I’m feeling much better

It’s been a while since I posted something here, well I haven’t been feeling so well for the past two months. But it has finally started to turn around, I can go without taking any medication to feel somewhat good. So that feels and is just so great, to be able to get out of that damn hole. I haven’t had a dark period like this one in a couple of years, hopefully it won’t be this severe in the future.

As always I’ve tried to keep busy with work, haven’t thought about much else. Last weekend, me and Elden finished watching season 3 of The Walking Dead. Hopefully we’ll start watching season 4 under this weekend, I also borrowed Telltales The Talking Dead game from him. I’ve only played two chapters so far, but so far so good! I really enjoy it and it has placed me in some uncomfortable situations. Never thought it would be so hard to make certain choices in games, dammit it! But as I said its good and I hope I have the time to play more under the weekend.

I won’t be going to the Sci-fi convention this time, I don’t have the money. I might go in October when they are in Helsingborg, all comes down to if I can afford it. Hopefully there aren’t any games I want coming out at the time, because I’ll always pick the games before the convention. But I feel relieved, I wasn’t sure I’d go anyway since I still don’t really want to be around many people I don’t know. Still get panic attacks and get dizzy and I get nausea.

A little less than three weeks away from Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 for the PlayStation 3. Damn I’m really looking forward to those games! They are preordered and payed, just need them to be released. I’ve also preordered Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD for PS3 and Infamous Second Son for PS4. So I have a lot of games to play soon, but that’s great! Hopefully I can get the time also, will preorder a copy of Drakengard 3 later too. I need that game! I love NieR and it’s from the same team, I need it!

Oh, I just can’t wait until May!

No, no! It’s not a girl I’m longing for. Not that I wouldn’t turn down a cutie. Hrmpp, this is about the thing I said in the “Suck Calibur and finally Friday” post I did some days ago. I’ve been looking at a new apartment, and they called me yesterday and said I got it!
So in the first week of May, I’ll be moving. It is a smaller apartment, but its in a better location. And speaking of location, its almost in the middle of our city (Kristianstad). So everything I need and my work is really close, so no more need to take the goddamn bus!

It’s almost half as big as the one I have now, but I don’t need bigger. It’s just me living there, so I’ll manage fine! The one I have now is to big, I can’t fill it with stuff. And I don’t want to fill it with unnecessary crap. So my upcoming weekends will be spent with throwing stuff I’m not going to bring with me or can’t bring with me. So I’m glad I have a good reason to go through my stuff now. As I said I am looking forward to this now, be able to start something new at a new place.
Now I just have to let go of crap of the past and cut away the things that are holding me back and make me feel sick and have done so for a long, long time.

Feeling better

Typing this from my Playstation 3. Just trying. Tomorrow its back to Kristianstad Lego. I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks. Have had a cold and a killer headache. I’m glad both are over fort the moment at least. Hopefully it will stay like this. But with the weather getting worse by each day, who knows.

Soon its just a week left untill Uncharted 2 arrives. It feels strange. I’m gonna run home from work each day to play it. Or I might play Brütal Legend before
Uncharted 2. Haven’t really decided yet… We will see. ^^