I did it! I cleared all my tests!

I did it! All my study and hard work did pay off! I managed to clear all the tests I had! I’m so happy I could cry, I never thought I would pass this. I’ve never been the study type and I’ve always had a lot of problems in school.
But this feels really awesome, finally I have a real education. Now I can finally leave more of my crappy past behind me, and say fuck you to all those assholes I went to school with. Those assholes who made my life a living hell. Now I’m just going to take it easy for a while and then I’m going too see what I will aim for next.

And now that all this with the tests and studying is over, I can finally get back to the things I love the most. Playing video games! And first out will definitely be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Princess. That my good friend Elden was kind enough to lend me. I haven’t played any games for almost a month now, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Study, break, study

Finally its weekend. Not that I’ll be able to enjoy it very much. Taking a break from studies today, but will have to study again tomorrow.
I have the test this upcoming Tuesday, so I am almost at the finishing line. Hope I pass! Can’t think negativly about this, I am going in and giving it my all!

Think I’m gonna see a movie or something tonight. I’m not going to do much else than take it easy. Well I am going to visit ZX-Omega today, that’s about it. My only break/fun I’ve had since I started studying.

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Study, Study, Study!

Yo! I’m still alive people! Well mostly anyway, I’ve been studying and studying. Really hope it will pay of, but this weekend I need a break from all that. Most see some movies and perhaps play something. I’m starting to get a little freaked out. Hehe…
Next week is going to be even harder, the test I’m going to take is coming the week after that.
So it’s just going to study all next week, I most. I really want to pass this. And I hope I do. I’m starting to get nervous now.. After all this is over, everything can return to normal. Playing games like always and stuff.

And I’m really waiting for that! Can’t wait to spend hours upon hours in Soul Calibur 5 creating characters. Ohh, I’m so looking forward to that! I guess that’s about it. I’m still alive and can’t wait until this studying thing is over. So see ya all in a week or so.