Oh, I just can’t wait until May!

No, no! It’s not a girl I’m longing for. Not that I wouldn’t turn down a cutie. Hrmpp, this is about the thing I said in the “Suck Calibur and finally Friday” post I did some days ago. I’ve been looking at a new apartment, and they called me yesterday and said I got it!
So in the first week of May, I’ll be moving. It is a smaller apartment, but its in a better location. And speaking of location, its almost in the middle of our city (Kristianstad). So everything I need and my work is really close, so no more need to take the goddamn bus!

It’s almost half as big as the one I have now, but I don’t need bigger. It’s just me living there, so I’ll manage fine! The one I have now is to big, I can’t fill it with stuff. And I don’t want to fill it with unnecessary crap. So my upcoming weekends will be spent with throwing stuff I’m not going to bring with me or can’t bring with me. So I’m glad I have a good reason to go through my stuff now. As I said I am looking forward to this now, be able to start something new at a new place.
Now I just have to let go of crap of the past and cut away the things that are holding me back and make me feel sick and have done so for a long, long time.