Double dose of Tales of Symphonia!!

It’s a bit late now, but finally all the stuff from my own birthday gifts have arrived! So happy to finally have Tales of Symphonia back in my collection. I bought it when it was new and sold it soon afterwards. I’ve regretted that for the longest time, so I went out searching for after I had my 29th birthday. And found it by the end of November for a really nice price, so that’s great!

And on eBay i was lucky enough to find a cheap unopened version of Tales of Symphonia 2. My Tales of collection is of to a pretty good start so far. Just wonder when I’ll be able to add anything to this collection.

While I am replaying Tales of Graces f right now, I am hoping to replay the first Tales of Symphonia one day. And then continue with number 2, and see if it’s as bad as I’ve heard it is. Well I don’t really care, I just want all the English Tales of games in my collection!