Zelda: Skyward Sword!

Me and my buddy Elden started to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last night. We’ve decided to make our way through this game together and its actually very fun to play a Zelda game with someone who likes the series as much as you do. So we’ll only be playing it when he comes over to me, so no cheating! So far I’m liking it. Even if I can get a tad tired of the motion controls. They are good, but they didn’t have to use it for the damn bird flying. The fighting and everything else feels really great. And I do sometimes get the feeling that I really am holding the sword.

Just look at her! She is so damn cute! I’m in love.

And i really enjoy seeing Link and Zelda being all sweet together, well the times when they are together or have the opportunity to be sweet. But I don’t know what happens later on in the game. But so far I am loving the approach that Link and Zelda actually have feelings for each other. I do hope they go forth with this even more in the game and if they don’t, do not spoil it for me please?
I’m eagerly awaiting the next time we’ll continue to play and it feels so good to feel the way I feel towards games right now, it’s just a feeling of love. And speaking of love, got any good tips on games with a good love story? I feel like I want to play something like that now.

Don’t make a lady wait Link. Kiss her!

It’s a Christmas time!

Hehe, didn’t think I would be making a post on christmas. I know I should be in bed (and I am playing Wii U in bed…). What I mean is that I really should be trying to get some sleep. So I can wake early and get ready before my friends pick me up.

But New Super Mario Bros U is very fun, plus as I mentioned in the post before this I am enjoying Miiverse a whole lot. NSMBU feels like a mix of Mario 3 and Mario World. So yeah, pretty awesome in other words. And I just encountered a snow world in the game, it was very pretty and nice. I enjoyed it a whole lot. Hoping for more awesome or cool worlds to come. Well, merry christmas to all of you out there celebrate this day.

Christmas tomorrow

I’m so glad I haven’t heard “Wham’s, Last Christmas” at all this year. So damn refreshing actually. So tomorrow is Christmas, for those who enjoy this day. I don’t and haven’t done for a couple of years, the magic with Christmas disappeared pretty early for me. So now mostly I feel like shit on Christmas, I really don’t enjoy it at all. Perhaps this year will be a bit better since I have been invited to a couple of friends, so there won’t be much Christmas stuff. Rather just eat good food and enjoy good company. No stress and shit with present and all that goddamn shit.

Otherwise I’ll just continue to soak in my off time from work. Just being able to stay up a bit later to play games, like I could in the past is awesome. I didn’t know how much I’ve missed that. Just game until you are so tired that you could fall asleep in an instant. Of course, you should never overdue it. But it feels good that you can play how long you want without feeling the stress, that you have to go to bed early because you have to go up early for something.

And while I do not celibrate Christmas or even give gifts, I myself received this. I’ve been having pretty fun with New Super Marios Bros. U so far. Even if I haven’t played much of it. Hehe, still Tales of Graces F replay getting in the way. But I’m going to start playing the Wii U seriously pretty soon. Miiverse was pretty fun, much more than I thought it would be. I enjoy seeing what people has drawn, some people are really talented. Disgustingly talented, I get very jealous at what some people can draw…

Double dose of Tales of Symphonia!!

It’s a bit late now, but finally all the stuff from my own birthday gifts have arrived! So happy to finally have Tales of Symphonia back in my collection. I bought it when it was new and sold it soon afterwards. I’ve regretted that for the longest time, so I went out searching for after I had my 29th birthday. And found it by the end of November for a really nice price, so that’s great!

And on eBay i was lucky enough to find a cheap unopened version of Tales of Symphonia 2. My Tales of collection is of to a pretty good start so far. Just wonder when I’ll be able to add anything to this collection.

While I am replaying Tales of Graces f right now, I am hoping to replay the first Tales of Symphonia one day. And then continue with number 2, and see if it’s as bad as I’ve heard it is. Well I don’t really care, I just want all the English Tales of games in my collection!

I’ve got a Woody

Hahaha! I’m so damn happy! Finally!! I have wanted to get the Revoltech, Toy Story figure of Woody for quite some time. Most likely since I saw if the first time. For those of you who know the of the figure, you probably know why I wanted it. XD
You really should visit TheOneCam to see a bunch of funny pictures with this figure.
Oh, god I’ve laughed so much at just about everyone with Woody in them. Pretty much all photos feature Woody in some way. As soon as I get the time, I’m gonna do my own “naughty” photos with Woody. Perhaps a few when the Link figure from Figma arrives. Oh, yes. You better scream Link. ;)

Wait a minute, I just lit a rocket… Rockets explode! If you know what I mean, deputy.

E3 2012: Nintendo

It seems like this whole E3 has been very disappointing to me. While I do enjoy Nintendo’s own people like Reggie, Mr.Miyamoto and such I missed the great games. I could really careless about their NintendoLand, it might be fun. But it wasn’t very exciting to watch it. And the fact they just spent about 2-3 minutes on Nintendo 3DS made me sad, sure they’ll have a whole hour for that tomorrow but I would have loved to see something right now. The montages of Wii Fit U wasn’t interesting at all, but it was pretty nice to see what can be done with the Wii U. I’m definitely looking forward to more of those things.

New Super Mario Bros U looked very nice and is probably a lot of fun to play. Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, wasn’t as appealing as I’ve already played Arkham City. The new stuff with the controller will probably fun, but it didn’t do anything for me.
New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS also looked very nice, but there was to much focus on gold of what they showed. Not really sure how to react to that really. Paper Mario: Sticker Star looked really fun, so i want to see more of that. Luigi’s Mansion is still one of my favorite GameCube games and Luigi’s Mansion 2, now know as Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for 3Ds is something I’m really interested in.

So while I thought Nintendo’s conference was a bit boring too, I think they had the best E3. Since Reggie is very charismatic and he even made the “My body is ready” joke. Gotta give him that! But I’ll wait a bit and see what Nintendo will offer in their Nintendo 3DS conference .

Shake, shake. Wiggle, wiggle.

Today it happened folks. Something I really didn’t expect to happen actually. But I couldn’t resist when it was so dirty cheap. But I want to be able to play The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and a bunch of other games. Now I am awaiting Zelda Twilight Princess and of course, Xenoblade Chronicles!