Some stuff and a new banner

I’ve had wonderful time with my vacation, it was well needed. And I’ve managed to get a somethings done so that’s even better. But tomorrow its back to work, but I could definitely have had some more vacation days. Haha, well I suppose I shouldn’t be greedy. Having easter of was more than enough. The first day I was incredible lazy. I only watched TV and caught up with some shows and animes I’ve missed and it was great. Finally back on track there. Honestly I almost felt bad of how good, doing nothing was. After that it was time to finish of some games I had lying around. And that’s probably what I’ll do today, if I feel better. Came down with something yesterday, that really made me feel like shit. Vomiting and just feeling, sick. Ugh. Hopefully it will feel better later today.

There where two games I finished before I had my easter vacation, but it was so close to it so I thought I’d mention them anyway. Wild Arms 5 was a good game, much better than Wild Arms 4 but I still think I like Wild Arms 3 more personally. Better characters and I like the world more, even the fighting more actually.
The HEX-fighting system is good, but I prefer the games without to be honest.
And right now I am so sick of WA5 battle theme… Sure these things might sound like I’m pissing on the game, but I’m not. I had a very good time with the game, even if I didn’t like everything about it. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was a short but fun game, something that I felt I needed after a long JRPG. It is silly, it is over the top. But damn it was enjoyable, even if it was a tad short.

Next up was a game I’ve been eyeing for sometime and it was Metroid: Zero Mission. I have actually never played a Metroid game from start to finish before.
This was such a good game, it felt really great playing it and I really think I needed a game like this. Samus Aran is such a cool lady, kicking space pirates ass and doesn’t afraid of anything. (Old internet meme. Goggle it.)
And last but certainly not least! The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Me and my friend Elden have been playing some Zelda games together in the past, like
A Link To The Past, Skyward Sword and now Wind Waker HD. Such a good game, I was very enjoyable. Guess we’ll see if we will tackle more Zelda games together in future.

And now I’m going to enjoy Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, I’ve just played a few hours on it but I like it so far. I’m just starting on chapter 3. So I’m looking forward to get to know Class Zero even more. Before I leave I just want to thank my good friend Elden for making drawing me! Right now I’m using it in my banner and I really like it! But then again I do enjoy his art and if your interested check it out! He has some really cool stuff. Here is the old chibi art VS the new one, which took some inspiration from the Tales of games. With a bit of his own style thrown into the mix. Hopefully I can get him to make a new one, when I start to loose some weight. Hehe.

Time for ToS: Dawn of The New World!

After finishing Tales of Xillia 2 I was thinking of taking a break from JRPG’s, but then I started doing a bunch of extra sidequests and stuff. So I though I should play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World instead of just grinding levels in a game I’ve already beaten. Sure I have more to do in it to get “everything”, but right now I’d much rather focus on games I haven’t played.

Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality

I have heard a lot of negative stuff about this game, but it won’t keep me from playing it and to form my own opinion of the game. I have played a few hours of it before on the Wii, but I wasn’t to fond of the controlls. It feelt a bit weird to me and since I am playing the PlayStation 3 version of the game I can play with a controller I like. Not saying it was bad, it just didn’t work for me.

I really like the graphical style, I almost wish the first Symphonia game was remade with these models. I like the more vibrant colors of the game, it is almost like a cartoon. I’m not a fan of monsters taking the place of real characters in the game. You have Emil, Martha, monsters and sometimes you get guest characters that are the old characters from the first game.

I had forgotten what a bunch of assholes the people of Luin are in this game. Emil’s parents was killed by “Lloyd” and he of course hates him for that and because he has an opinion different from all the others in Luin he is treated like shit. It almost makes my blood boil! Mostly because bullying like that sadly excists for real and it pains me. I myself have been treated like I wasn’t worth jack shit, so I really feel for Emil here. Thank god he has Martha at least and she is a breath of fresh air. I really like how open with how she feels about Emil. Not many characters are so open with whom they love in games, so I really like this. Tenebrae is also a great character and will probably get even better/funnier the more I progress through the game. I’m looking forward to see more of the characters.

I’m not sure what the game will give me or what lies ahead for me. Let’s see if I like the game or if I will become of those who dislike it. I don’t think I will though, from what I’ve played I lile it and I take it for what it is.

One more week to go!

AHH!!! Just one more week to work and them I have a three week vacation! How I look forward to that! I’m starting to feel really tired and to get a chance to recharge my batteries would be great. I’m just going to take it easy and just relax, not going to think about work once.
And then into my second vacation week, I finally get to put my hands on Tales of Xillia! I am eagerly awaiting that game! I want it and I want it now! I might even get the Collectors Edition of the game, that is if where I’m getting it from will get any in stock. If not it’s just the regular version for me then.

For the last couple of days I’ve seem to have hurt my neck while sleeping, It’s been aching like hell and I could hardly turn my head. Thank god it’s getting better now, it still aches a bit but it is getting better. So it wasn’t anything serious, thankfully. Other than that I am actually feeling pretty good, it has been some time since I’ve felt this good. So I am really hoping it will continue like this.

Last time I posted I told y’all that I had finished The Last of Us (great game!) after that I started playing Deadpool. I needed something funnier to get rid of the somewhat heavy feeling from TLOU, and Deadpool really delivered in the funny department. I am a big fan of Deadpool, I’ve have read most of the comics and enjoyed them very much. And I think High Moon Studios capture the funny stuff really well. I’m not all that sure about gameplay, I wasn’t too fond of that actually. But the game is definitely worth a try if you can borrow it. Deadpool is also the 86th Playstation 3 game that I have finished, gotta get a hundred at least! But that won’t be a problem. =)

Week of depression

Ugh… I’ve been unable to shake my depression for over a whole week, I really hope it’s run its course soon. It’s getting really hard to get things done, when you are feeling this down. And I still don’t want to use as much medication just too feel good, but as I said i hope it will go away soon and my spirit and energy will return. It’s most likely my winter depression kicking in, as some know I don’t like Christmas all that much… I still miss the magic feeling it had when I was a kid, I’ll probably never feel like that again about Christmas.

I have started a second playthrough of Tales of Graces f for Playstation 3, it just about the only thing I’ve had some interest in. I think I am nearing 60hours now and I’m about to enter Ghardia Shaft. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the last dungeon in the main game. But I’m not going to face the last boss just yet, I’m going to do some power leveling there. And then I am going to kick the last boss so damn hard, he will feel it into next month! I really want to try to beat the boss in 60seconds or less, so I can get the trophy for it. Just to know i have finished it. Even if there are harder trophies to get…

I hope it gets better soon. It probably will, just have to run its course. Glad that I’ll soon have five whole days that I can spend on what I want, it is going to be really nice! Since it’s Christmas break from work (best thing about X-mas right now). Looking forward to that and hopefully my batteries will be fully charged again after that.

Playing for 10hours straight

Today something happened that almost ever happens. I played for about 10hours straight today. I fought I’d try the New Games Plus  mode on White Knight Chronicles. Almost at the end of the game again, since I’m at a very high level already combined with I can skip cut-scenes, its moving along very fast.

But then I decided to see if I could play a bit online. And it actually worked pretty decent. So I’ve spent a few hours there with my friends Elden & Ezakiel. And a new American buddy Jonny. What can I say, we all really connected. I thought so at least. He is a great guy with the same kind of humor as we got, it was almost a bit frightening. But thanks to all of you, I would have needed that yesterday.
I was not feeling well then. That others on MSN might have understood. Sorry about that, hope you didn’t feel like I was ignoring you or stuff. But I’m glad I had so much fun today, we’ll see if Final Fantasy XIII will arrive today (Monday) or later in the week. If it doesn’t arrive then WKC will be running hot in my Playstation 3.

Feeling sick and got computer problems…

I’ve been playing a bit of White Knight Chronicles for the PS3 the last couple of days. A really good game, I’ve had some trouble with enjoying in the last two days. Not because the game is bad or anything, I just think I’m getting sick. I have no energy or will to play. Its pretty frustrating and the fact I haven’t been feeling all that well. So its mostly been watching TV and sitting by my computer.

And speaking of computers, I’m fairly sure mine is done for now. It gets warm faster and just shuts down when ever the hell it wants. But its to be expected, its about 8-9 years old this year. And the previous owner didn’t take good care of it.
So I can hardly do a thing on it anymore, before it shuts down and I have to restart it. So no more photoshop or movie making for me… And I’ve said it before I won’t spend a penny on this computer anymore. I’ve already payed enough.

I’m hoping I can find some cheap crap to replace this one for now, just until I can build my own new computer. My family was probably going to help me with that, but its still like 5 months into the future. I just need something that I can use for that amount of time. But its not the easiest of things to find, not for what I can afford right now.