The E3 2014 pizza!

I was going to post this yesterday, but a few things came in my way so I didn’t have time to fix everything. But damn, they where good! I’ll post my reactions and thoughts about the E3 when I’ve seen the Nintendo direct also, I really hope Nintendo has something great to announce and a few surprises.

Just a little reminder what the pizzas where for. My pizza to the left and my friend Elden’s on the right, he has a much sturdier hand than me. And had an easier time “writing” on the dough.

I covered my pizza with minced meat with taco-spices, bacon bits and a curry mix with bits of ham. It was delicious as hell! One of the best things I’ve ever had on a pizza! And Elden’s pizza with chorizo salami and roast beef, he liked it!

Here they are both done! They where very delicious! Yummy!

Pre-E3 preperations!

This year I’m going to watch E3 with my good friend Elden! Yaay!
Really looking forward to sharing this moment with a friend, now drops some big bombs so we can be hyped together! We are preparing snacks, food and other stuff. We will be making our own pizza, we’ll share our creations with you later! I know that my pizza posts has been fairly popular on my site, so it was time to make some more! And hoping people will enjoy it as much as we’ll do making this! =)

Here is the preparations I’ve made so far! I’ve made the pizza dough and tomorrow, we’ll make the pizzas. Really looking forward to see and taste our pizzas. E3 hype engage!

I want to play a game. A pizza game.

So Elden was here this weekend and I watched Saw 3 and Saw 4 for the first time. I liked them both, but the first one is still my favorite of this four that I’ve watched. I’m not to good with gore anymore, the older I’ve gotten the worse I get to handle it. So sadly, I almost passed out at one scene in Saw 3.
I started feeling dizzy, lost some feelings in my legs and was about to faint. But I managed to stay focused. So go ahead and laugh if you will, even I’m laughing at it. In the past this was nothing, but now I have to watch if or I’ll get dizzy at movies like this. *sigh*
What scene is it? You’ll have to ask in the comments, don’t want to “spoil” anything here. I’m gonna watch the rest, I enjoy those movies even if I feel a faint coming on. Just three more to go. Go, go, me!
Just a little more than a week until Kristoffer comes to visit, it is gonna be a blast. =)

Since I was sick earlier this week, I haven’t played much Disgaea 4. Sadly. And then when Elden was here I played nothing, well at little bit. So after a nice hot shower I’m gonna sit down and hope to get some more played. While Elden was here we made our own pizzas, you know the stuff I like to make. I made my regular country formed pizza with tuna and ham, Elden decided to try something new.
It not round but square in its shape or squarish, it’s filled with chili sauce, tex-mex flavored cheese, pepperoni and some other hot stuff that would burn my stomach. He gave it the name; Square Phoenix. (Oh, no he didn’t!?)

My own home

So I’ve finally finished moving the few stuff I had into the apartment and, I’ve finished cleaning the kitchen also. Wow, it feels great to have to do all these things by yourself. It feels great to finally have my own home. I promised I’d take some photos and I have, but its not much to see. I will take new ones once I have more furniture and I’ve decided how to decorate the living room. But for now these will do, oh just look at that stain on picture #4. Nice little gift from the previous resident…

Pizza and milk Look at all that space for activities!

Went with milk and a kebab pizza as moving in food, it was so delicious. Tasted extra good eating it in my own home. And then you see my living room, haven’t done much there. At least I can play games again. Need a couch… Computer table will come later.

My very simple bed in my very simple bedroom. God its nice to sleep in a bed again… The nice stain the previous folk living here left in the kitchen, it’s the only thing that sucks in the kitchen. And my two man kitchen table. Perfect for me.

Iron Man 2 & The weekend

So me and my buddy ZX-Omega went to see Iron Man 2 yesterday, we where pretty excited about the movie. And it lived up to my expectations at least, it was a great movie. Sure it had some parts that they probably could have skipped or made better, but I never felt that the movie was boring to watch. I also like all the hints in the movie for upcoming Marvel movies, I’m not going to spoil anything.
So if you liked the first movie, I think you really are going to enjoy this one too.
Guess next movie I’ll see on cinema will be the new Friday The 13th movie, I’m going to see it with Elden.

Today we’ve been pretty slow, we are just waiting to get some pizza. Yay, kebab-pizza with garlic sauce! Yum. As I’m writing this ZX-Omega has fallen asleep, guess he didn’t enjoy to wake up early today. Well can’t blame him really. Guess he need his rest, we are going to watch Avatar later. Never seen it, just heard a bunch of stuff about it.
I’m looking forward to see what I think of the movie, my first guess is that I won’t like it all that much. So I’ll write back later after I’ve seen it to see If my gut feeling is right.
Yeah, not very excited about this movie, but I give every movie one chance at least.

Heh, he had also ordered two things for me. I’m glad he did, they where so worth the 20SEK he made me pay for them. What are they? Well, I’d rather show you. So when I’m home tomorrow again, the first thing I’ll do is take a picture. This is really nothing special, but I’m happy. I also traded a new HDMI-cable with him, he needed a new since his old one was dying. And he gave me his Dead Space for PS3, well he said he was never going to play it and I probably will play it again. So we everybody got something that made us happy. It was his idea with the trade!
Well enough of the ramblings for now, I have to see if I can wake him up so we can go get something to eat. I’m so hungry right now and bored, I also want to watch Avatar.

More pizza!

I had some leftover stuff from yesterdays pizza baking and decided to do a last batch of pizza’s. Well today was much better than yesterday. This turned out much better, I put more effort into making the dough and made sure to have all the ingredients at home that I needed. Yesterdays fail, was todays success. “Köttfärssås” on one of them a so called “Bolognese” pizza and the other was tuna since yesterday.

Pizza time! Pizza time!
Pizza time!

It’s that time again… Pizza!

Haha! This is funny. A bit to funny and a bit scary too! If I just had waited seven more days, it would have been exactly one year since I made a similar post. The post I made then was about food I had made, I made pizza. Not that its anything special, but it was the first time I really made some. And it turned out really good and I was on baking mood today so I decided to make my own pizza again!

This time around it didn’t turn out just as good. Stupid as I was I forgot to check so we had everything at home that I needed. I should have checked for cheese since that was almost empty. The first failure, still got it to work with the minimum cheese we had left. Next time I’m masking sure we have shredded cheese at home.
This is how the pizza’s turned out…

Pizza time! Pizza time!

They hadn’t put to much work in stretching the dough out as much as I should have, so some parts of the pizza got really big. Which I don’t like. So there was failure number two. Well it still turned out good and tasted good. I used tuna-fish this time. While its not as good as kebab, but still pretty good. Next time I’m checking that I have all ingredients that I want at home, then I’m gonna but more time into the dough. I was just sloppy today. And for that I also payed the price with my pizzas.
Cooking and baking is something I really enjoy, this might not have been a very “fun” or “interesting” post from me. But still, I wanted to show my works and even if that are disappointing. Guess I’ll make some cookies next time. ;)