Revenging the past

Hehe, the title might sound worse than it really is. The meaning with revenging is that I finally took care of a game that has been in my backlog since I started to play JRPG’s. A game that has been bugging me for years, a game I played when I was very new to JRPG’s and I couldn’t finish it. That game is Suikoden 1 for the PlayStation. So that felt very great, I did actually manage to get to the last boss when I played the game all those years ago. But I could never beat him, guess that’s what it’s like being new at something. Because he was no match for me, I took him down fairly easy. I’m almost disappointed in how easy it was and I don’t think I was overleveled either. Around level 57 with most of the characters I used.

A few hours into the game And here we are at the end

And speaking of the past, today I have my 8th anniversary on WordPress. I started writing in the beginning of 2006, on Blogger and Livejournal. Sadly I forgot to save those early posts when I moved around to different blogs. So I’ve been writing for about 9years all in all, but what exactly does this have to do with the past? Well you see I started writing blogs as a way for me to went my feelings and stuff, since it was hard talking about various things with friends and others not being so understanding of my problems and condition. And I loved videogames, so I thought “Why the hell not write about what’s bothering me and what I love”?
I don’t write for anyone else but me, if others want to read and comment that is just a big bonus. But I do this so I can feel good. I can release my dark thoughts in text and get them out of my head, I haven’t written about everything. But pretty much and it has really helpt me to let go of some stuff.

So I am going to continue writing as long as I enjoy doing it and as long as it helps me, I do wish I took my times with some of my posts sometimes and made them bigger and better for other to read. But hey, as I said I’m writing for myself first and foremost. But who knows what will happen in the future?
I would like to write more about the anime shows I’m watching and go a bit more in depth in videogames, but then again we’ll see. Would that be something you would be interested in reading?

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  1. Oj, 8 år alltså! Jag försöker minnas hur många av dom som jag faktiskt har läst bloggen och jag misstänker att det är runt hälften eller så.

    Egentligen påminner din historia med Suikoden om hur jag själv spelade Chrono Trigger 1995 och fastnade på den löjligt lätta robotbossen ca 3 timmar in, Det tog faktiskt ganska många år innan jag återvände till spelet för att inse att det var den bästa av skapelser, men jag är nästan glad över det eftersom jag hann lära mig engelska däremellan, hehe.

    För min del är det alltid kul att läsa om spel men som du redan skrev så får du bestämma själv vad du vill fokusera på!

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