The best birthday present ever!

It will soon be the 27th October and that means I will turn 31. A year older and a year wiser as they might say, haha. Well not so sure about the last part, but at least older. And today I was moved, I’m still at a loss for expressing my gratitude.
My friends banded together and got me something I’ve wanted for a long, long time. Or rather I wanted to regain something that I lost a long time ago. This year marks 20years since I got the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger for Christmas and my friends got me the Legacy Dragon Dagger. And my emotions are all over the damn place! The original Dragon Dagger was my favorite Power Rangers toy when I was a child and I’ve always loved to, so to finally have it again has made me happy beyond words. I really can’t express how I feel, but hopefully I can get though a bit more in the second episode of YazTalks.

YazTalks EP01: OperationKOSMOS

Oh, boy! My first YouTube video upload for years! And the first real episode of YazTalks. Hopefully both will go well… I’m not so good at this and a bit nervous, but I hope it will help a little…

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Please use the #OperationKOSMOS hashtag, as well.

Trying something new [audio]

Hello everyone! I’m trying something new today! I’m making an audio recording and since this is so new for me, I’m only talking in Swedish. I hope some can enjoy it and I hope to get a bit more training with this, so I can feel more comfortable about this. Would love to make more of these in the future, the file isn’t edited much so I hope you can deal with that. Thanks and take care guys! OH, btw. The audio is not edited so its pretty raw and I make a few mistakes. Hope you’ll give it a listen to anyway.

YazTalks – Episode Zero: The first test [in Swedish]

Please have a listen an tell me what you think.