from the first time I heard it and its still my favorite Naruto opening.

The last one for this time if from Rosario to Vampire Capu2. Pretty ladies dancing, what more could you want? Not to mention its a catchy tune. Nana Mizuki has such a nice voice. I also like the flow of the animation in the video, it feels like they might have spent the series whole budget for just the intro. But its a nice upbeat song.