Neptunia and christmas blues

So how are ya all doing? Me? I’m okay. I’m not to fond of this time of year, I just don’t feel to well. To many negative emotions and such that arises. Sadly, it been like this for years and it will probably be like this in the future too. Not that it bothers me too much, it might be others around me that will be bothered with my more depressed self.
You gotta take the good with the bad. So you won’t probably see me very active on the internet for some time, and if I’m online it will be to mostly post stuff here.

I’m playing Hyperdimension Neptunia for the Playstation 3 right now. A game I got cheap on ebay, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. But I must say I’ve had pretty fun with it so far. Surprisingly. It is an RPG by Compile Heart, you know the ones who has made
Trinity Universe and Cross Edge. Yeah… They are not so great those games… But at least Hyperdimension Neptunia is better. I really like the humor in it, making fun of the console war and making the consoles into characters. I might go a bit more deeply into all this in an upcoming post. And I’ll give my final verdict on Neptunia.
Hehe, I’ve actually been playing this since Friday. Almost nonstop I only took a break now to stretch a bit and take a shower. Now I’m going back to play some more before I need to get to bed. At least I’ll have something to look forward to after work tomorrow.