Nintendo’s E3 2011

Thank god Nintendo’s conference wasn’t as late as Sony’s. Well late or early depending where you live. The Nintendo 3DS seems to be getting a heap of good games. Like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Mario 3D, just to name some really caught my attention. So I’m finally starting to feel a bit of an urge to get one, but I’ll probably wait until the price falls a bit. Or try to import one, still expensive here in Sweden.

Then we had Nintendos reveal of their new home console, with the name Wii U… I would have preferred Wii HD, Wii 2 over this name. But best I liked when it was rumored to be called Nintendo Stream. Aside from the name it look really nice, cool you are not bund by a tv. Perfect for those moments when nature calls. ;D
Well I am looking forward to get more info, since Wii U seems really interesting. And props to Nintendo for getting so many third party publishers to make games for it. I think its awesome that games like Darksiders II and Batman Arkham City will be available on this console.

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My thoughts of E3 2010

First out of the big three in this years E3 (perhaps they are first every year, I don’t know…). Either way, they where first out and they didn’t really have anything to show that made me excited. They had a whole bunch of games and stuff to show that had to do with Kinect. Ya, know. The camera “controller” that was called Natal before. But as I said there where really nothing that caught my interest a bit of a shame, well at least I’m really liking their redesign of the Xbox 360. It cools very cool and if it works better than the current consoles than that’s great!
I also thought Microsoft’s show was pretty boring, it felt very “stiff” somehow. Maybe its just an impression I got. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot the video that was shown of Metal Gear Solid: Rising was damn cool!

Well this was a pretty big surprise for me personally. I never thought I would be interested in something Nintendo would show. Don’t get my wrong I love Nintendo and I always will, but I haven’t really been interested in the stuff they’ve done for the past years. Don’t know why, but that’s how it was.
Anyway, I thought Nintendo had the best show. They showed a bunch of new stuff, like the new Legend of Zelda game. But the biggest and best thing on the show (IMO) was the unveiling of Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the DS. They showed a new Kid Icarus game that looks great! And they seem to be announcing things for the console the whole time. You’ll have to find out what for yourselves. I’m greatly interested in the 3DS.

The show I before hand was hoping to get the best things out of. Well, turns out I was dead wrong. There where almost nothing that interested me here. They talked a hell a lot about MOVE and didn’t really show anything new. Well… Portal 2 and Twisted Metal. But I care for neither, so I guess Heroes on The Move was the game that interested me the most together with The Sly Collection. Heroes on The Move seems to be an action/adventure game that finally puts some of Sony’s “mascots” in the same game, Jak, Ratchet and Sly all together with there sidekicks. And The Sly Collection is the three Sly Cooper games remastered for the PS3 in HD and 3D. I just feel disappointed I was hoping for a bit more.
The part where Kevin Butler enters, where pretty good.

So thanks for reading my thoughts of this years E3 with the big three. What did you think about it? What did you love and hate?

Nintendo DSi

So there has been a lot of rumors the past days that Nintendo would announce a new version of its DS. And now they have announce it.
Its called Nintendo DSi. The screens are bigger, there is no more GBA slot.
But instead they have added an SD cars lot. They will have a download service for it, built in browser, mp3 player. And a whole other neat stuff. Well my problem is that I was thinking about getting a DS lite, but now I think I might wait for this one instead. REally don’t know what to do… But I have no use for the GBA slot and I seem to get more that I want with the DSi. But then again, we have to wait untill 2009 to get it. The japanese release is November 1. >.<
Here follows a comparion picture wih the ds lite and dsi. And more specs.

Nintendo DSi
LCD screen size: 3.25 inches
LCD screens: active TFT color LCD (260,000 colors)
Hardware size: L: 137mm, H: 74.9mm, W: 18.9mm (stylus length: ~92mm)
Power source: Nintendo DSi AC Adaptor, battery pack
Weight: ~214g (including the battery pack and stylus)
Battery charging time: ~2.5 hours
Battery charge length:
lowest brightness: ~9-14 hours
low brightness: ~8-12 hours
medium brightness: ~6-9 hours
high brightness: ~4-6 hours
highest brightness: ~3-4 hours
(This may vary from title to title.)
Playable titles: Nintendo DSsoftware, Nintendo DSi software
Inputs: DS card slot, SD memory card slot, AC adaptor port, stereo headphone/microphone port
*GBA games and DS games requiring the GBA slot cannot be played.

OMG! This news made me very happy!

OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! So there is this game called
Endless Frontier Super Robot Wars Original Generation Saga.” (yeah, long name is looong). Anyway its an RPG for the DS being developed by Monolith Soft, the makers of Xenosaga. And there was a scanned released (today?) and it made me very happy. This game is now 100% confirmed to be bought. And now I will go and listen to “She is coming back” from the Xenosaga II OST.

Super Robot Wars, with KOS-MOS