Happy 1year anniversary!!

Hurray! Today is, Xenosaga Episode III Also Spracht Zarathustra 1year anniversary! It was released in Japan a year ago. Time really flies…
And on August 29th is the USA one year anniversary. Feels great. Its a shame it didn’t sell better. To few got to experience the wonderful world which was Xenosaga.

And yes! If people still do not get it I am a Xenosaga Freak!!
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4 responses on Happy 1year anniversary!!

  1. I like all three just as much. They all have something that I like.
    But yeah, Episode III is best game otherwise.

    Well I’m still hoping to see the series return one day.
    Idiotic hopefulness maybe.. But you gotta have hope..

  2. I think the chances are fairly positive with the sell to Nintendo, and amen to the sadness that more people didn’t get to experience it.

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