Some stuff and a new banner

I’ve had wonderful time with my vacation, it was well needed. And I’ve managed to get a somethings done so that’s even better. But tomorrow its back to work, but I could definitely have had some more vacation days. Haha, well I suppose I shouldn’t be greedy. Having easter of was more than enough. The first day I was incredible lazy. I only watched TV and caught up with some shows and animes I’ve missed and it was great. Finally back on track there. Honestly I almost felt bad of how good, doing nothing was. After that it was time to finish of some games I had lying around. And that’s probably what I’ll do today, if I feel better. Came down with something yesterday, that really made me feel like shit. Vomiting and just feeling, sick. Ugh. Hopefully it will feel better later today.

There where two games I finished before I had my easter vacation, but it was so close to it so I thought I’d mention them anyway. Wild Arms 5 was a good game, much better than Wild Arms 4 but I still think I like Wild Arms 3 more personally. Better characters and I like the world more, even the fighting more actually.
The HEX-fighting system is good, but I prefer the games without to be honest.
And right now I am so sick of WA5 battle theme… Sure these things might sound like I’m pissing on the game, but I’m not. I had a very good time with the game, even if I didn’t like everything about it. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was a short but fun game, something that I felt I needed after a long JRPG. It is silly, it is over the top. But damn it was enjoyable, even if it was a tad short.

Next up was a game I’ve been eyeing for sometime and it was Metroid: Zero Mission. I have actually never played a Metroid game from start to finish before.
This was such a good game, it felt really great playing it and I really think I needed a game like this. Samus Aran is such a cool lady, kicking space pirates ass and doesn’t afraid of anything. (Old internet meme. Goggle it.)
And last but certainly not least! The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Me and my friend Elden have been playing some Zelda games together in the past, like
A Link To The Past, Skyward Sword and now Wind Waker HD. Such a good game, I was very enjoyable. Guess we’ll see if we will tackle more Zelda games together in future.

And now I’m going to enjoy Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, I’ve just played a few hours on it but I like it so far. I’m just starting on chapter 3. So I’m looking forward to get to know Class Zero even more. Before I leave I just want to thank my good friend Elden for making drawing me! Right now I’m using it in my banner and I really like it! But then again I do enjoy his art and if your interested check it out! He has some really cool stuff. Here is the old chibi art VS the new one, which took some inspiration from the Tales of games. With a bit of his own style thrown into the mix. Hopefully I can get him to make a new one, when I start to loose some weight. Hehe.

How am I doing?

Yeah, I think I decided to write in English from now on. While fun to write in Swedish, I just think it feels better to write in English. And I have an easier time that put some words together in English, might be strange but that’s how it is. So I’m going to redo my “Spelen jag ser fram emot under 2015” post later, since some stuff has changed and I might have forgotten to add some stuff. So therefor I’ll be updating it.

I’ve been feeling a bit ill/sick these past months, like I have no energy or just don’t have the strength to do anything. I’ve had a really hard to to motivate myself do anything, even sitting down to enjoy a game has been somewhat hard. I was missing some vitamins that made me feel tried all the time, so I’m taking them now and it is a bit better. Still not as it used to, but hopefully getting there. There are some other problems besides the vitamins, but since I haven’t talked to a doctor about those things yet, I won’t be saying anything. Its nothing dangerous at least, I can say that much. But I hope I get the held I need, so I can feel more alive again. Right now it’s almost as I only feel alive when I work, well not really but it is really hard to explain. I feel better than I did, so that’s great! =)

But I have managed to beat some games. I’ve finally made my way through
Wild Arms 5, a good game but I’m not really sure what else to thing about it. I like it, but I still think my favorite one is the third game. I like the characters, world and enemies much more in that game. It felt more alive, in a sense. At least it was better than Wild Arms 4, but I dunno. Perhaps I’m just not that into the WA series? I’ve also played Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a fun but very short game. With a musical number and other weirdly awesomeness. I have gotten Final Fantasy Type 0 HD and I’m going to start playing it for real tomorrow after work, because after tomorrow I have about a week of from work! So that is going to be sweet! I really enjoyed the demo of Final Fantasy XV at least and I’m really looking forward to the full game.

I’m also going to start to projects, both will take some time but I will post here as soon as I have some form of results. First one is to mod a GameBoy Advance with a screen from a GBA SP, since I vastly prefer the form factor on the original GBA over the SP model. But the original screen is more or less worthless for playing with. In my memory it was much better, but then reality hit me. So I really want to get this mod done. The second one is a bit of a mod on a DualShock 4, some painting, getting it a bigger battery and stuff. But will take time since I’m not rich and can get all the parts I need at the same time, but I’m working on it. So we’ll see what will happen, but even if they are failures I’ll post about them.

Trying something new [audio]

Hello everyone! I’m trying something new today! I’m making an audio recording and since this is so new for me, I’m only talking in Swedish. I hope some can enjoy it and I hope to get a bit more training with this, so I can feel more comfortable about this. Would love to make more of these in the future, the file isn’t edited much so I hope you can deal with that. Thanks and take care guys! OH, btw. The audio is not edited so its pretty raw and I make a few mistakes. Hope you’ll give it a listen to anyway.

YazTalks – Episode Zero: The first test [in Swedish]

Please have a listen an tell me what you think.

Back to normal

Stuff is finally going back to normal, my vacation is over and I started working again this week.
I’m not as dead as I thought I would be. I’m actually holding up pretty well to my own surprise, I thought I was going to be really tired. But, hey! That’s just great, but I’m not going to lie. It feels like hell walking a bunch of stairs again, so out of shape it’s not even funny. Hopefully I can start working on that soon enough.

Still playing Tales of Xillia, I’ve clocked about 52 hours of gametime so far. I am nearing the end but I want to continue to do some sidequests and other stuff. I’m still having a blast with it and it really is one of the best games I’ve played this year. Definitely one of the best games I’ve played this entire year, living up to my every expectation. And exceeding others, so I am more than pleased. Speaking of games, don’t forget to check out my Saints Row IV review over at PSSverige. And next Tuesday (the 27th) you can read my Killer is Dead review on the site.
The embargo ends then and we are free to post it, so check that out and see what I think about it.

Saints Row IV is fun and some other stuff

Since I review games for I have not got my hands Saints Row IV and I’ve played it for a while, my review is in Swedish so head over to read it there if you can. If not I can tell you it was great and awesome. Read my review of the game here.

Other than that I am tired as hell today, don’t know why. I think I have gotten enough sleep, but perhaps I’m just getting nervous that my vacation is ending soon. I start work again on Monday, but I’m mostly looking forward too it. I haven’t been as active as I usually am this vacation, so I really need the workout I get at work.
So I think I am going to be half dead when I get home from work on Monday. XD

I’m also playing Tales of Xillia, such a wonderful game. I’m about 42hours into the game and I’m not finished yet, I have been grinding and collecting stuff in the game. But it’s all good fun.
And I’ll soon be juggling Tales of Xillia with another game… Killer is Dead, its the next game I’m going to review. The embargo is until the 27:e so I will not say a thing until then and as always you can find my reviews on
Brr, now I really need too go out and clear my head before I fall asleep. Or perhaps as Snake said in MG1, I feel asleep. Haha. Take care everyone have a great weekend.

Some games I want #1

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
RELEASE: Early 2014 (EU & US)
Just recently announced, a Tales of Symphonia HD collection. Containing both the first and second game. Will be released on Playstation 3 early 2014 in Europe and America! YEAH!!
I love Tales of Symphonia and getting a confirmation that we’ll be getting a HD collecting and a confirmation that it will be released in Europe, is probably the best thing I’ve heard in a while. God I am looking forward to this, I just love Tales of Symphonia and I own both original games. But I’ll be so over this collection. DAY ONE!!!

Batman: Arkham Origins
RELEASE: October 25th (EU)
The third game in the Arkham series, is also the first one in the series. This takes place a few years before Arkham Asylum and Batman is still a rookie. It’s not being developed by Rocksteady either, but I have faith that the new developers will make a good game. I enjoyed the other too Arkham games, so of course I am looking forward to this game too.

Saints Row IV
RELEASE: August 20 (EU)
I loved Saints Row 2, its one of those games I’ve had most fun playing in multiplayer ever! You can search my site for old posts on how fun I’ve had with it. So of course when number three came around I needed that. And while I didn’t enjoy it as much as SR2, it was still a pretty fun game.
And now part four takes the outrageousness from SR3 and just keeps building on it, so I hope they improve the multiplayer to allow three people to play together in this. That alone would make this a super great game.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (To be rebranded FFVX?)
RELEASE: Who knows?
Probably the my most anticipated title with the name Final Fantasy. Its been in development for years and people are starting to question if we’ll ever see it. There are various rumors around the game. One says it will be rebranded into Final Fantasy XV (15) which I personally think is a smart plan, get rid of it’s ties with FFXIII and can make it feel somewhat fresh again. It’s also said it has jumped platform, from being a PS3 exclusive to now be a PS4 exclusive, makes sense. Either way, this coming E3 will hopefully bring some light on the situation.

Ducktales Remastered
RELEASE: Sometime this summer
A remastered version of a game I loved as a kid, that looks like the TV-show I loved as a kid. With voices from the show. Where do I sign up!? When this was announced I could hardly believe my eyes, OMG!
There will be some other new stuff in the game too, like you are able to visit Scrooges vault and take a swim in all that money. A new introduction level I think, either way this is one classic I really want to play again. A shame that it will probably be beaten within two hours.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix
RELEASE: September 13th (EU)
Hehe, this list is filled with many old games in new packages isn’t it? But there are some new stuff for us in Europe in this Kingdom Hearts collection. We’ll get the previously unreleased PS2 version of Chain of Memories and we will be getting the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 1. That alone is awesome! And with the improved camera and controls in the game, this will be a pleasure to play again.

The next generation
Later this year we will enter the 8th(?) generation of game consoles and hopefully it will bring with it a bunch of new and fun stuff. Not to much motion controllers I hope, unless they are better than what has been and you use it for something fun. Well Microsoft in my opinion has already dropped the ball with this no used game stuff, or borrow from friends.
I can honestly say without borrowing a few games from my friends there are certain game-series I would never have played myself. Or missed because they initially didn’t interest me. I sure hope Sony doesn’t go the same way, then the future would be very sad. But I am still looking forward to the games, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will announce at E3. I think this could be the best E3 we’ve had in a while, I think this is also my 7 year watching E3 live. Its a tradition for me now, I will not miss it!

The Third turd hyper post!

Not much has happened since I last updated, well I haven’t been feeling well. Feeling a bit down and cold, but it will pass eventually. A bit to do at work, that’s why I’ve been out of touch with people. And then I’ve been tired as fuck, to do anything. I don’t like winter/christmas very much anymore. I always feel like this around this time, urgh. I know others love it, good for you! Wish I could share in on your happiness about it.

I have just finished playing Saints Row: The Third. I really don’t know what to think of it, it was pretty nice at some parts. But I think I’m overall very disappointed with the game.
The second game was pure fun and crazy, this not so much. Crazy, yes. Fun? Sometimes. I don’t think I’ll be replaying SR: The Third much more, I’d much rather go back to play SR2.
I almost completely agree with Yahtzee, you know the Zero Punctuation guy. Check out his review of it SRTT.

I managed to snag a cheap copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia from Ebay. I couldn’t resist, its going to be interesting to see if the game is as terrible as I fear. Or if I can find some fun with it. Then why the hell would I even buy a game I think is terrible, I got it cheap and I’m an idiot. Good enough of an answer? Its the only honest one I can give. The next games I hope to get to play are Soul Calibur V, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Tales of Graces F.