4 year anniversary

I know this is a bit early by a few hours, but I don’t care. I just want to say that on the 28th this month, I’m celebraiting a 4year anniversary.
Of what you ask? Well… Its 4 years ago since I first bought my very first import game, from VideoGamesPlus.com.
Man time does really fly, it seems like it was just yesterday….
My very first game I bought from them where Animal Crossing for Gamecube, and I was afraid as hell that they would not be a serious company. Well everything wen’t very well and I love them. And I’m very pleased with all the service VG+ has offered.

So I just want to give those guys in Canada a big thank you. You’ve not only made it possible for me to get games earlier, much earlier!! Or in some cases games that never even came to Europe.
And I have saved a lot of cash by, buying new games from VG+ than in Sweden, about 35$ cheaper with the games from Canada/US than they are in Sweden. So once again, thank you very much VG+. And I look forward to at least another 4 years.

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  1. One of my most important sites too. :) I wonder if I should already pre-order FF XIII and Versus and Valkyria Chronicles. (They both have a very late release date, but yeah… can never be bad to pre-order stuff, I think. ;))
    What do you think, too soon?

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