Work, play and more work

Man I am so glad that next week is going to be a “normal” work week. I’ve had my hands full with some courses, both learning and holding my own. And right now I’m so tired of it, but I have a two day course left to hold in the beginning of December then that’s over for this year. Then we’ll get ready for some new stuff next year, I might be tried of it right now but it is fun. I wouldn’t have done it if I though it was crap or I didn’t get any satisfaction from it. That would just be wasting everyones time.
I’m going to work some extra in December, I really need the extra cash to be able to survive in January. Some big bills are on the way then. Wouldn’t be much of a problem if I had the chance to actually save some money. Well at least when my debts are payed that will be a problem of the past and oh boy, I am looking forward too that! I am not looking forward too how tired I’ll be from all the extra work, but what can you do? You do what you have to in order to survive, you can rest when you are dead… =/

Would be nice if there was some money over later to actually get something nice, maybe some new clothes or just something. Maybe some new games, maybe could get a better couch I really need a new one… Sadly there isn’t any money, but there is always expenses. I really wish it was the other way around, if just for one month. Just to feel how it feels to not have to worry about money and your economy. *dreams*
I’ve spent almost the entire day changing my blog, I got a new theme I’m very pleased with. Even if it does look a bit like the other one I had, there are some changes here and there. I’m not going to go into detail about it though, I doubt anyone really cares about it either. I am however looking forward to the day when the newly drawn picture of me is ready to use on the site. Not sure when it will be ready, but hopefully soon. =)

Since it’s been a rough past two weeks, I haven’t been playing like I wanted to. And I’m not really feeling it today, so I might just watch a movie or something.
But I am about 11hours into Tales of Hearts R and I love that game! No surprise there! Tomorrow is game day, so I’ll be spending the whole Sunday just playing. Nothing else matters! I love playing the game on the PlayStation TV, it works great! I just hope they add more support to the thing. Like some of the old PSP Final Fantasy games from PSN and stuff like that. Come on Sony and add more games to your whitelist!

Work, work and you’ve guessed it. Work!

Ugh. Yeah, just ugh. Right now we are swamped at work, we have so much too do and not enough people to help us. And no they can’t hire more right now, so that’s is not an option. While it can be hard an frustrated at times, I still enjoy we have stuff to do. The only downside is that I am so damn tired when I get home, thankfully I’ll get of work early tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll be able to try Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 tomorrow with a colleague on PSSverige, that is if he can tomorrow.

And continuing with work, I have to work this weekend too. That sucks a bit, I’d like to get some time and fix my site. Get a new design, maybe try a new theme. I just do something new, but there never is any time for stuff like that. When I have free time I try to spend it with friends or games, so other stuff gets pushed back. But I am going to try and make time this weekend and get something done on the site.

micke_anime I’d like to thank my friend “Elden Rucidor” for making the chibi version of myself, that I now have on my site. I think I am going to modify it a bit later, I’m really having a hard time with the pattern on the shirt. Works in real life but not so much in this picture I am afraid, it just messes with my eyes. Sorry man.
I guess I’ll have to change it to something with one color, it will be less stressful on my eyes that way. Again, thanks for making this man. I appreciate it and hopefully you actually see this post! (UPDATE: I have edit the colors now…) Thanks again Elden! =)

I’ll have to make some better posts in the upcoming weekend too, right now I’m not sure what I want to write about. Well that is not entirely true, but I’d rather sit down and write what I want when I have the time to do that. Will probably be mostly about games as always, but that’s just what I love! I love writing about games and discussing games, it’s one of the best things I know. So you won’t get away that easy! And speaking of games, I see a lot of people have been searching for “where you can get new hairstyles for Tales of Xillia.” The short easy answer to that question is you get them when you get new costumes. Either you get them from the few that are ingame or you will get new hairstyles when you buy costume DLC.

Design, videos and stuff

Hello again! I’ve finally found a way to add some of the videos I’ve made too my site in a video player. These videos are videos that has been removed from my YouTube account because of copyright claims or other stupid stuff.
So it is going to be swell to have them up here later, first I’m gonna check which ones to upload. I’ll also be changing the design of the site, gonna fix some stuff, might change the whole theme.

I had one video where I did a “remake” intro of the old 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, using clips from the 2003 Turtles cartoon. It was fairly liked on YouTube but then it was taken down, fucking assholes. So I’m currently remaking my remake video. Yo, dawg… So I’ll post the newer version of that instead of the old one as soon as it is done. I’m currently working on a new sprite/pixel video, something I haven’t done in a long while. Its pretty fun and I really hope it turns out as I imagine, sadly I don’t think it will be up anytime soon. Sprite/pixel videos tend to take some time to do, and I really want to get this one as close to the game its based one. But who knows? I’ll be working on it as much and as hard as I can.

I also saw a movie last night that I liked really much it is X-men: First Class. Being the nerd I am I must see every new comicbook movie that comes out and this one did not disappoint, I like it a lot.
It might be a bit slow here and there, but it didn’t get to me like it does in most movies. It was fun to see a young Professor X and Magneto and some cameos here and there. Seeing how the school for gifted youngsters being opened, or seeing how Charles (Prof. X) and Eric’s (Magneto) friendship is smashed. Kevin Bacon was pretty good as the main badguy, he was a bit freaky in the beginning of the movie. I liked the actors, I liked the action, the story. It gave me what I wanted and I didn’t have much hope for this film, so it was a pleasant surprise. Will probably do a marathon run on the old X-men movies some day.

I’m gonna go see Thor

Later today me and my buddies, Elden and ZX-Omega are going to watch Thor. It will be the first 3D movie i’ll be seeing. So that’s going to be a new experience, I just hope it is a good experience so I don’t feel sick because of it.
Come back later and i’ll probably will have written some of my thoughts on the movie.

As you might see, i’ve changed the sites design a bit again. I’m more satisfied with it this way. Still not finished with everything, I want a background picture and doing some color changes. The background will take time, since I am not very good at making those.

Finally an update!

Now I’m finally back with an update! I’ve updated the design for my homepage! I thought it was about time I did something new, I’m pleased with how this one has turned out. Its pretty simple but very functional, but I’m not done with the design yet. Over the coming days/weeks I’m going to change and tweek stuff until they all are to my linking. So if you see something that looks a bit weird, please report it to me.

I’ve been busy with work and I’ve been to tired to do anything when I got home, so that’s why I’ve been inactive for those of you who has noticed. But hopefully I can catch up a bit on that again, at least I’ve had some time to play.
I’ve been playing Ar Tonelico Qoga and I’m about 15-16hours into the game, and I like it very much so far. Will probably post a review of it later on RPGbloggen, so if you’re Swedish check back there later!
Looking forward to next week, when we finally have some vacation thanks to it being easter. Four days of from work! Sure, both Saturday and Sunday are included in those days. But still! Its nice to get a few days, to do some stuff I’ve wanted. To be able to just take a trip into town and check what’s going on there, ya know the simple little stuff.

I’ve also had the chance to finish some older anime series and start watching some new ones.
I hope I have the time and motivation to do some posts on them, with my thoughts. So much you want to do, but so little time to do it. It’s a shame. But you’ll probably see a few more updates coming in the upcoming days, I’m going to post some of my favorite anime openings/intros. So there will be a few video posts. Well that’s all I have planned for now, that I can remember. See ya’ll then!

Finally a new design

I have finally updated the design on my site! I’m really happy with this new one, I think it looks so much better now. Just made some tweaks here and there, to suit me a bit better.
Its a much nicer and sleeker theme and its got everything I need. As I said I’m really happy with this, now I’m hoping to change other stuff later. But we’ll see, what that’ll be.

There has been something big that has happened, but since its just crap I don’t want to talk about it. And you who do know it, please don’t write about it. I just want to forget all about it.
Again, I’m sick. My damn fever comes back like a boomerang, well hopefully my penicillin will take care of it once and for all. But yeah, I’m feeling a bit better now.
Guess I’ll stay home rest of the week just to be sure its gone. I was only going to work tomorrow also, I had the day of on Friday and on Thursday we have a holiday, day here in Sweden. Hopefully I won’t have to spend me free day sick.

On Friday is also another big day for me! Finally I’ll get my hands on 3D Dot Game Heroes! How I have awaited that game! Hope it will make me relive those older happier gaming days and give me the same or at least soem amount of happiness I get from The Legend Zelda: A Link To The Past. It all remains to be seen but I think it will be good.
So I’ll be back on Friday and will hopefully leave my impressions of the game! See you then!

ApocalyPS3, are you screwed?

If you have an older phat/big Playstation 3, you might have gotten the time-leap bug. This bug/problem has been named, ApocalyPS3. Not by me sadly, but by the people of the internet. I’m not going to much into what the bug does, you’ll have to Google that for yourselves. You’ll get better and more accurate info that way also.
Me and my friend Elden our PS3’s where not affected by the time-leap bug at least. Sadly my friends Kntheking & Ezakiel where not as lucky… Hope their machines will start working properly again soon.
How are your PS3 doing? Is it safe or have you fallen prey to ApocalyPS3? If you have a new Ps3 slim model you are safe from this.

I’ve done some minor changes to the site and I continue to work on it slowly. Trying new stuff and new colors. All to be as pleased as I can be with the site and by doing stuff myself. Hopefully It will get even better with time.
And this is the month Final Fantasy XIII will be released, really looking forward to playing that game myself. Just a few more days until its released.