Xenoblade is great!

I have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles just about nonstop the last few days. It has been really hard to put the controller down, I just want to continue. A shame I couldn’t start playing it at the beginning of my vacation instead of the end of it.

I am heading to Prison Island now, can’t wait to see what events unfold and I hope I get to kick a certain Mechon’s ass real hard now. I had some problems getting to Prison Island, I was a bit under-leveled so I was having a hard time with some enemies. But after a power level session, I was back for revenge! I just saved and quite right at the entrance of Prison Island so I have no idea what kind of beasts and monsters await me. Too bad I have to get some sleep for work, otherwise I’d still be playing.

Love the game so far, the settings are big and beautiful. The cast is likable and Dunban is “Citan” of this game. So awesome. The music is fantastic and I love the voice acting. I’m not always into British voice acting, but in Xenoblade it is so damn good! Gah! I want to play more… Hopefully tomorrows workday goes by quick and I’ll be home playing again.

Xenoblade and Smash Bros

I have finally started playing Xenoblade Chronicles, I wonder how long I have waited to do that? And it feels great to have started, I love most Monolith Softwares games well at least the ones with Xeno in the title and I really had to play this one too. Since I’ve heard so many good things about it, even from people who normally don’t play JRPG’s. I’m not very far into the game, since I’ve lost myself in doing errands and checking out the huge world and I’m betting I’ve seen nothing yet. There are huge plains and fields in this game and the game really gives you a great feeling of traveling long was. This is both good and bad, since it takes a while to get too places. But once you’ve unlocked a place you can fast travel there.
The music so far is awesome! I especially like the track “You Will Know Our Names” it’s so good! Especially around the the 1minute mark, good god! My ears are in heaven! I love music like this! Ahh!! Going to play a bit more in just a bit, need to play what I can since I start working again this Thursday.

Today there was also an announcement about some new characters joining the new Super Smash Bros game. Which got me really excited since there was a rumor and a “leak” that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles would join the cast. We still don’t know if this is true or not, but we got two new Fire Emblem characters and a reveal that Captain Falcon is returning. We got Luciana and Robin (both male and female) as new players and Chrom seems to be Robin’s final smash.

Games I want in 2014

We have already passed through half of 2014, man those six months really passed by in a flash didn’t they? There has already been some great games released this year, but I have to say that all the big ones that I was looking forward to had been delayed into 2015, both sad and good. It’s easier to focus s on what’s releasing this year. So what games do I want? Well there are still a few games releasing this year that I need to get my hands on. There are a few more, but these are the ones that I want asap!

Tales of Xillia 2
RELEASE: 2014-08-22 for PlayStation 3
As some of you might now I am a very big Tales of fan and of course I need Tales of Xillia 2! I really liked the first one and I am eagerly looking forward to this title as well. It will ease the wait for Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Zestiria. So much Tales of games for us in the west! Thank you Bandai Namco!

Hyrule Warriors
RELEASE: 2014-09-26 for Nintendo Wii U
While I’m not a really big fan of the Dynasty Warriors games, I’ve had some fun with the series. Especially the ones bases on other shows or games. And here we have Hyrule Warriors, you’ve guessed it! It’s based on The Legend of Zelda series and it looks fantastic! I think the game looks great and I love princess Zelda’s new design in this game, whom is also playable and kicking ass!

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX
RELEASE: 2014-12-05 for PlayStation 3
I never played much of Kingdom Hearts 2 and I have never played Birth By Sleep and I want to play them both! Well especially BBS, I’ve heard so many good things from that game. And it would be nice to get away from Sora and his gang for once. Not much more too say, but I want this now!

Bayonetta 2 (plus Bayonetta 1)
RELEASE: 2014-0?-?? for Nintendo Wii U
I’m not a big Bayonetta find mind you, but I had my fun with the first game. And getting both games in one packaged in Europe is great! With glorious 60fps, this game looks fantastic and the fights are so damn nice! LET’S DANCE BOYS!

Pre-E3 preperations!

This year I’m going to watch E3 with my good friend Elden! Yaay!
Really looking forward to sharing this moment with a friend, now drops some big bombs so we can be hyped together! We are preparing snacks, food and other stuff. We will be making our own pizza, we’ll share our creations with you later! I know that my pizza posts has been fairly popular on my site, so it was time to make some more! And hoping people will enjoy it as much as we’ll do making this! =)

Here is the preparations I’ve made so far! I’ve made the pizza dough and tomorrow, we’ll make the pizzas. Really looking forward to see and taste our pizzas. E3 hype engage!

I wish I could own every console

I know I at times come of as a Sony-fanboy, but things couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure I do like Sony and what they do, I won’t deny that. But the reason I always talk about Sony and PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 is because that’s what I have, I don’t want to talk about Nintendo or Microsoft. Because I have no means right now, to buy their consoles. And when I think of Nintendo especially I just get sad, because I am missing so many great games that I want to play. Like the new Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World, that is a sequel to my favorite Zelda game of all time.

If I keep thinking about that I can’t play it, I just make myself feel even worse and can’t get rid of that feeling. Same with the Wii U. I really want a Wii U before the next Smash Bros game is release, if that’s not possible I definitely need it before they release X. I don’t have the economy to buy those thing now, but I’ll start saving a few bucks each month. So hopefully in the not to distant future, I can enjoy all consoles.
But I must be completely honest, as of now Microsoft has nothing that interests me. Not even Dead Rising 3, which is about the only thing I could think of being a nice game. And not counting multi-platform games, but I do hope that changes in the future. And when I find that game that will make me buy an Xbox One, there will probably be a ton of games already out there for me. Right now that is also true about Nintendo with 3DS and Wii U, there are almost too many games on those platforms for me to go through.

– Image borrowed from: Official Nintendo Magazine –
Which one should I pick? I like them all…

But what should I get when it comes to the Nintendo 3DS? I am actually leaning more towards the 3DS, because I do not care about the 3D-effect at all. I have a hard time seeing it and because of that, it gives me a headache. And the 2DS is so much more comfortable IMO, but it’s not very portable. Which both the 3DS and 3DS XL is… So yeah, I’m going to have a real hard time deciding on what to get. Both console have their advantages, the 3DS models are much nicer. The 2DS looks somewhat like a toy, I won’t deny that. But it’s such a comfy toy, I just wish it was more portable.
What you you pick and why? Hopefully that could help me come to some conclusion.

A fanboy or not?

Some could say I am a Sony fanboy. I’ve enjoyed their consoles from the start, I’ve had most fun with the games on their consoles. Well just about as fun as I had with the old Nintendo games. It was on Sony’s consoles I experienced JRPG for the first time, as a lot of people know that is my favorite genre. And now my dream about writing about games have come true since i joined PSSverige, again a very Sony specific site. And I guess it will be hard to convince people what I am not a fanboy. But I am going to admit that I really do like Sony, but that’s because their consoles had had the games I’ve wanted.
When I was younger I only had Nintendo consoles and their games where amazing! The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past still remains one of my childhood and adulthoods most favorite games. No one can take that from the game.

But yes, I guess I could be considered a fanboy. But not of consoles, instead of game series. I got an Xbox 360 almost entirely for Tales of Vesperia since I really needed to play that game. And then I played Blue Dragon too and I loved them and they where games that made me get a whole other console. But seriously I bought a whole new console that had just a few games that interested me, just to be able to play those games.
If the Xenosaga series would be revived as an Xbox One exclusive, well then I’m getting an Xbox One. Simple as that and right now, something like that is needed if I should consider buying their console. I still feel betrayed by Microsoft with all this DRM and all the restrictions they had. Yes, had. But I can’t trust them now.
And this reasoning is also why I’ll buy a new Wii U as soon as Nintendo releases X, so far together with the new Smash Bros. it’s the only games I want from Nintendo, but I guess that’ll change as soon as they show the new Zelda game.

The point I am trying to make is that I’ll get what ever console that will have the games I want, whether it be a Playstation, a Xbox or Wii U. But since I’ve been had a good run with Sony I’m going to jump at the chance and get a Playstation 4 at the release. The last console I got on a release was the GameCube and I love that machine, a shame a lot of other people didn’t.
I really don’t care if I get called fanboy or sometimes take a particular side in the “console war” if I do I often have good reasons too do so.
If I am a fanboy of anything it will be the Tales of-series and other JRPGs.

My winner of E3 2013

The big three has had their E3 conferences and now it’s time for me to decide my winner. But if you’ve read my previous posts, I think you can all guess who the winner is. But I’ve slept on it, decided to take in all the impressions and yeah, the winner is pretty clear. And a fair warning, there might be some harsh language so if you can’t handle that, stay away from this post.

– My winner of E3, they just seemed to hit all the right notes. While they didn’t show anything that I really felt like I needed to buy on the spot, but I am a bit interested in Knack. Other than that, it was just everything else. The energy and “fighting spirit” they seemed to have and pulling all the right cards for consumers. Like no online DRM, you can lend and buy used games and a price of 399dollars. BOOOM! That made it for me, but there are of course other stuff I am waiting for. Like Infamous Second Son, I loved the two other Infamous games and I need this one, hope its just as fun. And then there was the announcement of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 was awesome! And not to forget Metal Gear Solid V, damn it looks incredible! The three games mentioned are also coming to Xbox One. Which for me was together with some of Nintendo’s announcements the big game bombs for me.

– While I thought Nintendo’s E3 Direct was boring, they did have some stuff I truly enjoyed. And that’s what snagged them a second place in this listing.
What I would have loved to see was a price-drop of the Wii U, more third party support. Which seems it’s getting less and less of… I am fearing a GameCube 2.0 here. A great machine that just about nobody but Nintendo themselves are supporting, I hope I’m just paranoid. And things will be better once more and better games are out. Like the new Super Smash Brothers and X, god I want those two games. I could easily see myself getting a new Wii U just for those games alone..

– Yes, they came in last for me. It just seems like they did everything wrong, really screwing the consumer over. I really enjoy Xbox 360 and think it’s a great console, but with Xbox One they’ve really fucked up. There was nothing of interest shown at their E3 meeting, at least nothing that interested me. And I’m getting really sick of their attitude towards people. Some site interviewed Don Mattrick after E3 and asked him about what people without an internet connection should do? The solution, buy the Xbox 360 it’s an offline machine… So basically telling everyone with a crappy or limited internet connection to go fuck themselves if they want to play next gen… No company should treat their costumers like this, they should really rethink their whole Xbox One policies. Without all the stupid shit they are pulling with the console it would probably be great.

Who did you think won and why? Do you agree or disagree with me? Come on and post then people, I know you are a couple of people who reads this I’d like to have some form of discussion with you! So don’t be shy now, I want to hear what you think.