2år med PlayStation 4

Tiden går verkligen fort, lite för fort ibland. Man hinner knappt blinka så har man missat en månad eller det är så det kan kännas ibland. Idag är det två år sedan jag blev ägare till min PlayStation 4 konsol, det var första gången sedan GameCube släpptes jag fick en chans att skaffa en konsol på releasen.
Ni kan ju se min original post här: “29/11 2013: Some impression of the PlayStation 4

Det har varit två härliga år tillsammans med PS4:an och jag känner mig nöjd. Även om det blivit en del remasters och äldre spel man spelat på den också, så känner jag mig väldigt nöjd med hårdvaran i sig. Kontrollen var ju en grym förbättring från DualShock 3 på alla fronter utan just batteriet, som jag personligen tycker är på tok för klent. Hade varit trevligt med ett batteri som varar längre, men det är väl också det enda jag tycker är riktigt negativt.
Har fått ut många underbara speltimmar på konsolen, man sitter och hålla tummarna för att fler och fler JRPG ska finna sin väg till maskinen och även släppas i väst.

I och med PS4an också så testade jag lite nya genrer eller nya och nya. Men nya för en som i stort sett enbart bara spelat JRPG. Jag har kört igenom två stycken FPS, nämligen Wolfenstein spelen och gillade dem riktigt mycket måste jag säga. Har även Killzone att köra igenom vid något tillfälle, så får man se om man gillade det. Har testat på Assassin’s Creed IV, som iofs var små trevligt, men inget för mig.
Det ska bli intressant att se vad 2016 kommer erbjuda i spelväg, det kommer troligen bli ett riktigt bra år.

Metal Gear Solid V has taken my time

Since the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I’ve spent a lot of time with it. I think I’m closer to 50 hours or so now. And I’m still not at the end, all the side-ops in the game has really taken my time. It’s easy to get lost there and just roam around and collect and Fulton stuff.

So that must means I really dig the game, right? Well not necessarily. I’m not sure what I think of the game right now to be honest. I’ve had some enjoyable moments in the game, but I wish there was more story, more cutscenes. You know like a regular Metal Gear Solid game and I would have loved to have some iconic bosses. Seemed like those died together with Metal Gear Solid 3, a damn shame!
Sure the game is good, just not as good as I hoped so far. I’m not a fan of the mission style, it works but I don’t like it for the story mode, I guess that’s why I never got into Peace Walker either. I’ll see what I think about the game, when I have finished it. That’s when my final verdict for a game is formed. If the ending is totally crap it can ruin a game for me, then it becomes more along the lines of “What am I fighting for!?“. The ending is my reward, it has to feel fulfilling, sure if the game has been fun and is good I won’t dis it just because of the ending.
I’ll write more about MGSV later, both what I liked and what I hated and I’ll try to make it spoiler free.

In other news it has been a slow month, but that’s okay. Looking forward to next month with three games I’m very excited for. Transformers: Devastation, Dragon Quest Heroes and of course Tales of Zestiria. Fun times are ahead for me at least.
And today I picked up my 20th anniversary controller, I just love this thing to death. So much nostalgia for me, just because of the PlayStation grey color. Now Nintendo should release a Pro controller that is NES or SNES inspired. I would have to get them, because of reasons.

I must clairyfy that the touchpad does not look like this when you buy it! I bought an sticker to go over the touchpad to protect it from fingerprints and I wanted to have the 20th anniversary logos on there. Just so you know and I put caps on my sticks to protect them too, I don’t want to risk the sticks falling apart.

Revenging the past

Hehe, the title might sound worse than it really is. The meaning with revenging is that I finally took care of a game that has been in my backlog since I started to play JRPG’s. A game that has been bugging me for years, a game I played when I was very new to JRPG’s and I couldn’t finish it. That game is Suikoden 1 for the PlayStation. So that felt very great, I did actually manage to get to the last boss when I played the game all those years ago. But I could never beat him, guess that’s what it’s like being new at something. Because he was no match for me, I took him down fairly easy. I’m almost disappointed in how easy it was and I don’t think I was overleveled either. Around level 57 with most of the characters I used.

A few hours into the game And here we are at the end

And speaking of the past, today I have my 8th anniversary on WordPress. I started writing in the beginning of 2006, on Blogger and Livejournal. Sadly I forgot to save those early posts when I moved around to different blogs. So I’ve been writing for about 9years all in all, but what exactly does this have to do with the past? Well you see I started writing blogs as a way for me to went my feelings and stuff, since it was hard talking about various things with friends and others not being so understanding of my problems and condition. And I loved videogames, so I thought “Why the hell not write about what’s bothering me and what I love”?
I don’t write for anyone else but me, if others want to read and comment that is just a big bonus. But I do this so I can feel good. I can release my dark thoughts in text and get them out of my head, I haven’t written about everything. But pretty much and it has really helpt me to let go of some stuff.

So I am going to continue writing as long as I enjoy doing it and as long as it helps me, I do wish I took my times with some of my posts sometimes and made them bigger and better for other to read. But hey, as I said I’m writing for myself first and foremost. But who knows what will happen in the future?
I would like to write more about the anime shows I’m watching and go a bit more in depth in videogames, but then again we’ll see. Would that be something you would be interested in reading?

Living on my own for a year

A year goes by fast doesn’t it? Well its already been a year since I moved to my own apartment, man how time flies. But its been a fun year, full of stuff that has happened. And will continue to happen. Like at the end of this month good friend Kristoffer (KNtheking) will come visit me again. So that is going to be really nice and awesome, looking forward to it as hell. God I love living alone, it can be lonely sometimes.
But the freedom! Oh, yes! Sweet, sweet freedom!! :D

This what was my apartment looked like when I just moved in one year ago. Just posting the picture of my living room/gaming room. And the photo to the right is what the same room looks like now, a year later!

The past... The future... I like it more!

And in other none news I was happy to check my email and see that my copy of Disgaea 4 had been shipped! That was a nice surprise! Hope it will arrive on Monday next week from VideoGamesPlus.

4 year anniversary

I know this is a bit early by a few hours, but I don’t care. I just want to say that on the 28th this month, I’m celebraiting a 4year anniversary.
Of what you ask? Well… Its 4 years ago since I first bought my very first import game, from VideoGamesPlus.com.
Man time does really fly, it seems like it was just yesterday….
My very first game I bought from them where Animal Crossing for Gamecube, and I was afraid as hell that they would not be a serious company. Well everything wen’t very well and I love them. And I’m very pleased with all the service VG+ has offered.

So I just want to give those guys in Canada a big thank you. You’ve not only made it possible for me to get games earlier, much earlier!! Or in some cases games that never even came to Europe.
And I have saved a lot of cash by, buying new games from VG+ than in Sweden, about 35$ cheaper with the games from Canada/US than they are in Sweden. So once again, thank you very much VG+. And I look forward to at least another 4 years.

Happy 1year anniversary!!

Hurray! Today is, Xenosaga Episode III Also Spracht Zarathustra 1year anniversary! It was released in Japan a year ago. Time really flies…
And on August 29th is the USA one year anniversary. Feels great. Its a shame it didn’t sell better. To few got to experience the wonderful world which was Xenosaga.

And yes! If people still do not get it I am a Xenosaga Freak!!
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