It’s a Christmas time!

Hehe, didn’t think I would be making a post on christmas. I know I should be in bed (and I am playing Wii U in bed…). What I mean is that I really should be trying to get some sleep. So I can wake early and get ready before my friends pick me up.

But New Super Mario Bros U is very fun, plus as I mentioned in the post before this I am enjoying Miiverse a whole lot. NSMBU feels like a mix of Mario 3 and Mario World. So yeah, pretty awesome in other words. And I just encountered a snow world in the game, it was very pretty and nice. I enjoyed it a whole lot. Hoping for more awesome or cool worlds to come. Well, merry christmas to all of you out there celebrate this day.

Replaying Tales of Graces f & it’s snowing

So far I haven’t played any really good games this year, sure there has been a few games that has been really great. But they have been so few… Later in the month I’ll post my best/worst games of 2012. Gotta keep that tradition alive.

So for now I am actually replaying Tales of Graces f, something I hardly do. Replaying RPG’s that is, but I really loved Graces and I actually have nothing else I really want to play. I have other games to play, but I’m not so interested in playing them. Not right now at least. It’s also so fun to replay, because I won’t make the same mistakes I made the first time. Or like I had a hard time with some stuff in the game, I’m better trained now and so far has plowed through all earlier obstacles. So I’m really having a blast!

And then we’ve gotten snow… Not to fond of this, sure it looks nice and it shines a bit brighter. But it also makes it much harder to get to work for me. Its cozy and stuff like that, would probably enjoy it more if I had a girlfriend I could snuggle together with and just enjoy the colder weather. Yeah, that would be so nice. That feel, that feel bro.

Oh, I just can’t wait to game again!

Damn, we got a shitload of snow overnight. And there were nothing on the news the day before, that it would snow. Damm snow, making my job harder. And of course I’ve gotten a cold again. Runny nose and all that shit.

It could have waited until my test was done. It’s hard to focus right now, but I gotta give it my best. I hope I pass the test and when everything is over I’m finally start playing some games again. It almost been a month since I last played something now. Can’t wait until I can get my hands on Soul Calibur 5. And I’m probably going to play Zelda Skyward Sword that I borrowed from Elden.
Ah, well. Time to take a short break and a shower, then it’s back to that damn studying. Hopefully next post will be a more gamer centered post. God I miss gaming.


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Merry Christmas 2010!

And so its Christmas time again! Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you, I truly hope you’ll have an enjoyable day. If you are together with family of friends.
I really hope you’ll have a good time. Will you fellow people from Sweden stay with the tradition and watch “Kalle Ankas Jul“? I won’t I haven’t watched it for the past 7 years.

Well despite what you’ll do and how you’ll celebrate Christmas I wish you all a wonderful day!

Snow way!?!

Yeah, you see what I did there. Funny, haha! Anyway, I really got myself a shocker when I left my apartment this morning… It had snows and quite a bit too, I can’t remember that there’s ever been snow in October before. Well not so near my birthday at least! So yeah, big surprise!

Its almost been two weeks since Kntheking and Seraphim was at my place, I thought it was a blast! I really enjoyed it, too bad it didn’t last longer. One of the best days I’ve had this year, yeah they really are easily counted. We didn’t do all that much, mostly talked about games. And it enjoyed it tremendously, beats the crap out of talking on msn! Hope it won’t take another year until we can met again and hopefully I can take a trip up to Stockholm.

And next Wednesday its time to grow one year older, yay! Actually looking forward to it a bit, well perhaps not the getting older part. But I’m gonna have a movie weekend and a small (very small!) party for me. I and hopefully two other friends are going to go watch Scott Pilgrim, we’ve been wanting to see it for sometime. Gonna be a bit exciting and see if anything special happens next week, I doubt it. But who knows?

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here! Have you been a good boy/girl? I hope so or Santa won’t bring you any presents! How will you in Sweden spend this day?
I will spend it with my dear family as always.
And as I’ve done the last couple of years, I’m not going to watch “Kalle Ankas Jul“.
I’ve just grown tired of it, watching it year after year after year. It might be tradition, but it ain’t my tradition! Well take care everyone who visits my site, have a real good Christmas together with family and friends.

We have snow!!

It started snowing a few days ago, but it was today that the snow actually stayed put. And its been snowing the whole goddamn day! Maybe we’ll actually get a white Christmas in Sweden this year, would be nice for a change. I can’t remember the last time we had a Christmas with snow. T’is the season to be jolly? Hohoho and all that.

Wish I had a better camera, but at least here is what it looks at home right now.

Snowing 2009-12-16 Snow02 Snowing Snowing Snowing Snowing