Anime Intros I like #05

It was a while since I did a post like this, there has been many new anime series airing and I’ve gotten a few new favorite intros. I like them for various reasons, it can be the song, the video intro or both together. Just so you know.

Attack on Titan: Junior High
A great parody on on the creators behalf, they sort of reenact the shows first intro. Both in video and in it’s song, but with a bit of a twist if you so will. Still haven’t watched the original series, but this one I highly enjoy.

Shomin Sample
A cute song I’ve become a bit addictive too. The muscular men scare me though..

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
Stylish opening and action packed, I love it!

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  1. @ JRPGeek:
    Jo, verkligen växer de på en. Både Abyss och Bleach är riktigt bra. Första gången jag hör SteinsGate introt,jag gillar! Det var riktigt nice!

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