I’m almost at level 32!

I don’t know why, but lately everything just seems so bleak. I have it pretty good right now, but still I can’t seem to be happy. I’m just constantly being held back and drawn back to those older dark times. If I just could let go and forget, I would! It’s not that easy, people who has never experienced depression can’t understand this feeling. It’s not so easy to just, hey get a grip. So if you have comments like that, keep them to yourself. You are helping no one.
I hate feeling like this, I wonder if it’s because I hate myself? I hate what I am. I want to loose weight and get fit, but the motivation leaves me as soon as I get it. I hate my body, I hate it for my psoriasis, but mostly I hate that I can’t get anything done. Like with the motivation, I wish I could hold on to it and get something done. I feel so apathetic at times, I just lie and stare into a wall of the roof instead of doing something productive.

Well at least I got some of that out of head, tomorrow will surely bring some more fun. My work is arranging a bowling activity for us workers, so I’m going to that. But I’m not bowling tomorrow, it still hurts a bit from my operation. So I’ll be sitting it out, but it’s just fun to get out and hey! We get free good, so I can’t complain about that. When I get home I’m going to sit down and watch Sony’s press conference that they are having tomorrow, so don’t spoil anything for me, okay?

And like all or at least most gamers know, when we talk about level up it’s of course a birthday we are talking about. And mine is just around the corner, it’s my birthday tomorrow too. I will probably not be celebrating it, but then again I’d like to do something with my friends. But I’m not sure.
Last year was probably the best birthday in ages and I received one of my most precious belongings. you can read it here. That was also the first time in a very long time, I haven’t hated a birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike getting older. It’s just that birthdays for me has never been especially happy, same with Christmas. So that’s why I really don’t care about them.
So we’ll see what happens, but for now I think I’ll just go to bed or something.

More Zelda, much more

Been playing a whole lot of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword again. Mostly since I had some time to spend with my friend whom I play it together with.
I’m not sure what I think about this game… It’s good, but I’m not sure I’ve had much fun with it. Well not entirely true either, there are some parts I’m not enjoying so much. There is a bit too much use of the motion controller, yes I do know why. But I still wish we could have gotten an option to use the pro controller and skip all the motion stuff.
If the next Zelda game will have motion controls I sure hope they are better and not

And I can’t say that I think the music is very memorable, since I can’t even remember the slightest tune from the game. It’s not bad in any way, just not as good as past games in my opinion. Still I’m driven to continue playing this game, since I really enjoy the whole Link rescues his loved one, I enjoy seeing the feelings Link and Zelda share. And would have loved if the’ve gone further with it. Well I don’t know how it ends so maybe I’ll get my wish.
I most replay A Link To The Past, again some day. It’s my favourite amongst the Zelda games, I’ll never grow tired of that game.

After we’re done with Skyward Sword we’ll go ahead and play through Twillight Princess. Looking forward to that too. But tomorrow I think I am going to start playing Mario Galaxy, I must try that game. I am very eager to see what I’ll think about that game. I was playing
Tales of Symphonia 2 before, but I am having trouble getting into the game. And besides, I’m eagerly awaiting Ni no Kuni for PS3 later this month so no more rpgs until then.
And for those of you who care, yes I’m feeling slightly better than I did when I made my last post. And in the future my “games I’ve beaten” section will be split into multiple pages sine both the Sony and Nintendo parts of that list is getting big. See ya next time!

Zelda: Skyward Sword!

Me and my buddy Elden started to play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last night. We’ve decided to make our way through this game together and its actually very fun to play a Zelda game with someone who likes the series as much as you do. So we’ll only be playing it when he comes over to me, so no cheating! So far I’m liking it. Even if I can get a tad tired of the motion controls. They are good, but they didn’t have to use it for the damn bird flying. The fighting and everything else feels really great. And I do sometimes get the feeling that I really am holding the sword.

Just look at her! She is so damn cute! I’m in love.

And i really enjoy seeing Link and Zelda being all sweet together, well the times when they are together or have the opportunity to be sweet. But I don’t know what happens later on in the game. But so far I am loving the approach that Link and Zelda actually have feelings for each other. I do hope they go forth with this even more in the game and if they don’t, do not spoil it for me please?
I’m eagerly awaiting the next time we’ll continue to play and it feels so good to feel the way I feel towards games right now, it’s just a feeling of love. And speaking of love, got any good tips on games with a good love story? I feel like I want to play something like that now.

Don’t make a lady wait Link. Kiss her!