The best birthday present ever!

It will soon be the 27th October and that means I will turn 31. A year older and a year wiser as they might say, haha. Well not so sure about the last part, but at least older. And today I was moved, I’m still at a loss for expressing my gratitude.
My friends banded together and got me something I’ve wanted for a long, long time. Or rather I wanted to regain something that I lost a long time ago. This year marks 20years since I got the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger for Christmas and my friends got me the Legacy Dragon Dagger. And my emotions are all over the damn place! The original Dragon Dagger was my favorite Power Rangers toy when I was a child and I’ve always loved to, so to finally have it again has made me happy beyond words. I really can’t express how I feel, but hopefully I can get though a bit more in the second episode of YazTalks.

Tales of Xillia acquired!

I finally have Tales of Xillia, happy days!! The long wait is finally over! I am so damn happy right now! Woo! Gotta get the snacks ready and then I’m off to Rieze Maxia and save the world!

Take care everyone! See you all soon again! :D

Coming together

Things are finally coming together at my new home. They put in the new plastic carpets today, or as they say the new “floor”. So I can finally start putting up my stuff, that feels great! Will finally feel like a home, one that I like very much. The apartment is smaller, but I like it. It somehow feels freer, it could be because of all the bad stuff I’ve left behind. But I think I can start a life where I can be more happy, I hope so at least. I don’t want to be chained to the bad stuff that has happened in the past, since I’ve let go of those things I hope I can heal.

Well enough of that shit now, I thought I’d post a few pictures of my new place. Nothing much, but I just wanted to share some of it with those who care. The kitchen is tiny, but there is room for two to sit there at least. That’s good enough for me. And while I’ll have to have my bed in the living room too, it’s not that bad. I really enjoy this place, it is calm and it feels like I got away from the shit at the old place. So yeah, smaller apartment but bigger happiness and feel more secure. Fuck yeah!

Last night at Näsby

So today is the last day in this old apartment, I’ll try upload a picture tomorrow from my cellphone. My internet stops working after today, so we’ll see when I can be back online.
I am doing the last bit of packing for today right know, the small stuff that is left are stuff I’ll have to take tomorrow.

So take care everyone, I’ll be back online as soon as I’ve settled into my new apartment. And as soon as the internet works there of course. Until then I will just post from my cellphone as previously mentioned. Well see ya’ll!

A Strange day

I’ve been feeling a bit down and depressed the past week. I do still have those, even if so many things in my life is better than it was 6 months ago. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of some of the dark feelings that sometime creeps up on me.
Today was a strange day, I hadn’t slept much but the alarm rings and its time for work. it was all good, but on the way to work on the buss I started thinking. Big mistake… Depression hit again and it was back to square one, its really frustrating not being able to enjoy stuff because your drowning in your thoughts. Ugh, I sound like a emo now.

Much of the thought that have made me depressed is my loneliness. I’ve been feeling very lonely the past weeks, I’ve even started to dislike my apartment.
And I wanted to move. Move closer to friends… I have a bathtub in my apartment and I’ve always hated it, since I want to be able to take nice quick showers if possible.
Mostly since I work in dirty environments. So today finally, I was able to remove it and all my depression vanished. And my love for my apartment returned almost immediately.
Its been up and down like that for me all day, it felt so damn strange… Really don’t know what to make of it, well emo rant out!

Its happening tomorrow!!

I’m so happy and excited right now. Tomorrow is the big day, the day I’ll finally spread my wings and move to my own place. I’ve longed for this day for many years, so I feels a bit unreal right now. But its also a nice feeling, I won’t probably get any sleep tonight.
As soon as I get an internet connection in my apartment I will upload some pictures. I’ve got just about everything I need, I just need to get a couch and I’m all set.

Its going pretty well at work to, I just keep hearing good things about me there.
And that’s very nice to hear. I’ll probably get permanent work there if a spot opens up, they just about told me that yesterday. I was a very positive force and I made my fellow workers feels face and good, when they worked with me. I never expected to hear something like that from the bosses. So I was taken by surprise with all the nice things they had to say about me. But I’m glad, since now I know I’ve been doing a good job and that I’m well liked.
So keeping my fingers crossed now, it I could get a permanent place there I can finally start living for real.

Hopefully I can get some new games in the coming months, Atelier Rorona, Dead Rising 2 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are all around the corner. I would love to get them all, but we’ll see… Hopefully I can get some money for my birthday in October, that would help a lot.
At least Dead Rising 2 is booked thanks to Gamestop Sweden’s trade in deals, sadly that was the only game I could preorder. But at least its something, I’m eagerly awaiting that game. The first one on Xbox 360 was a blast, but I’ll be getting the Playstation 3 version of DR2.
Well that’s all for now, guess I’ll better get back to packing. And waiting before I get the keys to the apartment, the waiting it the worst part. Like always.

News time! Here is the big news!

So the 12th of August is here and as promised here I am with the news, I didn’t want to share before. Today I was an signed a contract for an apartment!! I’m finally getting my own place! So hyped about it!
I didn’t say anything before since I didn’t want to jinx it and everything wasn’t finalized. The date for when I can move in is set to September 1st. So I’m hoping the days will pass by in lightning speed.

I also told I was going to write what had happened in my life, but again. I’ll have to take a rain check on that one, for once I feel good and good stuff is happening. I don’t feel like writing about it now and might get depressed again. So I’ll do it sometime later, better not to set a date or anything. I’ll write about it when I’m ready.

Well I’ll post pictures and stuff later when I have moved in, or rather as soon as I have internet at my place. The first thing I’m gonna do is play some games! I haven’t played anything for almost two months, so its gonna be a blast. Really looking forward to try different types of food also, ahhh! I can hardly wait for September 1st to come.