Hello cherries! Jak 2 HD cleared

Been spending the last few days getting through Jak 2: Renegade HD on the Playstation 3. Good, fun game that can become so frustrating at times you want to rip your hair out.
Still the characters, story and humor are enough to keep me coming back. If it wasn’t for those things I would probably have put this game back on the shelf.
The action and platforming parts of the game are great! But it’s when they put in other stuff like racing I feel the game looses a lot, since the control on those aren’t very good. Sure, you’ll get used to them right away. But it is still the fact that it seems like this game changes genres and isn’t really sure what kind of game it wants to be. And it’s those parts of the game that can be so goddamn frustrating at times.

But since I find the story interesting for me and I really, really like the characters and the humor of the game. I can see past all that, I would love to see more of these characters. I’m really hoping Naughty Dog will make a real Jak & Daxter 4 someday. Daxter was one of the characters I really didn’t like from the first game, since he was just a big fucking asshole. His attitude as an asshole has been toned done to a better lever and he has really become the comic relief of the series. And he really has some great oneliners.

Gonna take a break from the series now before I start to play Jak III, will probably play through Lollipop Chainsaw fist. Going to get that next Friday, looking forward to that very much. Can’t wait to kick zombie ass with a chainsaw as a cheerleader, yes that is actually one of my hidden dreams. I wish to be a cheerleader who kills zombies, so I’m so glad that dream is finally coming true! Ohhh….

500 posts!! I’ll keep going!

Been playing Jak and Daxter Trilogy for Playstation 3. Been playing the first game in the series and I liked it very much, never got/took a chance to play it when it was out for the Playstation2. So I had been looking forward to a HD collection with these games for some time, so I’m glad they where made. When all three games are finished, when that will be… I’ll probably do a proper review for them.

This post also marks my 500th entry on my page! Goddamn, a big number! I’ll be going for another 500 of course! I’m not stopping, I’ll keep on writing as long as I need to. And if people want to read that, then that’s even better. So thanks to all who’s stuck with me.
I really, really hope my copy of Tales of Graces f will arrive by Friday next week… I really want to play that game, right now! Hope I have time to play it too, much to do at work so I’ve been tired as hell when I get home. And I’m preparing for my move to the new apartment too.

Dark, Dirty and Dangerous!

I’ve gotten my hands on Jak and Daxter Trilogy! I have wanted to play these games for such a long time, but never really had a chance. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it would have a bit bothersome. Either way, I have them now and I am looking forward to sink my teeth into the games. Which I’ll do as soon as this post has gone up.
And Tales of Graces f is preordered and I’m just waiting for it to be released and shipped. Good god I’m so eager to play that game! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is okay, not much more. At least that’s what I think now, so I really need a game like TOGF. I’ll see if I have the interest to finish FFXIII-2 one day. Perhaps when there is nothing more of interest for me to play, so I guess its good to have a backup game for such a time.

Jak – Little Tortilla Boy

Hurray! I’m finally finished with my new video. Its made from an idéa from my friend Elden_Rucidor. Jak, yes the same Jak from the games with the same name.
Step into the world of Pablo Fransiscos, Little Tortilla Boy.
Here now enjoy this video or at least try to and if you can please comment and rate it on Youtube!

Jak – Little Tortilla Boy