Marathon of the dead

So the weekend came and went by and I’ve finally seen the first half of season 5 of The Walking Dead. Man I really enjoy that show! The hours just flew by! Me and my friend marathon-ed it, like we’ve done with the past seasons. Now we just have to wait until the shows starts again, but man it is getting interesting. Don’t worry, I will not spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched it. I don’t do stuff like that, it is fucking evil. I heard AMC spoiled the season ending on their own facebook, what a bunch of idiots… Oh, well.
Before we started out TWD marathon, we had hot-smoked salmon and potatoes, something I don’t eat very often. But man it is good, so good!

We also watched the keynote of the PlayStation Experience. Some good stuff there, Uncharted 4 looking really great. The Order 1886 is a bit interesting and Square Enix announcing the PC-version of Final Fantasy VII coming to PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V being a PS4 and PC exclusive, might be good for those who enjoy fighting games, I personally don’t care very much about it.
I think one of the best announcements for me was that Shovel Knight is coming to Sony’s platforms. And that they actually showed the PlayStation Vita some love. Bringing Yakuza 5 to the west, will please a lot of people. I’ve never played the games myself. All in all it was a pretty good show, but I was actually hoping for a bit more. Perhaps could have shown some unannounced JRPG or something…

With all that behind me, I can finally relax with two extra days of from work. I’ll need it since I’ll be working this upcoming weekend too… But it pays good and I really need the extra cash for January, AKA worst month of the year. I’m going to concentrate on playing more Tales of Hearts R today and if I beat the game today or tomorrow I am finally going to try Grand Theft Auto V. Heard a lot of good stuff about the game, but I’m not a GTA fan. But from what I’ve seen the game speaks to me, so I’m looking forward to see if I’ll like it. Really should try to finish Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition too, even if I played the original on PlayStation 3. Still I don’t like having games in my backlog. Thankfully I don’t have a very big backlog, but I wish I had more time to actually remove some of the games from that backlog. Hopefully I can get some vacation time around easter, so I can relax and just keep gaming. <3

The E3 2014 pizza!

I was going to post this yesterday, but a few things came in my way so I didn’t have time to fix everything. But damn, they where good! I’ll post my reactions and thoughts about the E3 when I’ve seen the Nintendo direct also, I really hope Nintendo has something great to announce and a few surprises.

Just a little reminder what the pizzas where for. My pizza to the left and my friend Elden’s on the right, he has a much sturdier hand than me. And had an easier time “writing” on the dough.

I covered my pizza with minced meat with taco-spices, bacon bits and a curry mix with bits of ham. It was delicious as hell! One of the best things I’ve ever had on a pizza! And Elden’s pizza with chorizo salami and roast beef, he liked it!

Here they are both done! They where very delicious! Yummy!

Pre-E3 preperations!

This year I’m going to watch E3 with my good friend Elden! Yaay!
Really looking forward to sharing this moment with a friend, now drops some big bombs so we can be hyped together! We are preparing snacks, food and other stuff. We will be making our own pizza, we’ll share our creations with you later! I know that my pizza posts has been fairly popular on my site, so it was time to make some more! And hoping people will enjoy it as much as we’ll do making this! =)

Here is the preparations I’ve made so far! I’ve made the pizza dough and tomorrow, we’ll make the pizzas. Really looking forward to see and taste our pizzas. E3 hype engage!

Killer headache…

These past few days have been murderous… A few times a year I get a really bad headache, I mean the migraine type of headache. But I don’t get all those other stuff, in Swedish its also called “Hortons Huvudvärk” (Horton’s Headache) and boy does it hurt…
I’ve have been without energy for the past days because of this, I have no hunger and I feel ill because of the constant pain in the head. All you you have migraine now what I’m talking about.
It’s letting up a bit now and I’m going to try too eat, hopefully it will be over soon. I’m very sensitive to weather changes and that can trigger this. And now we’ve have sunny warm weather and its shifted into rainy season, that’s usually all it takes. Of course there could be inner-stress that has caused this too, I’m not sure. But just to let you know, who know me in real life. I’m not angry or anything, I just don’t have the energy to start big conversations and stuff like that. We’ll talk more when I’m feeling better.

I’m 30 now!

So today I turned 30 and it feels good. Nothing different about it, I’m just pleased I got my own home and job before I turned 30. So it’s good, good, good!
I was treated to a delicious meal by my good friend Recluse yesterday, it was a very good chicken curry stew. Loved it! And to be able to share that with some of my best friends was awesome, best birthday present I could have gotten.
If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t even care about gifts, I’m giving myself a PlayStation 4 next month that’s more than enough. Sure, I wouldn’t say no to gifts but they are not important.

So far today I’ve been out and got groceries, got toilet paper (it’s important!) and done the laundry. Now I’m just going to take it easy and relax and enjoy the day. See if I decide to play something or just watch a movie, I feel like I want to do something. But I’m not quite sure what. Hopefully I’ll find something to do.

Christmas tomorrow

I’m so glad I haven’t heard “Wham’s, Last Christmas” at all this year. So damn refreshing actually. So tomorrow is Christmas, for those who enjoy this day. I don’t and haven’t done for a couple of years, the magic with Christmas disappeared pretty early for me. So now mostly I feel like shit on Christmas, I really don’t enjoy it at all. Perhaps this year will be a bit better since I have been invited to a couple of friends, so there won’t be much Christmas stuff. Rather just eat good food and enjoy good company. No stress and shit with present and all that goddamn shit.

Otherwise I’ll just continue to soak in my off time from work. Just being able to stay up a bit later to play games, like I could in the past is awesome. I didn’t know how much I’ve missed that. Just game until you are so tired that you could fall asleep in an instant. Of course, you should never overdue it. But it feels good that you can play how long you want without feeling the stress, that you have to go to bed early because you have to go up early for something.

And while I do not celibrate Christmas or even give gifts, I myself received this. I’ve been having pretty fun with New Super Marios Bros. U so far. Even if I haven’t played much of it. Hehe, still Tales of Graces F replay getting in the way. But I’m going to start playing the Wii U seriously pretty soon. Miiverse was pretty fun, much more than I thought it would be. I enjoy seeing what people has drawn, some people are really talented. Disgustingly talented, I get very jealous at what some people can draw…

Give me cheese for my whine!!

Yesterday was a pretty awful day. Work was pretty okay, but then my colleague that I work with got sick and headed home. Leaving me with a bunch of work. And driving our big cleaner machine, which I’ve only have received little training for. It went okay, but still… That was a bit to much to take in all on one day, but it had to be done and I was pretty stressed out.
Well after this hard day, I managed to get home a bit earlier. Needed to do some shopping since my fridge was empty as fuck, yay out into the wild! People everywhere for some reason, more people than it usually is. And me having “torg skräck” I get very stressful around lot’s of people and got a minor panic attack.
After a few hours I’m finally done, I have about 3 hours before I should go to bed and try to get some sleep. So I think, hey Micke. You work hard today, buy something good. So I order some kebab from my usually place, but this could possibly have been the worst meal I’ve had in ages. It cost 84SEK and the fries where tasteless, the kebab unfinished. URGH!
There quality have been dropping much lately and this was the last straw for me, I’m not eating there anymore.

Yes! Give me cheese dood!