Trouble with my internet

For a couple of days now I’ve had some trouble with my internet connection. Sometimes I can go online and sometimes I can not. It is really frustrating, but I’ve been told that it would be looked into in this upcoming week. So I sure hope it will be fixed, because it sucks surfing almost entirely on a mobile phone.

Well I’ve taken my time to get the platinum trophy in Tales of Xillia, it wasn’t my plan to do that it just happened. Since I had already done so many other stuff in the game. I had done so many other sidequests in the game that you seem to get trophies for, so when I saw I only had one or two more to get I thought “Why not?”.
And right now I am playing or rather have started playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 for PlayStation 3. Review will be up on PSSverige at a later date, I’ll post about it or just keep an eye on my twitter feed. Other upcoming reviews will be of Disgaea D2, so look forward to that. And as usually I can’t and will not speak about games until their embargo time is out. And you will always find my reviews at PSSverige.

I’ll have to update more and better on a later date, writing this much on a phone is cramping my fingers a bit. I’ll be back! =)

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Last night at Näsby

So today is the last day in this old apartment, I’ll try upload a picture tomorrow from my cellphone. My internet stops working after today, so we’ll see when I can be back online.
I am doing the last bit of packing for today right know, the small stuff that is left are stuff I’ll have to take tomorrow.

So take care everyone, I’ll be back online as soon as I’ve settled into my new apartment. And as soon as the internet works there of course. Until then I will just post from my cellphone as previously mentioned. Well see ya’ll!

I’m back again! Or am I?

Hello friends! I’m hoping my internet troubles are fixed now. I haven’t had any troubles since last night and all until right now, at least. So we’ll see, but I’m hoping for the best.
I’m also hoping that I get my copy of Batman: Arkham City tomorrow, I really wanna kick more ass as Batman tomorrow! Keeping everything I can crossed that I’ll get it tomorrow. For now I am playing Back To The Future part 1.

And in exactly one week I’ll turn 28. Damn! So much stuff that has happened this year it almost overwhelming, both good and bad… But hopefully its been more good stuff than bad for once.

Internet meltdown!!

It took me some time to get this text ready, but I’m having massive internet problems. It seems like my modem is dead or on the verge of dying. It works a little while then everything shuts down. Tried disconnecting my router and stuff like that, still no improvement.
Well I managed to be online for a while yesterday on my Playstation 3, but then everything shut down. I might have to wait between 1-2 weeks before getting an replacement, I sure hope it goes faster… Surfing on the mobile, while better than nothing. Ain’t much fun.

But it isn’t all bad actually, I’ve had a good chance to catch up on some anime’s I’ve had on my HDD. And since yesterday I’ve been playing God of War Collection Volume 2. I played through GoW: Chains of Olympus in one sitting yesterday, that was fun. I loved it. And earlier today I did the same thing with GoW: Ghost of Sparta. All in one sitting, god I’ve missed playing games like that. Both games where awesome, but I think I liked GoS more. It had more story on Kratos past and it nice to see some of the events leading up to GoW III. Plus I really liked his spartan weapons, a shield and spear. I thought it was great fun running around killing enemies that way and it made me wanna see 300 again…

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be getting my copy of Batman Arkham City this upcoming Friday. If not, its gonna be a long, long weekend. But I’ll probably survive it. Hopefully.

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Won’t be online much

Our internet conection is not working as it should, so I can’t go online. Just wanted to share that information with some of my friends I can’t get in touch with. So now you know, why I might be absent from the net for a while. No idea when it will work again. Writing this from an internet cafe, well if you want to get in contact call me. You who have my cellphone number use it! ;)

Internet! But no FFXIII…

We finally got a real internet connection! No more crappy mobile internet connections here! I’m so glad for that. Was everything this fast in the past? I can’t remember…
And no Final Fantasy XIII today either. FUCK! I was hoping to start playing it today! But no! I’m a bit pissed at that, hopefully it will come tomorrow…

I’m just hoping I’ll be able to play some of the game, before I begin “working” on the 16th-18th. After that I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to spend with the stuff I love. Hopefully I’ll still be able to play a bit. And hopefully this can lead to a real job, that’s what I’m hoping. But I don’t think it will, I would be overjoyed if I was wrong.
But right now I’m not in the mood for a “what if” or “fantasy” future.
At the moment I’m not feeling to well, started yesterday… Hope it turns around soon.

And to make matters worse… My mobile died on me today! Fucking fantastic!
I just feel like going back to bed today. Nothing (besides the internet) has gone right today. More expenses, I’m growing tired of this shit. Real tired…

Still no internet, but my computer is dead!

Still no news on when the hell we are getting our phone and internet connected at our house. Hope it will be soon, I want to start surfing again! So many things I’ve missed. Like talking to some of my friends online. Hope it will be fixed soon at least. And my computer has died totally, harddrive crached and then everything just went black. All my unsaved work down the goddamn drain! Perfect, just what I needed after a fucking shitty week. So now I somehow have to get a working computer, since I can’t sit by my dads computer all the time. I neither can or will. I want some sort of privacy. And to be able to sit there all night if I should have to, when working on my photoshop stuff or some videos. So this is really frustrating for me, since I can’t afford anything like this now. I’m so happy!

Well I’ve stopped working at Kristianstad Lego, it didn’t workout. They couldn’t accept that I hade some problems in my real life, so they pulled the plug. Well at least it wasn’t a real job and it gave me nothing and would have given me nothing. Since they don’t hire folks, so I would never have gotten a job there anyway.
So later not sure when, I’m gonna meet a “arbets psykolog” or whatever and hopefully they will give me the help, I”ve asked for sometime. So I’ll just have to wait and see how things turnout, but right now everything feels like shit with the computer and personal stuff. Gah…
Well I’m hoping next time I write I can have some good news for a change.