December is here!

Haha, I’ve been working and playing to much I had hardly noticed that we had entered December! I really haven’t been keeping up with the days and after the PlayStation 4 was released I didn’t have anything more to look forward to for a while. So I guess I just forgot about the days, shit happens right? =)

I’ve added a new section to the sidebar too the right, you now have direct links to all of the reviews I’ve written so far for And I’ll keep updating it with all the new ones I write, so now you can access those reviews fairly quick from my site. Don’t forget they are all written in Swedish, but please do comment on them if you can.
I have an upcoming review of Knack and that will be my first PS4 game review and currently I’m playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for the PS4. So that’ll end up as a review soon too. So I hope you’ll check those out too when they are up on the site.

I’ve also been playing a bit more on RESOGUN, it pretty easy to get hooked on that game. I just wish the game had more music to fill my taste, its good but not really my cup of tea I’m afraid. I prefer something more… Metal or rock, I think that could fit this game just as well.

Going to study a bit more next week, I’m soon going to have more more lectures at work and I need to make sure I’m not rusty. So this will keep me busy for a while, but its fun so I really enjoy doing this. But I like to be well prepared, so that’s why I have to brush up on my own knowledge a bit. I don’t want to teach people old stuff, it’s the new stuff they need and that’s why I need to be up to date. =)
I’m also going to the cinemas later today, finally going to watch Thor: The Dark World. Bet this is my last chance before they remove it from out cinema. Hopefully there won’t be a bunch of people there either, so I think we can relax and enjoy the movie without any bothersome people there.

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  1. I think it’s great that you forgot about time flying by, that means you’ve had an awesome time with your PS4! :D Congrats! Doesn’t feel like December right now though, all the snow has melted and it’s 8 degrees Celsius outside. :P Hello spring?
    Good idea to link to your review, that makes them easier to find. :)

  2. @ Lania:
    Yeah, I guess I am having a pretty awesome time with it! =D
    No, I agree it really doesn’t feel like December and hardly like it’s nearing Christmas. Hope I don’t start to feel ill about it.
    Thank you! Yeah, it’s easier for me to update too and I thought a few more might see them on the front page.

    But right now I’m so torn. I would like to get a new 3DS for Zelda and Bravely and a bunch of other games of course. But then again, I’d like other stuff… And then I don’t know if I could afford it. Baah. >.<

  3. @ Lania:
    I want to get Project X Zone, Fire Emblem and a few other titles I can’t really remember right now.
    So I’ll have to see what I do, if money wasn’t an issue I would have gotten all this a long time ago. =/

  4. @ Micke:
    Oki. Then my suggestion for you is this. Buy the games first! The console will be available for far longer. Buy Fire Emblem and Bravely Default for the 3DS and hopefully you’ll be able to get the system a while later. Do you think you’ll get any of the games for X-mas?

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