Last round! December is here.

So we are finally here, December. The last month of the year, just a few measly days left and we are entering a new year. Yeah, yeah I’m getting ahead of myself. First we’ll celebrate Christmas, not that I care for it. I think I say the same thing every year around this time. Starting to sound like a damn broken record, haha.
But seriously, it is great that there are people who enjoys this kind of stuff, I just wish they didn’t shove Christmas down you throat in the beginning of October. Stop premature Christmas decoration!

Like most of you know I love video games and I have for a long time, but have you ever fallen for someone in a video game? Like when you where younger, you fell for the hero because he/she was cool, great or just plain awesome? I recently thought about this and I remember my very first “videogame crush“. Can you guess who it was? If you thought KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, you are wrong. Good pick though. It is from an JRPG (surprise!) and it is among the first ones I played after Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. It is Rena Lanford from Star Ocean The Second Story. This was around when I was 17 myself, so around 14 years ago… Man now I feel a little old. So does anyone have a videogame crush? Don’t leave me hanging now. ;)

Still going strong with Tales of Hearts R, I played a whole lot this past weekend. To my big enjoyment. Hopefully I’ll be able to play anything this week, at least it won’t be anything on this coming weekend. I’m working and then I’m going to watch some tv-shows with Elden, from beginning to end! Marathon it, like always!

It’s a Christmas time!

Hehe, didn’t think I would be making a post on christmas. I know I should be in bed (and I am playing Wii U in bed…). What I mean is that I really should be trying to get some sleep. So I can wake early and get ready before my friends pick me up.

But New Super Mario Bros U is very fun, plus as I mentioned in the post before this I am enjoying Miiverse a whole lot. NSMBU feels like a mix of Mario 3 and Mario World. So yeah, pretty awesome in other words. And I just encountered a snow world in the game, it was very pretty and nice. I enjoyed it a whole lot. Hoping for more awesome or cool worlds to come. Well, merry christmas to all of you out there celebrate this day.

Christmas tomorrow

I’m so glad I haven’t heard “Wham’s, Last Christmas” at all this year. So damn refreshing actually. So tomorrow is Christmas, for those who enjoy this day. I don’t and haven’t done for a couple of years, the magic with Christmas disappeared pretty early for me. So now mostly I feel like shit on Christmas, I really don’t enjoy it at all. Perhaps this year will be a bit better since I have been invited to a couple of friends, so there won’t be much Christmas stuff. Rather just eat good food and enjoy good company. No stress and shit with present and all that goddamn shit.

Otherwise I’ll just continue to soak in my off time from work. Just being able to stay up a bit later to play games, like I could in the past is awesome. I didn’t know how much I’ve missed that. Just game until you are so tired that you could fall asleep in an instant. Of course, you should never overdue it. But it feels good that you can play how long you want without feeling the stress, that you have to go to bed early because you have to go up early for something.

And while I do not celibrate Christmas or even give gifts, I myself received this. I’ve been having pretty fun with New Super Marios Bros. U so far. Even if I haven’t played much of it. Hehe, still Tales of Graces F replay getting in the way. But I’m going to start playing the Wii U seriously pretty soon. Miiverse was pretty fun, much more than I thought it would be. I enjoy seeing what people has drawn, some people are really talented. Disgustingly talented, I get very jealous at what some people can draw…

Neptunia and christmas blues

So how are ya all doing? Me? I’m okay. I’m not to fond of this time of year, I just don’t feel to well. To many negative emotions and such that arises. Sadly, it been like this for years and it will probably be like this in the future too. Not that it bothers me too much, it might be others around me that will be bothered with my more depressed self.
You gotta take the good with the bad. So you won’t probably see me very active on the internet for some time, and if I’m online it will be to mostly post stuff here.

I’m playing Hyperdimension Neptunia for the Playstation 3 right now. A game I got cheap on ebay, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. But I must say I’ve had pretty fun with it so far. Surprisingly. It is an RPG by Compile Heart, you know the ones who has made
Trinity Universe and Cross Edge. Yeah… They are not so great those games… But at least Hyperdimension Neptunia is better. I really like the humor in it, making fun of the console war and making the consoles into characters. I might go a bit more deeply into all this in an upcoming post. And I’ll give my final verdict on Neptunia.
Hehe, I’ve actually been playing this since Friday. Almost nonstop I only took a break now to stretch a bit and take a shower. Now I’m going back to play some more before I need to get to bed. At least I’ll have something to look forward to after work tomorrow.

The Third turd hyper post!

Not much has happened since I last updated, well I haven’t been feeling well. Feeling a bit down and cold, but it will pass eventually. A bit to do at work, that’s why I’ve been out of touch with people. And then I’ve been tired as fuck, to do anything. I don’t like winter/christmas very much anymore. I always feel like this around this time, urgh. I know others love it, good for you! Wish I could share in on your happiness about it.

I have just finished playing Saints Row: The Third. I really don’t know what to think of it, it was pretty nice at some parts. But I think I’m overall very disappointed with the game.
The second game was pure fun and crazy, this not so much. Crazy, yes. Fun? Sometimes. I don’t think I’ll be replaying SR: The Third much more, I’d much rather go back to play SR2.
I almost completely agree with Yahtzee, you know the Zero Punctuation guy. Check out his review of it SRTT.

I managed to snag a cheap copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia from Ebay. I couldn’t resist, its going to be interesting to see if the game is as terrible as I fear. Or if I can find some fun with it. Then why the hell would I even buy a game I think is terrible, I got it cheap and I’m an idiot. Good enough of an answer? Its the only honest one I can give. The next games I hope to get to play are Soul Calibur V, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Tales of Graces F.

Merry Christmas 2010!

And so its Christmas time again! Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you, I truly hope you’ll have an enjoyable day. If you are together with family of friends.
I really hope you’ll have a good time. Will you fellow people from Sweden stay with the tradition and watch “Kalle Ankas Jul“? I won’t I haven’t watched it for the past 7 years.

Well despite what you’ll do and how you’ll celebrate Christmas I wish you all a wonderful day!

Christmas right around the corner

Only one more day until its Christmas, its a bit hard for me to think I’ve changed so much since last year. I’m actually looking forward to Christmas this year (not for the presents).
I’ve come a long way, moved to my own place. Got a job, will be earning money.
I’m looking forward to see how next year will look. But I have a feeling I’ll be a much happier person, even if I’ll have a bit less time to spend online.

I have wished for nothing this Christmas, getting my apartment and getting employed at the beginning of next year is more than enough for me.. But I’ve gotten one Christmas present from a fellow worker, have to wait till tomorrow to open it.
I’ll be spending Christmas at my parents house. With the rest of my family, I think that’s going to be really great. Can’t wait to get some of that Christmas ham. Yum!