Last night at Näsby

So today is the last day in this old apartment, I’ll try upload a picture tomorrow from my cellphone. My internet stops working after today, so we’ll see when I can be back online.
I am doing the last bit of packing for today right know, the small stuff that is left are stuff I’ll have to take tomorrow.

So take care everyone, I’ll be back online as soon as I’ve settled into my new apartment. And as soon as the internet works there of course. Until then I will just post from my cellphone as previously mentioned. Well see ya’ll!

Packing, movie making and dreams

Whew! I am glad May 1st is a holiday here in Sweden. I’ve gotten some work done at home today, alot of stuff done actually. The kitchen is as good clear, just have to defrost the fridge and it’s all empty! Just have to clean everything later, but I’ll do that before the big move clean inspection. Which will be sometime later this month.
I cleaned some windows to, I will most likely have to clean the outside again later. But at least they wont be as dirty as they where now. Gonna get a few more boxes tomorrow I think, so I can put my stuff away in a good way. Soon I’ll just have some furniture left to take, but I’ll move what I can on Thursday. And then on Friday we’ll take the rest.

It feels good knowing you’ll move away from a shitty place, to something that will likely be much better. That’s the whole impression I have gotten from the new neighborhood, so we will see how it turns out. But I highly doubt it will be as bad as it is, where I live know. Finally peace and quite, no kids live there and the one who lived the apartment before said it was a good place to live.
The only downside, is the smaller apartment. Well for its a plus too. Cheaper rent, but I’m not to fond of having the bed in the same room as everything else. At least there is a real kitchen, you can sit in. I wouldn’t have taken the apartment otherwise.

Hehe, yeah I just keep rambling about my apartment, but I am really looking forward to this. It is going to be great and I can’t wait to everything is moved, so I can start playing again. And take long bike rides and perhaps find small adventures. But one of the biggest things I hope I can work on is doing my own movies, it’s a dream I’ve had for a long time. And I feel like it is time to try and do something about it. I really hope it will turn into something. You never know until you try.

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A dream, a Journey…

Wow, this is really awesome. I’ve gotten one of my dreams/wish fulfilled. I’m going to review games for PS3Sverige. Of course the will all be in Swedish and I’ve already written one review, it’s for Journey. Please visit the site and read it and I hope you will comment on my review and follow us in the future. As you can see also, I’ve placed a logo to the site on my right sidebar. Just clicking the picture will take you to the site, I’m hoping you’ll support us. And look forward to other upcoming reviews.

500 posts!! I’ll keep going!

Been playing Jak and Daxter Trilogy for Playstation 3. Been playing the first game in the series and I liked it very much, never got/took a chance to play it when it was out for the Playstation2. So I had been looking forward to a HD collection with these games for some time, so I’m glad they where made. When all three games are finished, when that will be… I’ll probably do a proper review for them.

This post also marks my 500th entry on my page! Goddamn, a big number! I’ll be going for another 500 of course! I’m not stopping, I’ll keep on writing as long as I need to. And if people want to read that, then that’s even better. So thanks to all who’s stuck with me.
I really, really hope my copy of Tales of Graces f will arrive by Friday next week… I really want to play that game, right now! Hope I have time to play it too, much to do at work so I’ve been tired as hell when I get home. And I’m preparing for my move to the new apartment too.

Oh, I just can’t wait until May!

No, no! It’s not a girl I’m longing for. Not that I wouldn’t turn down a cutie. Hrmpp, this is about the thing I said in the “Suck Calibur and finally Friday” post I did some days ago. I’ve been looking at a new apartment, and they called me yesterday and said I got it!
So in the first week of May, I’ll be moving. It is a smaller apartment, but its in a better location. And speaking of location, its almost in the middle of our city (Kristianstad). So everything I need and my work is really close, so no more need to take the goddamn bus!

It’s almost half as big as the one I have now, but I don’t need bigger. It’s just me living there, so I’ll manage fine! The one I have now is to big, I can’t fill it with stuff. And I don’t want to fill it with unnecessary crap. So my upcoming weekends will be spent with throwing stuff I’m not going to bring with me or can’t bring with me. So I’m glad I have a good reason to go through my stuff now. As I said I am looking forward to this now, be able to start something new at a new place.
Now I just have to let go of crap of the past and cut away the things that are holding me back and make me feel sick and have done so for a long, long time.

I did it! I cleared all my tests!

I did it! All my study and hard work did pay off! I managed to clear all the tests I had! I’m so happy I could cry, I never thought I would pass this. I’ve never been the study type and I’ve always had a lot of problems in school.
But this feels really awesome, finally I have a real education. Now I can finally leave more of my crappy past behind me, and say fuck you to all those assholes I went to school with. Those assholes who made my life a living hell. Now I’m just going to take it easy for a while and then I’m going too see what I will aim for next.

And now that all this with the tests and studying is over, I can finally get back to the things I love the most. Playing video games! And first out will definitely be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Princess. That my good friend Elden was kind enough to lend me. I haven’t played any games for almost a month now, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Study, break, study

Finally its weekend. Not that I’ll be able to enjoy it very much. Taking a break from studies today, but will have to study again tomorrow.
I have the test this upcoming Tuesday, so I am almost at the finishing line. Hope I pass! Can’t think negativly about this, I am going in and giving it my all!

Think I’m gonna see a movie or something tonight. I’m not going to do much else than take it easy. Well I am going to visit ZX-Omega today, that’s about it. My only break/fun I’ve had since I started studying.

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